Do you ever wonder if righteous living pays any dividends?
Here at PITFH we have four important core values:  Integrity, Character, Honor and Loyalty.  In order to lead from those values, we have to live by them.
Let’s  take a look at them individually:
Integrity:  A firm adherence to a code of moral values.  This means living by God’s instruction in thought, word and deed without any division but in a state of completeness.
Character: A feature that makes up and distinguishes an individual.  In other words, who you are on the inside when no one is looking and always remaining firm in who you are.
Honor:  Placing others before yourself and in return others honor, respect and esteem you without your asking or expecting them to.  Maintaining a good name while others openly esteem you.
Loyalty:  Here we find two types of loyalty.  Human […]
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My Journey with Holy Spirit ~ Max Lucado

Author and pastor Max Lucado recently shared his journey to understand more about the person of the Holy Spirit. Along the way, he not only grew in his relationship with God, but he also received a gift from the Holy Spirit—his prayer language.

“A significant gift came my way,” Lucado said. “When I was 64 on a July morning, as I was praying, I began praying in tongues.”

In an interview with Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast, Lucado explained how he had earnestly been seeking God for a few weeks, asking if there was anything He wanted to give him.

“I had not done anything different except I came across the passage where the apostle Paul said ‘eagerly desire the spiritual gifts’…I guess I thought ‘Oh, I had all the gifts that I was supposed to have given to me when I became a Christian. […]

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Miami’s Simple Solution to America’s Crime Surge

Francis Suarez, Mayor, Miami, FL

Published April 27, 2023 10:00am EDT Fox News

The successive waves of crime and rioting across American cities are unacceptable.
The recent surge in crime reflects a larger and tragic tale of two types of cities. It’s a tale between cities that invested in their police versus cities that defunded their police.
It’s a tale between two types of cities, where elected officials believe that the rule of law and public safety are the foundations of a free and prosperous society; versus another type of cities where elected officials fail to uphold the law, refuse to enforce the law, and blame those who follow the law, from police to small businesses, as the causes of crime.
In Miami, we chose differently. We took a very different path from these other cities. We increased […]

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America is in a self-destructive frenzy ~ by Holy Spirit

Because the sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, the hearts of the sons of men are fully set to do evil.   Ecclesiastes 8:11

A wise man’s heart turns him towards his right hand, but a fool’s heart toward his left.
Ecclesiastes 10:2

As it is written, God gave them a spirit (an attitude) of stupor, eyes that should not see and ears that should not hear, (that has continued) down to this very day. Romans 11:8 Note: A result of God’s judgment.

Therefore, God sends upon them a misleading influence, a working of error and a strong delusion to make them believe what is false, in order that all may be judged and condemned who did not believe in (who refused to adhere to, trust in, and rely on) the truth, but instead took pleasure in unrighteousness. II Thes. […]

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13 People You Should Never Marry as a Christian


By Shelby Bowen
Charisma Magazine

Marrying someone with multiple red flags tends to never turn out well. The wait of finding that person God has for you can feel long and often hopeless, but I can assure you that jumping into a marriage with someone who is not the person you need to be with, will leave you with a lot more struggles in the long-term.

We sat down with Pastor Vlad and Lana Savchuk with Hungry Generation church to talk about the kind of qualities you want to make sure are not in your future spouse.

Here are the 13 red flags to keep an eye out for:

1) Their relationship with God is not a priority. The Bible says you can marry anyone in the Lord, “that refers to an identity,” the Savchuk’s say. […]

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Explaining Asbury ~ Renee DeLoriea

There is no doubt, we are in a new season and Holy Spirit is on the move.  What began at Asbury University just outside Lexington, KY is spreading across the United States very rapidly.  Personally, we sense something very different about this move than previous ones like Toronto, Pensacola, Smithsville and others.  The something different is that the foundation of this move of the Holy Spirit is Father’s love…not just knowing about it but EXPERIENCING it.  This has been the major message of PITFH since 2004!
The following is an article published this week on the Chrisma Magazine app.  It puts into words what is in our hearts as we watch this new move with excitement.  We cannot express it any better than this article by Renee DeLoriea does, so we have reprinted the entire article here.

