Getting to the Root of Jealousy
The Spirit of Jealousy is one of the most deceptive and many-faceted demonic forces with which
we have to deal. I had actually been dealing with this demon for over a decade before I actually
recognized it. It was extremely helpful to get past the surface manifestations and get down to
the root.
The learning curve began when a friend of mine called Plumbline soliciting prayer support for their
ministry. My friend is the head of an American ministry that was facilitating the work of a ministry
from Israel. The Israelis were coming to the States to do a tour of twenty- two different cities to share
their vision and to raise funds. Before they got to the first city, three people had heart attacks in quick
succession. All three people were related to either the ministry or to those preparing for this touring
group. One victim, for example, was the Los Angeles coordinator who had anticipated bringing together
four hundred people to hear about the ministry from Israel. The leader having a heart attack
and thereby being pulled out at the last minute resulted in the Israelis meeting with only about a
dozen people in someone’s living room since there was no way to pass the leadership baton. It was a
deep disappointment to all involved.
With three heart attacks one right after the other, all related to the ministry in one form or another and
all creating obstacles for the ministry, my friends understood that this was in all probability a demonic
attack, not the result of hitherto undetected physical problems. What particularly intrigued them was
the dramatically quick recovery people had after the heart attacks. In fact, it was supernaturally quick.
Having three-out-of-three people unexpectedly have heart attacks, and for them all to recuperate
much more quickly than normal, was another confirmation that we were not dealing with a biological
problem. My American friends called me at this point, and I mobilized some of my intercessors.
We began to pray God’s protection over the ministry, pushing back any assault of the enemy. We
had never seen anything like this before, so we had no special strategy. We simply used our generic
prayers based on our authority in Christ.
We were hugely ineffective because in the succeeding two weeks there were two more heart attacks
and a case of emergency open-heart surgery among those in different cities along the way who were
preparing to have this Israeli group come. We realized then that it was not only demonic but that
the demonic also had a very significant legal right in this situation because our intercession had not
slowed them down at all.
The question before us was what legal right the enemy had to be able to inflict this kind of damage.
Not having seen anything like this before, nor having any frame of reference, we were just generically
calling it “a spirit of heart attacks,” suspecting there was a deeper root.
I went before the Lord but got no answer from Him. My fallback position was to ask the Lord who
among my Plumbline intercessors had the answer. He immediately gave me the name of an individual.
I called her, told her the situation and asked if she had ever seen anything like it. She had not.
I asked her if she knew what the root sin was which allowed the demons to have this kind of authority.
She did not. I told her (humorously) that her answers were not acceptable because God said she did
know what we needed, and I wanted that information from her.
While I waited on the phone, she quietly listened to the Lord and He gave her a very significant
question. She asked me, “Is there anybody who wanted to be included in this ministry and was
I said, “I have no idea.”
I called my friend who was head of the stateside group that was coordinating the trip and asked her,
“Out of curiosity, is there anybody who wanted to be included in this trip and was not, for one reason
or another?”
She immediately said, “Oh yes. There were some individuals in Israel who wanted to be included in the
Israeli delegation but were not.”
Much more to the point, there were some very significant ministry groups here in America that felt
they should have been the ones to host the Israelis instead of the ministry that my friends lead. We
ended up with about a dozen different individuals or organizations that each felt they should have
had a cut of the action and did not. We then understood that we were dealing with a spirit of jealousy.
Those who were left behind were jealous of those who were included in the ministry.
At that point, I had never dealt with a spirit of jealousy by name. I did not understand the dynamics
and had never studied the subject, but I was under pressure, and when lives are at stake, we just
throw a lot of mud on the wall and hope some of it sticks. My friend and I spent about fifteen minutes
in prayer on the phone, rejecting, renouncing, cutting off, and isolating this spirit, along with all the
other things that spiritual warfare-intercessors know how to do.
