“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”

I love this quote from Chaplain Ronnie Melancon… it’s quite sobering, don’t you think?

As a Believer, I think everyone deserves to be loved and cared for (Matthew 5:45-48).

Yet, I’d like to propose that there’s a fine line between loving everyone (as we should), and surrounding yourself with idiots!

Have you ever looked around at your community and felt like you don’t quite fit in, or that you’re not inspired by the lives of those who are closest to you?

Let me ask you this: If your inner circle of influence is so important, then why is it so hard to let go of the fools in our lives? I think the answer to that is often three-fold:

  1. We don’t know how to set boundaries with people, so we ultimately become the victims of other people’s desires.
  2. We don’t know who we are, so hanging out with fools feels comfortable, familiar, and even reassuring.
  3. Birds of a feather flock together. Meaning, if we grew up on a chicken farm we tend not to know any eagles; making new friends can be a grueling process.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a thousand more times—I’m confident the key to discovering your destiny is found in the people you’re surrounded with.

That’s right! If you’re not feeling fulfilled in your destiny it’s likely you aren’t surrounding yourself with the people who pour water on the fires of your fears, and throw gasoline on the passions of your dreams.

If you’re struggling to build success in your life and finding that you are completely surrounded by small-minded people, or feel like the community you’ve cultivated fails to bring about the best in you, I want to challenge your perspective on friendship in this week’s blog: How To Ditch The Fools To Find Kingdom Community