“Become the love […]

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Stop Merchandising the Anointing! ~ by Roger and Gerri Taylor

Several years ago, Father began to speak to our hearts that we were merchandising the anointing by ‘selling’ merchandise on our website. He said, “Stop it! Stop trusting in the world’s weaponry of sales of merchandise for ministry finances.” At the time, the ministry continually struggled to make ends meet. Father always sustained us, but there was a deep work He wanted to do in our hearts regarding finances and fully trusting Him and His ability to provide for us. He specifically told us that if He gave us something to write or record that the message belonged to Him, not us! Therefore, we were to just put the message out there and not expect to gain anything by selling His message! After all, that’s what most ministries were doing, right? And yes, they […]

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Stay ~ By Craig Groeschel

I’ve thought many times about how different my life would be if I’d given up when I wanted to. My story could’ve become something like, “Yeah, I used to think I was supposed to be a pastor, but I gave it a shot and things didn’t work out. That’s just how it goes.”

I’m certain you’ll have to wrestle with occasional challenges in different seasons of your life: a boss you don’t think you can stand another day, a relationship that’s suddenly hurting, a dream that’s running out of resources, a move that’s failed your expectations. When you face difficulties, it’s natural to reconsider your huge, life-altering decisions. You might ask questions like these.

Should I take my chances, quit this job, and look for something else?
After my spouse’s affair—is it time to move on?
Am I really cut out to run […]

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I’ve Been Ghosted – by Gerri Taylor

Recently in a sweet conversation with my son, he said that he’d been ghosted by others in the family. When I reflected on our conversation sometime later, I realized that I had no clue about what being ghosted meant. I decided that it must be something from the younger generation and I’d better get busy getting up to date! I was right and it didn’t take long for me to discover that I’ve been ghosted too!

Ghosting is the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication – blocking you in their contact list, ignoring your emails or phone calls, etc. It doesn’t just happen in romance. You can be ghosted by a family member, friend, or co-worker, left hurt by once-close relationships that suddenly […]

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Treasure Mountain by Dutch Sheets

August 25, 2022

A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words. Knowing this, God sculpted and shaped a vivid picture of hope deferred in the form of a mountain – wouldn’t you know it would be a mountain! Rugged. Barren. Big. It’s very name Horeb, means “desolation, a waste place, barrenness, dryness” – all synonyms of hope deferred. I sometimes think of this mountain when praying for America.

This is the place where Moses ended up for much of his forty-year exile, shoveling dung instead of bathing in royal hot tubs. There can be no more severe case of hope deferred than what Moses experienced, having lost his royal inheritance and, it seemed, his destiny. I realize “it ain’t over ‘til it’s over,” but after disappearing for forty years, a dream is usually over.

But thankfully, like many mountains, Horeb […]

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Father Loves Me and You by Roger Taylor

As my sanctification continues, I want to be diligent to share any and all revelation I receive in the hope that it will help some of you grow with me! I believe every revelation we receive from God is a love gift for us but not just for us! I believe all love gifts from God become part of our ministry to our world! That includes the correction He brings us because even His correction comes in love and empowers us to change! So here is the latest gift of love I received…

All my life I have had a bad habit of calling other people bad names! Those names like idiot, morron, scum bag, jerk face, to name a few, have been a part of my thinking and conduct for many years. As […]

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Just Musing by Roger

Gerri and I have a marriage relationship that began in lust but has been transformed by Father’s supernatural love that overwhelms all opposition!

Years ago, the Lord said to us, “Where you’re going doesn’t look anything like where you’ve been!”  Now looking back to what we were it is easy to see transformation.  Gerri and I are individually not the same person.  Our ministry is not the same.  Our marriage is certainly not the same!  What happened?  Well…God happened!  The more we committed ourselves to Him the more we changed!  His revelation brought transformation!  We believe this is the maturing process that Father desires for all His kids.  We believe it is called sanctification, and it’s His process of removing sin and self to reveal the treasure He placed within each of us!  In other words, to reveal Jesus that […]

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A Gift of Honor ~ by Kim Potter

Here at PITFH we have four important Core Values.  They appear on our website along with their definitions.  The third Core Value is HONOR.  It is something that is practiced daily within the ministry.  Below is an article posted by Kim Potter on the subject of HONOR.  It is a valuable lesson.


