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By Roger Taylor By Gerri Taylor
Faith Empowered By Love Downfall of the Servant Gifting
The Idolatry of Self Success ~ Ours or His
Surrender Forgiveness and Healing
What Do I Choose? Letting Go
Vending Machine or Friend Reputation or Destiny?
Shame & Disappointment Correction – Receiving It & Giving It
Gods Love – Our Ultimate Healer Encouragement
Wakeup Call Christian Leaders That Last
Hide and Seek Soaking with Father – What’s It All About?
Rescued The Mother Heart Of Father God
By Roger & Gerri Taylor
When We Sin Against Our Own Bodies
Spirit of an Orphan ~ Spirit of Sonship Victimization vs Dominion
The Mercy Season The Wise The Foolish The Evil
Seven Seasons of the Church Seven Redemptive Gifts Of Individuals
Seven Curses
Articles by Al Ells, MC
Leaders That Last Ministries
Anger Management How To Resolve Conflict
Sharpening Your Sight Unmasking Hidden Pride
Keeping You Busy Servants In Conflict
The First One To The Cross Wins Married With Problems
It’s None of Your Business Keeping It real
Acquiring Humility The Resilience Cycle Finishing Well
Do Successful Leaders Need Adversity? What’s the Anger All About
Have an Enemy? Dangerous Empathy
Understanding Times Of Transition How To Know When To Trust Someone Again
Articles by Dr. Grant Mullen
What Is Success Do You Have Baggage?
Are You In Recovery Or Denial? Have You Found Gods Prescription?
Can You Control Your Thoughts? Are You Listening To Lies?
Are You Winning The Battle For Your Mind? Man’s Greatest Addiction
Articles by Kris Vallotton
9 Principles for Healthy Confrontation 9 Keys to Successful Leadership
15 Attributes of Humility 15 Things I Learned from Bill Johnson
12 Attributes of Courage Jealousy and Suspicion
The Mystery of Marriage The Fruit Of Humility
4 Keys for Becoming a Son or Daughter What to Do When Time Isn’t Healing Your Wounds
God Wants You Wealthy
Articles by Others
Monetizing Ministry Dating A Man Long Enough
20 Things to Pray for Your Children Our Identity is Favor
The Spirit of Jealousy 2015 Bitter Root Judgments
Decisions That Define Us
13 People You Should Never Marry as a Christian
Moving Beyond Betrayal
by Robin Bertram

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