Then we sat back, waiting and watching with a certain amount of concern and trepidation as the
Americans and Israelis went on to the next city. Nothing bad happened in that next city, and they
were able to complete their entire tour with no more heart attacks, open-heart surgeries or any problems
of that nature.
We breathed a sigh of relief and sent them back to Israel. The American ministry
continued with their regular activities. I mentally filed it away in the “Demonic
Trivia” file, an interesting, isolated and bizarre situation where jealousy caused heart attacks under
certain conditions. So far as I knew, I was done with all of this. We have many one-of-a-kind demonic
experiences in this ministry and we don’t take them too seriously.
Repetition – God’s Tool
When God is trying to teach me something new about the enemy’s kingdom, He frequently allows the
enemy to run the same scam over and over again, dressed up in a different set of clothes each time, so
that I can master the intricacies of the enemy’s stratagems. For the following four months, it seemed
that every time I turned around, I was facing the spirit of jealousy and gaining a new respect for its
ubiquitous nature.
We found it causing a variety of physical problems, not just heart attacks. We also found that it could
be attached to particular places in buildings. For example, in a residence where the previous, long gone
tenants had been involved in a great deal of jealousy, there was jealousy still in one bedroom,
and that demon affected the behavior of children in that room who were totally unaware of the prior
situation. As soon as we commanded the spirit of jealousy to leave the room and the property, the
problems with the children settled down.
As we found the spirit of jealousy in a wide variety of manifestations, we began to seek the Lord for
a larger revelation. We knew that many people were jealous of others. It is part of our fallen nature.
Small people abound. Pettiness is unfortunately still characteristic even of some leaders in the Kingdom
of God. Yet even though the sin of jealousy was rather common, it did not make sense that the
demon of jealousy should have so much authority, even to the point of being almost deadly.
During that period, there was nothing theological about our strategy; we just resisted. We rejected,
renounced and commanded it to leave and not to come back. We did not understand the root issue,
but we were having some remarkable results. Even so, we were driven to understand the root dynamics,
so we began to pray, asking, “Father, why is this spirit so prevalent and why is it so powerful?”
Eventually God took us to various passages in Scripture. The following, in terms of Scripture and methodology,
is the result of my working with many intercessors, a variety of organizations and various
situations over the course of a year. This is the composite result of our experiences and unfortunately
of our bruises.
Satan’s Motivation
The first passage God gave us was Isaiah 14:12-14. This prophecy from Isaiah is ostensibly given
to an earthly kingdom and an identifiable king: the king of Babylon. However, historically
many theologians have attributed it also to the devil. The verse states,
“How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth,
you who once laid low the nations! You said in your heart, ‘I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne
above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred
mountain. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.’”
We came to understand from this Scripture that if it is indeed talking about Satan, that it is referring to
the drive or the motivation that caused him to do what he did, sinning against the Most High. Namely,
he was jealous of the glory, the honor and the excellence that God Almighty had.
It becomes very evident from a most cursory look at Scripture that from the point of Satan’s fall, to the
very end of time, Satan is extremely, bitterly jealous of all the worship that we give the Most High God.
He apparently wanted our worship to begin with. He wanted to be like the Most High. So many of the
words in that passage are elevated words.
“I will ascend to Heaven.”
“I will raise my throne above the stars of God.”
“I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain.”
“I will ascend above the tops of the clouds.”
“I will make myself like the Most High.”
He wanted excellence, and he wanted the honor that comes from that. Apparently he wanted the
worship of mankind.
From the Beginning to the End
When Satan came to the Garden of Eden, he was intent on disrupting the relationship between God,
Adam, and Eve. Adam and Eve thought everything that God had done was fine and wonderful. The
very essence of worship was the pleasure and enjoyment they derived in their relationship with God.
Although they did not have formal worship arrangements, their approval of everything that God did
was profound and beautiful worship.
Satan came into the garden and said, “You know, God really did not give you the very best. He is holding
out. He is keeping the knowledge of good and evil for Himself. What you have is good but it is not
the best.”
In his lying, deception and manipulation, he turned the heart of Eve away from God.
