A Godly leader must be:

  • Empowered by love
  • Bathed in humility
  • Steadfast in authority.

A Godly leader must not lord it over their subordinates. This is Jesus’ command. A Godly leader invites subordinates to participate in the decision making process, give their opinion, share their experience, ask questions, hear from the Lord and contribute. A Godly leader must have authority and responsibility. He or she is responsible for both. A Godly leader must have the ability to bring correction and if necessary, disciplinary action to their team. At the same time we must be able to give our team permission to not be perfect. Mistakes are to be expected, just not repeated. A Godly leader must be secure enough and responsible enough to teach their subordinates everything they know so that each individual and the team succeed. A Godly leader must be willing to look for strength in team members that the leader does not have and utilize those individual strengths for the good of the team. At the same time, a Godly leader looks for individual and team weakness and works diligently to strengthen those areas. A Godly leader must train his team and equip them so that if the leader is absent the team is able to succeed during his or her absence.


  • A firm adherence to a code of moral values. 


  • The quality or state of being complete or undivided. 



  • A feature that makes up & distinguishes an individual .


  • Moral excellence & firmness. 



  • A good name or public esteem.


  • A showing of merited respect.


  • Human loyalty requires you to be loyal to one at the expense of another & it costs you your inheritance.
    Kingdom loyalty never requires you to be loyal to one at the expense of another & it leads you to your destiny.  ~
    Bill Johnson


Ending note: Study the life of the best leader ever known – the life of Jesus!