Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, many are asking what to do?

Don’t panic, walk in a spirit of fear, or horde supplies.  That goes against the grain in the way the world and most of the church is acting.  God didn’t give us spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind.  That is His promise to us.  For many years now, Roger and I have been sharing with our audience that Father was directing us all to have an up close, intimate, conversational relationship with our Father.  Can you see now that He has been preparing us for a very long time how to cope with our current situation worldwide?

If you are one who has developed this close, personal relationship with Father, then good for you.  You won’t have any difficulty sheltering in place and obeying what our government officials are asking us to do to overcome this crisis.  If not, you will find yourself struggling to maintain peace and rest amid the spread of this pandemic.  In addition, if you are a regular church pew sitter, this situation will tell you how much you rely on the organized church to keep you spiritually connected rather than relying on your personal relationship with Father to see you through this time that churches are mandated to shutter their doors.

There are plenty of supplies out there from food to TP.  The problem is now that so many are hoarding, the suppliers cannot keep up with the demand.  Stop the hoarding and you will stop the problem of empty shelves everywhere.  Common sense, folks!  We had an email today from another ministry in Missouri.  The head of this ministry is also a Manager for Dollar General Store.  This week when his supply truck was scheduled in, he got to work at 4AM to meet the truck and begin stocking shelves.  By 7AM he said there was a line of customers waiting outside for the doors to open.  When he opened up, customers rushed into the store with one lady filling two shopping cards with nothing but TP and cleaning items.  He approached her and politely asked her to save some for others in need.  She pursued to totally ignore him and hoard as much as she could to the checkout.  The face of most of the current worldly mindset here in the United States is ME first and never mind my neighbor.  Selfishness and self-centeredness reigns!  That is not the way of God’s Kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven.

On a more personal note, Roger and I would like to thank those of you who have so kindly called to check up on how we are doing.  Your kindness and thoughtfulness is refreshing.  We are doing just fine and as a matter of fact, we are quite comfortable in our mountain top abode having learned a long time ago how to shelter in place without it changing our current lifestyle.  We have worked from our home office and kept the ministry humming along just fine for years now thanking God that we don’t have to get on an airplane and travel to take the ministry worldwide.  Praise God for the Internet and our website which does that work now for us.  We are both pushing our 80’s, but we are thankful for reasonably good health and the ability even in crisis to continue on just as we have for years.  With Father’s leadership in our lives, we haven’t been deeply affected by this current worldwide crisis.  It’s our hope that you haven’t either.

In closing, I’d like to tell you we are praying Psalm 91 over our extended family and the PITFH family.  If you’ve partnered with us in some way, you are included in that prayer.  “Those who dwell in the secret place shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty….and no plague shall come nigh their dwelling.”  Do you have a secret place?  Do you know how to go into His Presence there?  If so, claim the promises that follow in this chapter of God’s Word.  If you don’t know about His secret place, now would be a great time to find out what all that means and how to get there.  It would be prudent to know about the four keys to hearing God’s voice so that when you get to your secret place you can hear directly from Father.
Contact me through the website if you need some help.  It would be my pleasure to talk with you.