Instead of God being the provider of all good things, He was now portrayed as someone
who withheld, manipulated and defrauded her by not giving her the best. She
then turned to the devil, who gave her the advice, counsel and supposed methodology for her appropriating
what was “best.” She ceased to depend on God and began to depend on the devil which
is a form of worship.
The very next major sin in the history of Scripture is also a worship issue: the conflict between Cain
and Abel. Fast forward through numerous incidents of idolatry in Scripture. You come to the story of
Job and Satan’s presence in heaven bitterly contesting the integrity of Job’s worship.
He basically said, “God you have bought him off. You have bribed him; you paid him to worship you
with the success you have lavished on him.”
The whole story of Job centers on the theme of Job worshipping God even when he was in extreme pain.
Fast forward again to the very end of time when you come to the Tribulation and the Millennium that
follows it. During the Tribulation, Satan, through the Antichrist, will control just about everything. He
will have complete political control of the world. He will have complete economic control. He will
control all the geography. He will have a certain amount of control over the ecology although the two
prophets will be playing havoc with that. He will have his own throne in what was the Holy of Holies in
Jerusalem. He will have the worship of the majority of mankind, which is all he really wanted anyway.
He will even have the power to raise the dead.
Yet with all that he will have, he will not be happy. With all that will already be in his grasp, the one
obsession that Satan will have is the Antichrist snuffing out the last handful of people who still voluntarily
worship the Lord Jesus Christ at the risk of their own lives. Scripture makes it clear that huge
multitudes of people will be martyred for their faith during the Tribulation. Yet no matter how many
he kills, no matter how many fear him and voluntarily bend the knee of cowardly self-preservation,
there will be an obsessive pursuit of the remaining few who still worship the Most High God.
Satan is fiercely jealous of God, and he is still fiercely jealous of the worship that we give to God.
Satan’s Loss
That was half the equation of Satan’s jealousy, and it gave us some insight into how to battle the spirit
of jealousy. The other half of the equation came in another passage, which was Ezekiel 28. These
verses are another prophetic word ostensibly given to an earthly king, the king of Tyre. Historically,
however, the church has also seen this passage as symbolically or literally referring to Satan.
Ezekiel 28:12-18 declares,
“You are the model of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. You were in Eden,
the garden of God; every precious stone adorned you: ruby, topaz and emerald, chrysolite,
onyx and jasper, sapphire, turquoise and beryl. Your settings and mountings were
made of gold; on the day you were created they were prepared. You were anointed as a guardian cherub,
for so I ordained you. You were on the holy mount of God; you walked among the fiery stones. You were
blameless in your ways from the day you were created till wickedness was found in you. Through your
widespread trade you were filled with violence, and you sinned. So I drove you in disgrace from the
mount of God, and I expelled you, O guardian cherub, from among the fiery stones. Your heart became
proud on account of your beauty, and you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor. So I threw
you to the earth; I made a spectacle of you before kings.”
Verse nineteen adds, “All the nations who knew you are appalled at you . . . ”
Now hold that thought and compare it with Psalm 8:3-5:
“When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in
place, what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him? You made him a little
lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honor.”
I believe this gave us the other half of the equation of the Devil’s jealousy. We have what he used to
have. He used to have the glory and the honor. He used to have access into the presence of God. He
used to have all the beauty of holiness. He used to have giftings and anointing that apparently were
significantly beyond what we have today.
In the way God designed and wired Satan and the demons, they are superior to us in their competence.
They transcend many of the laws of nature in which we are trapped. They have a timeless quality to
them without the mortality that we experience. There is so much about them that is superior to what
we are in terms of power. However, we are so superior to them in terms of privilege.
We have spiritual gifts and anointing, access to God and the Holy Spirit dwelling within us. We
have a blood covenant relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We have the opportunity to sin
and be restored, which the devil apparently does not have. It was a one-way trip for him.
