Father says that life is love and love is life, therefore if we master love we can then master life. To me this means I must master love in order to experience life to its fullest potential. Like it or not Father has designed the only pathway that will lead us to life’s full potential and He is that pathway. He is love and the only true source of love available to mankind. If we are to master love we must have the empowerment of His grace at work in us to dethrone self and in humility become God centered. Supernatural encounters with Father, Son and Holy Spirit will strengthen our resolve, our commitment, and our determination to become the supernatural Child of God that we were created to be. Those supernatural encounters with God are in reality supernatural encounters with Love and they are life changing. Also, consider that Galatians 5:6 says that love empowers faith. Well aren’t we instructed to build our faith so we can walk in faith? How many different ways are we taught to build our faith? Do any of them include experiencing Father’s love as an option to build our faith? Sadly, for many of us the answer is no. Not to worry mate for it’s never too late to experience Father’s love for you and dramatically deepen your life experience.

For most of us we have continually tried the counterfeits or substitutes to Father’s love. Sadly many of us have resigned ourselves to be satisfied with those substitutes believing the lie that this is all there is. I will say once again that the lies we live by can carry the power of truth and trap us in our life experience far below our potential as a child of God! Religion seems to be one of the greatest enemies to our success in mastering love and therefore our life experience is rooted in performance and duty for God rather than in relationship with Him. This is the cart before the horse syndrome. Religion presses us for service to please God or our doing for God is all that matters, when in reality Father wants relationship with us so He can show us what true, life-changing love is all about. As our love relationship with Him develops He will instruct us in how He has planned for us to serve Him. Then we will gladly serve Him because of our love for Him and His empowering love for us. The need to perform for our self-worth will be gone. The bondage of duty will be broken. Instead, the freedom and liberty to serve Him and fulfill our purpose and destiny is born out of our true life-changing love relationship with Him. The more Father loves on us, teaches us, corrects us, expresses His pride in us, walks through our difficult times with us the stronger we get. The more secure we get as a Child of the Most High God. The more supernatural experience we have with Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the deeper our mastery of love goes and therefore the deeper our mastery of life. How far below our potential in God are we living? If you are at all interested, maybe it’s time to immerse yourself in an honest pursuit of love and life as Father has made available to us all. He is no respecter of persons so He is available to you with love abounding just for you! What’s not to like?

For most of us as Father’s kids we speculate about His personality, His priorities, His plans, the depth of His involvement in our lives, His provision, His grace and many other areas of question. Some of us refuse to ask Him for answers to our questions because we are afraid of what the answers might be. In fact, many of us are afraid of Him period. Our ignorance about Him leaves us in the dark as to the reality of Who He really is and what He wants to be to us. For many, it’s too much to believe that the Creator of the universe would actually want to have a personal, intimate relationship with a human being. Well, that’s what ignorance will do for you. It will keep you separated from the only source of true, unconditional love that is available in this universe.

So consider how we limit ourselves with God. To you is He that distant God out there somewhere that you have heard about but don’t know? Maybe you have arrived at a place where He is not so distant and you can acknowledge Him as Father. You don’t have a conversational relationship with Him yet, so you talk to Jesus when you pray. There is certainly nothing wrong with developing your personal, intimate, conversational relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. However if you will allow it, they will both direct you to Father to develop that same intimate, conversational relationship in order to draw closer and closer to Him. As you do, you questions about Him and how He sees you and your potential and your future will be answered. In the process you will experience life changing love like you never have before. From the inside out you will change. As your love hunger is satisfied you will experience the freedom to love yourself and others beyond what you thought possible. The gift of unconditional love you receive from Father will draw you deeper and deeper into Him until He ultimately becomes Daddy (Abba) to you and He becomes as close as your breath!

In this process of developing your relationship with Father there will be nuggets of revelation, so be looking for them. These nuggets will be gifts of love from Him to you, how He sees you and your future and revelations about Himself, corrections about sin in your life, surprises and more surprises as He unveils His truth to you, surprises about how loved you will feel in spite of your feelings of inadequacy, continual nuggets of what love is and what love isn’t from His perspective, nuggets that will teach you more about living as a child of the Most High God, nuggets that will move you toward Kingdom living instead of worldly living. In other words, His nuggets can be transformational if we accept them. Humility on our part bears the greatest fruit. Grace on His part bears the greatest rewards in our relationship with Him. His love is the ultimate prize offered to mankind and He is no respecter of persons.

Here are some of my comments about Mastering Love, Mastering Life:

MASTERING LOVE: The art of receiving must come before the privilege of giving.

MASTERING LIFE: Living in love is the pinnacle of life experience.

MASTERING LOVE: Love’s transformational power energized purpose and destiny.

MASTERING LIFE: Life’s success is measured by how much of ourselves we have given to serving God & others.

MASTERING LOVE: Father’s love empowers us to conquer self-centeredness, lust, hate, fear, and worldly desires.

MASTERING LIFE: Father said, “It is My good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” This is supernatural living.

MASTERING LOVE: Father’s true love conquers the wicked heart of man.

MASTERING LIFE: Relationships rooted in Father’s love have the potential to bring change to families, churches, cities, states and nations.

MASTERING LOVE: Father’s love is the ultimate power of all creation!

MASTERING LIFE: When Father says, “I love you and I’m as close as your breath” our life enters a new stage and takes on a new perspective!

MASTERING LOVE: Experiencing Father’s love is like using dynamite against our walls of self-protection, fear and control.

MASTERING LIFE: Breaking the power of flesh and natural living releases us to the potential for Kingdom living!

MASTERING LOVE: As Father’s love fills our love tank the essence of our presence and our countenance reflects our newness of life.

MASTERING LIFE: Humbling ourselves, yielding our way for His and obeying His instructions paves our pathway to intimate relationship with Father.

MASTERING LOVE: Unexpected, unexplainable and sometimes unreasonable gifts of love from Father bring joy, acceptance, increased faith and a deep desire for more intimacy with Him.

MASTERING LIFE: Breaking free of self-centeredness paves the way for long-lasting love relationships.

MASTERING LOVE: Experiencing Father’s love produces a deep desire to overcome our weaknesses and our faults.

MASTERING LIFE: Many of us choose to live at the bottom of life experience in fear rather than living at the top of life experience in Father’s love. Sadness.

MASTERING LOVE: Wisdom dictates that we identify issues in our life that hinder our ability to receive and give love and war against those issues until they are conquered.

MASTERING LIFE: Mastering life takes a giant leap forward when we learn to identify and take dominion over the works of our enemy, satan!

MASTERING LOVE: Mastering love means yielding our heart to love and that requires a healed heart.