“A few years ago, God began to teach me about honor. It began with a simple lesson.

I had received a personal check in the mail. It wasn’t common as most checks that come to the ministry are for the ministry. Every now and then, perhaps a couple times a year, someone will send me a personal financial gift. Or a small token of their appreciation in form of a prayer shawl. These gifts always touch the deepest part of my heart. They are unexpected hugs […]

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The Twilight Time of Life by Gerri

Roger and I have both entered what we call the Twilight Time in Life.  It’s a time when we have begun to realize in living color that our days here on earth are numbered.  We are most grateful that Father has seen fit to allow us more than our three score years and ten.  However, with each passing day we come to realize often that Heaven is looking closer and closer.  It’s not ‘out there’ someplace now.  It is very close…in our years and in our hearts.
The two of us talk together more and more about what it will be like there.  We reminisce about how wonderful it will be to see our loved ones who have gone before us; how miraculous it will be to finally meet Roger’s earthly Father, Lenard, for the first time and most importantly how […]
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Someone Needs to Hear This ~ by Gerri

If you are a Christian, you have without doubt experienced the enemy’s attempts to derail you and or your ministry for the Lord.  Those attempts come in various forms.  They can come when you experience a deep disappointment from someone.  They can come when your character and integrity are attacked.  They can come when you suffer a deep loss or when you head towards ministry burnout.  They can come when a family member dishonors you and betrays your love for them.  For us they came when we suffered deep wounds as other ministry leaders came against Places in The Father’s Heart or when we were thrown into the pit by family members who thought we had no business being in ministry because of our past lifestyle before Christ.  Fact is…they come!  Question is…what do you do when they come?  […]

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First Things First ~ by Gerri

I am a prayer warrior.  As a matter of fact my name, Geraldine, means warrior with a spear!  I have been an intercessor for many over the years and even had the privilege to travel with Intercessors International to Ludenscheid, Germany to work with a team of intercessors for a European Vineyard Worship Conference.  I am continually called upon to pray for people, places and things!

It is generally my pleasure to pray for those who contact me with their needs and sometimes their wants.  However, there is one area where I find it very difficult to pray as I am asked.  That occurs when someone contacts me repeatedly yet fails to follow through on the counsel or advice given.

Because of the way Father has trained Roger and me in prayer ministry, I can usually see root issues that need […]

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10 Benefits of Father’s Favor ~ Jerry Savelle

We found that the following benefits of Father’s favor are things that we can identify have happened numerous times in our walk with the Lord.  They are faith builders and can turn into Glory Stories!  Can you find evidence of His favor in your life?

Jerry Savelle’s Ten Benefits of Favor:

1.     Favor produces supernatural increase and promotion. Genesis 39:21

2.     Favor produces restoration of everything that the enemy has stolen from you. Exodus 3:21

3.     Favor produces honor in the midst of your adversaries. Exodus 11:3

4.     Favor produces increased assets, especially in the area of real estate. Deuteronomy 33:23

5.     Favor produces great victories in the midst of great impossibilities. Joshua 11:20

6.     Favor produces recognition, even when you seem the least likely to receive it. I Samuel 16:22

7.     Favor produces prominence and preferential treatment. Esther 2:17

8.     Favor produces petitions granted even by ungodly […]

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Unshakable Hope ~ by Max Lucado

God Gets You

You and I have a lot in common. We have stumbled in life—in morality, honesty, integrity. We have done our best, only to trip and fall. Our finest efforts have left us flat on our backs. We have broken hearts, weary spirits, and fading vision. The distance between where we are and where we want to be is impassable.

So what do we do? Where do we turn? I suggest we turn to one of the sweetest promises: “For our high priest [Jesus] is able to understand our weaknesses” (Hebrews 4:15 NCV).