That gave us clarity on the nature of Satan’s jealousy. The enemy is jealous of the God- given position
we have. He is also jealous of the worship that we give to God in response to what we have.
This began to establish a recognizable pattern as we looked through Scripture and at the people around
us, studying the nature of jealousy and how it is lived out in human life. We found three common patterns
of jealousy. We found those patterns both in Scripture and also in the people that we dealt with.
Paying the Price
First of all and most tragically, there are many people in the church who are not willing to
pay the price for the things that God has called them to do. The first example of this
would be Cain. There was clearly a right way and a wrong way to sacrifice. Scripture
is silent as to whether Cain and Able knew that ahead of time or not. Even if they did not know ahead
of time the correct sacrificial protocols, they certainly knew it immediately after God had blessed the
one and dishonored the other. God made it clear that Cain still had an opportunity to offer a right
sacrifice. If Cain offered a right sacrifice, he would be blessed.
Genesis 4:6 states,
“Then the Lord said to Cain, ‘Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast? If you do what is right, will
you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at the door; it desires to have you,
but you must master it.”
We live in a day of grace, yet everything I see in the New Testament teaches that a certain amount of
our effort must be expended to develop the potential of our lives. For example, even though the Holy
Spirit reveals spiritual things to us in the Word (John 16:13; I Corinthians 2:14), we are still called upon
to be diligent in our studies. “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who
does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15)
There are many other passages that deal with our working out our salvation, building the disciplines,
establishing within our life holiness, righteousness, and intimacy with God. All those things take effort.
They are the result of the human will. We choose to do certain things that bring us into a closer
relationship with God. We can also choose to do certain things that lead us farther away from God.
Repentance is always a choice. It is an act of our will. The use of our will, choosing to do the things
that will position us for reward, or blessing, is central.
Cain absolutely fought God on that issue. The sacrifice that he brought was not bad. It was presumably
very high quality. There is no reason to believe that it was not his crop’s first fruits. The offering
was certainly organic, high fiber and low cholesterol. However, God does not allow man to choose the
terms of pleasing Him.
God said, “This is how I want a sacrifice to be done. You must do it this way or it’s not acceptable.”
Cain was bitterly jealous of his brother who received approval from God, because Abel did what God
required of him. Cain did not want to pay the price to do what was right.
Proverbs 22:29 expresses this in principle form. “Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve
before kings; he will not serve before obscure men.” By contrast, we see that when an individual is committed
to mediocrity, refusing to work out the basic disciplines of the Christian walk, he stands the risk
of not being able to possess his birthright. He won’t be able to walk in the fullness of what God wants
for him.
Unfortunately, there are people who give lip service to possessing their birthright but who
vehemently object to paying whatever price is needed to possess their inheritance.
The price varies from individual to individual and from situation to situation. These
people who want the best without any sweat equity are the kind of people who can become very jealous
of those who are willing to pay the price. They are jealous of those who have put in their years on
the backside of the desert, and who have walked sacrificially, continually sowing, and waiting to reap
much later.
That is the first case of human jealousy. Individuals, like Cain, who are not willing to pay the price, and
who try to find a shortcut to the fullness of possessing their birthright, usually resent and are jealous
of those who are willing to pay the price.
There is a second open door for the spirit of jealousy, and that is leaders who are insecure in their own
position. King Saul of Israel is a classic illustration of this. When the Israelites began to sing, “Saul has
killed his thousands and David his ten thousands,” Saul immediately felt that his throne was in danger.
He could not rest secure in the fact that God Himself had appointed Saul as king, therefore his reign
was in God’s hands, not David’s. We see this insecurity early on, even after Samuel anointed him privately
as king. He didn’t tell anyone about it, and Saul actually hid on the day when the king was to be
selected. The second time he was anointed, it was in public after the lots were cast before all Israel,
and it was plain he was to be king. Yet he still did not step into leadership. He went back to farming. It
took a third coronation before he was willing to step up as king, but even then throughout his life he
had this haunting insecurity. He feared he would lose his throne and became very jealous of David,
because David excelled in certain other areas. The fact of the matter is, David absolutely would not
do anything to take the throne away from Saul, but Saul’s feelings of insecurity were stronger than the
facts of the situation. Because Saul felt insecure he was fiercely, murderously jealous of David.
