EVIDENCE #9:  Right is wrong and wrong is right.

Do you remember the Scripture that says “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil?” Well, it’s here! Almost daily the news media spreads the reality that what was once considered right is now wrong, and what was once considered wrong is now right! The table is upside down and confusion is our norm! It’s like there is a mesmerizing spirit that has descended on our society as a result of our corporate rejection of God and that spirit is deceiving us into accepting evil as good!

In our eBook Prayer Ministry there is a chapter titled “The Lies We Live By.” In that chapter we try to share the reality that when we truly believe something it carries the power of truth, even if it’s a lie! That power of truth energizes our emotions, our thinking process, and our actions, sometimes leading us down the wrong path of life in opposition to God’s reality and truth. This is obviously a dangerous path for a person and/or a society to be on. Opposition to God always has the same outcome: pain, suffering and loss!

All it takes for evil to prosper for is good people to do nothing! A recent survey indicates that a large percentage of Evangelical Christians do not vote! As Americans we have both the privilege and the responsibility to vote to protect our nation’s founding freedoms from those who are Godless and actively trying to destroy our Godly foundation which is unique in our world. As Christians we have a duty to vote and support Godliness and take a stand against evil and wickedness. There is no excuse to stand aside and give evil an open path to succeed. When God is for us, who can stand against us? When God is against us, who can stand? For those of us who have abdicated our responsibility to vote against evil and those who would destroy us, I say, “It is enough!” Religious excuses are no longer good enough to excuse your dereliction of duty as a Child of the Most High God! It is past time to repent and change our ways! Get up! Get energized and determined to stand for Godliness! Take a bold stand against evil and wickedness.

Today evil is loud and boisterous, insulting, aggressive and even violent demanding its way! Those who act this way are Godless bullies! So what are we Christians to do? Retreat, hide, and keep silent? Absolutely not! Even though born again Christians are a minority today in America  (26% by survey) we are a majority because all of Heaven is our support group! The Kingdom of God is not deterred or intimidated by the boldness and fury of wickedness on display in our nation today! satan and his minions are not now nor have they ever been a match or threat to Heaven and Father’s Kingdom! Even when it looks like evil is winning God is not moved. He is secure in His assurance of His ultimate victory over all evil!

It is our duty and responsibility to God to stand firm for righteousness, holiness, goodness, and most of all love; not aloof and separate for that gives evil access and freedom to prosper, not in pride and arrogance because that is sin and compromises our access to Heavenly assets. God has given us a voice to declare His majesty! One way we all can do that is to vote and vote righteously! Holy Spirit will help if you ask Him!

Interesting Scriptures: Deut. 8:18-20, Isaiah 5:20-25, Jeremiah 4:22, Luke 6:45-49, Romans 12:9-21