God became flesh in the form of Jesus Christ. He was miraculously conceived, yet naturally delivered. He was born . . . yet born of a virgin. Had Jesus simply descended to earth in the form of a mighty being, you might respect Him but never want […]

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Our Potential ~ by Roger Taylor

I asked Holy Spirit if He had anything I could write today.  He said, “I have already given you the beginning.  Read your notes!”  I got out my notebook and here is what I had written weeks before:

Denominations are not founded in God’s truth, but in the beliefs, opinions, and emotions of mankind!  This is the result of lack of true intimacy with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

A person’s intimate experience with God will quickly put to rest human pride and arrogance in perverting the truth of the Gospel and heal the manmade divisions the Body of Christ currently suffers!  I believe that the transformational necessity here is that the commitment of our lives to God must supersede our commitment to our religious beliefs.  If and when that happens, I believe the Holy Spirit will correct our misbeliefs, our […]

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The Brilliant Light of God’s Love Released ~ by Ron McGatlin

The tiny bit of lifting filled the whole trunk with light so bright that all the stuff inside the trunk that was not seen before was very visible. As the man lifted the box out of the trunk, all the area around was filled with the brilliant light.

The box left the man’s hands and floated slowly higher in the air above us. The box was no longer black as the whole thing became brilliant light brighter than […]

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The Hidden Cost by Kim Potter

I read something online last week that was quite profound. It said, “A big mac doesn’t cost $3.99, it costs your health. Netflix doesn’t cost $17.99; it costs your time. Social media isn’t free, it costs your focus. There is always a hidden cost.”

I found these statements to be so very true. There is always a hidden cost to everything we do in life. So, it is in our spiritual life as well.

We are all familiar with Deuteronomy 28 that teaches us the blessings that will come upon us when we obey God and His Word. However, it also spells out for us what happens when we fail to obey the Word of God. The curses gains entrance to our life. The Bible doesn’t stop there warning us of the hidden costs of sins, it […]

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When Serving Turns to Exploitation by Wayne Jacobsen

I’m going to lift a quote from an email I wrote to my webmaster the other day about some changes being made for one of the platforms we use to get out information.

“It seems all these platforms start to serve a need people have, then end up exploiting people to fill a need they have.”

As soon as I typed it, I realized how ubiquitous that is to almost everything human, from business to bureaucracy, websites, and even religious institutions.

Almost all start to address a critical need. Facebook, at its beginning, provided a unique tool to keep family, friends, former classmates, and colleagues updated on each other’s personal lives. It was great to see pictures of grandkids, college roommates, and vistas from all over the world. Then, they monetized it, and instead of serving me […]

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The Ministry of Restitution & Reconciliation by Roger and Gerri

Forgiveness is an act of obedience.  When we obey, the feelings will come as Father changes our hearts and renews our minds.

The Ministry of Reconciliation and Restitution

The ministry of restitution and reconciliation eBook is all about walking in forgiveness. It belongs to all of us. It is about extending grace in Father’s love and taking ownership for our sin of mis-representing His love to others. This eBook will reveal the process and priorities of this ministry and step by step instructions on how to accomplish one of the greatest gifts we can give away – forgiveness.
Listen to this eBook online or download

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Let it Go…A Time to Forgive by Kim Potter

Have you ever felt that you could never, ever, forgive someone for what they did to you, or to a loved one? I have. Or that something you’ve done could never be forgiven, you’d messed up so badly that God couldn’t possibly have any further time for you, even that you’d lost your salvation? I’ve done that too, been there, got the T-shirt.
I’m immeasurably thankful that God didn’t leave me wallowing in misery. Through what might seem a random chain of happenings—visiting a bookshop, picking up a book by an author I don’t particularly like, reading a couple of pages I can’t even remember but where the words sprang out with spirit-fuelled power and spoke directly to my heart. I knew instantly that I was forgiven, that God loved me with an everlasting love, that all my sins—past, present […]

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Life at Father’s Pace by Wayne Jacobsen

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