A Perfect Storm Coming on America by Chris Reed, MorningStar Ministries CEO

A Note from PITFH:  Several years ago, Roger shared with PITFH a prophetic word that “There is another civil war coming to America and it will be worse than the first one.”  It was such a strong word that it made a big impact on his heart and he’s seen signs of this second coming civil war looming large upon our horizon over the past year and a half.  Perhaps you have seen the same.  The following post by Chris Reed of MorningStar Ministries is a confirmation to Roger’s word.  Read it below.

In a recent prophetic dream, Pastor and MorningStar Ministries CEO Chris Reed says he saw that America is headed for tumultuous times in its future, perhaps to the point where many of the 50 united states will secede […]

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The Spirit of Jealousy ~ Arthur Burk

Getting to the Root of Jealousy
The Spirit of Jealousy is one of the most deceptive and many-faceted demonic forces with which
we have to deal. I had actually been dealing with this demon for over a decade before I actually
recognized it. It was extremely helpful to get past the surface manifestations and get down to
the root.
The learning curve began when a friend of mine called Plumbline soliciting prayer support for their
ministry. My friend is the head of an American ministry that was facilitating the work of a ministry
from Israel. The Israelis were coming to the States to do a tour of twenty- two different cities to share
their vision and to raise funds. Before they got to the first city, three people had heart attacks in quick
succession. All three people were related […]

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This is just the way God made me.  Have you ever said that yourself or heard someone else say it?  Sometimes it’s true, but sometimes it’s not!  It’s true God made me tall even though I used to hate being tall.  I know some folks who are upset that God made them short!  In either case, or in any case, when we resent the way God made us, we are in spiritual rebellion to Him and that is a problem for us and for our relationship with Him!

Years ago, a friend of ours heard the late Jack Frost teach on this subject. She then came for a visit with Gerri and I.  That first evening she asked me a question.  She said, “Roger, if you were in Heaven before you […]

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WITHOUT GOD by Roger Taylor

Without God humanity is to be most pitted because without Him our ability to live life at the supernatural level He designed is impossible!  We are thus relegated to war with flesh, the devil, and human depravity for as long as we live!  Father’s design and His heart’s desire for us is a much brighter picture than the one we create for ourselves!  Idolatry runs rampant in all its various forms driving, driving, driving without satisfaction. He created us to need Him and only Him.  Substitutes need not apply!

I was awake in the night last night and I started to think about how God created us.  We have needs in order to survive and flourish. We need oxygen, water, food and love!  That is, we need clean air, pure water, […]

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The Hotel #2 ~ by Gerri Taylor

In our first book Glory Stories we published a story in Chapter 22 titled The HotelWe now have a new glory story regarding the hotel where we currently have a one bedroom apartment.

With Father’s instructions not to sign another lease agreement when we left our last home in August 2020, little did we know that Father was taking us on another ‘hotel journey!’  He’s spoken clearly to us over all the years of ministry that each place He’s taken us was an assignment from Him.  So, remembering that word, when we landed in our current place, we asked Him, “Father, what is the assignment you have for us here at Towneplace by Marriott.”  His answer to that question was that we were to begin praying for the management […]

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Religious Implications of War in Ukraine

The following article by Lauren Green was published on Fox New today.  We thought it important to share.

For religious leaders, the war in Ukraine is a top concern. For faith leaders in media, this conflict is not just about politics. Dirk Smith is one of the thousands of faith leaders in media who met last week in Nashville, Tennessee, for the National Religious Broadcasters convention.  He says Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a simple spiritual matter.

“It’s good versus evil … It is not Russians versus Ukrainians,” Smith says. “The Russian people — they don’t want this.”

Smith heads EEM (Eastern European Ministry), an organization that has supplied millions of Bibles to Ukraine’s public schools.   Yes, Ukraine’s public schools — because the Ukrainian government has recognized the value of teaching the Good Book […]

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The Beauty of Sorrow ~ by Gerri Taylor

“I’ve seen days of sorrow in my lifetime when the light of day my burdens seemed to hide.  But in every situation, I was learning that the beauty of sorrow is the joy on the other side.  Thank God for sorrow.  Thank God for pain.  Thank God for troubles so hard they brought me back to Jesus again.  I’ve learned through sorrow in Him to abide ‘cause the beauty of sorrow is the joy on the other side.  Jesus was called a man of sorrows.  He suffered pain and grief ‘til He died.  He patiently endured the cross ‘cause the beauty of sorrow is the joy on the other side.”
Music and lyrics by Jerry White.

I recorded this song many years back because it has greatly spoken to my […]

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I don’t know how many of you have read our eBook, titled “The Many Faces of Spiritual Rebellionbut I just got another wonderful gift of revelation from Holy Spirit about this subject, and I want to share it with you.  I was sitting here in our hotel room watching gold and I started to think about me and how many other of God’s kids resent something about how Father created us!  For me, I always resented being tall!  Because of fear, guilt, and shame I always wanted to hide!  Standing out in a crowd was the last thing I wanted, so I resented my place in life!  At the time, I didn’t realize I was in spiritual rebellion to God because He created me tall.  That kind of […]

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Some of you know that we are triune beings, but maybe you don’t give it much priority.  Maybe it’s time you dig a little deeper into your spirit’s possibilities and reap the blessings Father has designed for you.  As a born-again child of the Most High God, you belong in the Spirit realm with Him.  Those that are not born again don’t have that privilege.  However, unsaved people can participate in the Spirit realm with satan if they so choose.  But that is a self-defeating decision.  Your spirit deserves and requires attention to gain leadership in your life.  When you focus on what your flesh and the world have to offer to satisfy your love hunger, you are barking up the wrong tree!  Only Father can satisfy your love hunger!  […]

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SIN UNSEEN ~ by Roger Taylor

Do you believe you can have sin in your life and not see it or know it?  Gerri and I can answer that question with a resounding ‘YES’!  Having recently received a wonderful love gift from Father exposing sin in our lives that we didn’t see, we were totally surprised by the revelation and truly grateful to Him that our sanctification continues.  As usual His gift came wrapped in love, not judgment or criticism.

Because of this experience I began thinking about this issue of sin unseen and how many of us are adversely affected by it.  Do we believe we still have sin?  Do we care?  Are we comfortable with ourselves as we are today, or are we hungry for more of God?  Could unseen sin be a hindrance to […]

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