For many decades there has been an international problem that many of our Presidents and other world leaders have tried to resolve.  The failure is about 100%!  That is because they consistently try to resolve a spiritual problem with physical answers.  The Israeli/Palestinian problem is an ancient one dating back to the time of Joshua!  Israel’s failure to complete God’s command in taking possession of the Promised Land has resulted in the spiritual dilemma we see today.  The warfare that should have ended Millennia ago continues because of disobedience to God’s instruction.  We cannot fight a spiritual problem in the flesh and win!  The spiritual roots must be discovered and with God’s intervention and provision victory can be had.

Just in case you didn’t know, the Palestinians have publicly declared that they can trace their ancestry back to the Canaanites.  The Canaanites were one of the many tribes of ‘ites’ that occupied the Promised Land when God told Joshua to destroy them all and cleanse the land He had promised them.  The ‘ites’ fought against Israel then and they continue that fight today!

Now change your focus and look in the mirror.  That’s right.  Look at yourself and pause and consider then ask yourself is there any ongoing warfare in my life…problem areas that just don’t, won’t and can’t get resolved and go away and bring me some peace.  You have prayed, you’ve commanded, you’ve fought, you’ve tried this and you’ve tried that yet you continue to fail and continue to struggle with the same issue!  Might I suggest that your problem could be similar to the Israeli/Palestinian problem?  If your problem has a spiritual root it cannot be resolved until the root is revealed and destroyed.  The Holy Spirit has all the information and revelation that you need to find your healing and freedom.  However, I strongly suggest that you do not simply pursue your healing, but that you pursue a deeper, more intimate relationship with God, Himself!  Our healing and deliverance are wonderful gifts from Him but they pale in comparison to the life changing power or a personal love relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.