Roger & Gerri Taylor

After experiencing years of marital and family problems, depression, success and burnout several times in ministry, Roger and Gerri became aware of their deep need for intimacy and an encounter with the Father’s healing love. Soon, they received a personal experience of God’s unconditional love in such a way that it began to transform their relationships at home, with God, and with others.

Immersed in the Father’s love, they began to minister out of their life experiences with transparency and a spirit of brokenness. The Taylor’s have served the Lord for 40 years in ministry all the while walking in the School of the Holy Spirit.

In addition, Roger and Gerri have studied Elijah House Ministry materials by John and Paula Sandford, graduated the Imparting the Father’s Love School of Ministry directed by the late Jack Frost, and mentored with Alfred H. Ells, founder of Leaders That Last Ministries™, Mesa, AZ and Arthur Burk of Plumbline Ministries and Sapphire Leadership Group, Spartanburg, SC. Many others in the Body of Christ have impacted the Taylors’ lives over the years and helped them pursue their passion of receiving and giving away the Father’s love and living in relational Christianity.

Our Mission

To carry the message of Father’s unconditional love to the next person we meet. I John 3:1 “Behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us…”

To promote the gospel of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord by encouraging all those who pass through this ministry to surrender their lives…to no longer live for themselves…but to live for Him who died for their sake.
2 Cor 5:15.

To promote worship, spiritual growth, fellowship and cooperation within the Body of Christ worldwide.

To foster healing and restoration through the Father’s love to people everywhere.

Bringing Truth to the Body of Christ

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Our Vision

Wits End Ranch

The Vision is going to be key in these last days. It is a place where the sound of the Spirit is released… a place of signs, wonders and healing… a place of intentional outreach, discipleship and training… a place of refuge being established right now – the epicenter of Father’s love and His supernatural power that will change and influence individuals, regions and nations of the world.

“And I will plant them upon their land, and they shall no more be torn up out of their land which I gave them,” says the Lord your God.” Amos 9:15

Planning The Vision

Our Beliefs

It’s our belief that if you place your faith in Jesus as Savior you become an adopted child of Father God. He loves you just like He loves His own Son. John 17:23. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to make all His love real to you. Jesus is the way, but Father is the destination. We desire to see you, our reader, know Jesus as your Savior ~ John 3:16; the Holy Spirit as your guide ~ John 16:13; and Father God as Abba or ‘Daddy’ ~ Romans 8:15-16.

The Bible is the inspired Word of God, but it is not enough to read and study your Bible. The Pharisees did that. The church is made up of believers who have accepted Jesus as their Savior. The church is not a building. We are the church, but it is not enough to be a part of the church. The religious do that. Heaven and hell are real places and there will be a resurrection of the saved and the lost; the one to everlasting life and the other to everlasting death. Believing those things won’t be enough to satisfy your need for Father’s love. You must pursue Him, making Him your magnificent obsession.

You will need to be saved through the blood of Jesus Christ to obtain eternal life. You will need to read and study your Bible and you will need to fellowship with other believers in the Church. However the most important thing of all is to know the love of the Father. If you know Him at the most intimate level, your life will be rich and fully satisfied. All the other things relating to the Christian life will follow. Life is in the “being”, not in the “doing”.