God’s Sovereignty
There is a third common open door for jealousy in the body of Christ, which is a little more difficult to
grasp. It has to do with the issue of the sovereignty of God. There are situations where an individual
has been called to a particular field. Consider city reaching for example. Suppose we have a man
called Pastor Sam Jones who has a heart for his city. He is a man who is willing to pay the price. He is
pure and has prayed passionately for the city for twenty-three years. He has poured out his entire life
trying to see God move with power in his city. Finally God’s kairos time arrives and God brings in an
outsider who is much younger with little experience, who simply has not travailed for twenty-three
years like Pastor Jones has. Through no fault of Pastor Jones, God as an act of His sovereignty chose
to place another man in the high-profile leadership in that community to usher in the work of God for
which Pastor Jones has labored all those years.
This has happened time and time again on a different scale with intercessors. Where
an intercessory group has been privately and quietly praying for a long time to cause
something to happen, a different intercessory group is then called to the front, given
authority, position and a moment in the spot light. Even though the birth was brought about through
the first intercessors, these latecomers are given the recognition as they nurture the new birth.
That first group can fall into the trap of being jealous of who God has used to answer their prayers.
Think of the parable in Matthew 20 about the land owner who hired workers in the morning at the
sixth hour, then at the ninth hour and again at the eleventh hour, sending them all into his field to
work. At the end of the day every worker received the same pay amount. Those that were hired at the
beginning of the day began to complain.
Verses 13 through 15 state, “But he answered one of them, ‘Friend I am not being unfair to you. Didn’t you
agree to work for a denarius? Take your pay and go. I want to give the man who was hired last the same
as I gave you. Don’t I have the right to do what I want with my own money? Or are you envious because I
am generous?’”
The logic is very tight. Pastor Jones who ministered twenty-three years is not going to miss out on his
reward. It is just that much of his reward will be eternal not temporal. He will get the credit in heaven
for every single thing that he did. All of the sod busting he performed will be credited to him. He
prepared the way for someone else.
God does not necessarily commit Himself to honoring us during our lifetime in the way that we expect.
God is saying very simply that sometimes He wants to be generous. Sometimes He sovereignly
wants to give somebody something they don’t deserve. Sometimes He wants to give anointing, authority
and position to an individual who technically has not earned it. God’s word declares that it is
His right. He can do what He wants with His treasure. He can do what He wants with His anointing.
He can promote anybody He wants to.
He asks us, “Are you envious because I am generous?” Tragically, the answer is sometimes, “Yes.”
The sovereignty of God in placing people, raising some up and not others, is a third common cause of
As we bring these three all together, we can boil it down to what I believe is the root issue in terms of
jealousy: displacement. In each case where there is jealousy, somebody either has been displaced,
thinks they were displaced, or thinks they might be displaced by a coming change.
It was well said by Pastor Rich Marshall that some of the hardest changes in the Body of Christ are
when we are changing from God’s order to God’s new order. Many times jealousy comes to the
front when somebody has done a good job, has been part of God’s order, has experienced
God calling, commissioning, and His placing them there, then change came
through no fault of their own.
It was time for God’s new order. God raised up someone new and those who were diligently working
in the old order felt terribly displaced. Or they felt the threat of displacement and therefore they became
jealous as part of a preemptive strike.
Numbers 5 speaks of the spirit of jealousy coming upon a man when he suspects that his wife has been
unfaithful. The whole issue there is displacement. Whether or not she has been unfaithful, the fear that
another man has gained his wife’s affection opens the door for a spirit of jealousy to control the husband.
In this season of church history, much is changing on every front. The Spirit of God is moving swiftly
doing new things, things for which we do not have established paradigms and order. Thus there are
many opportunities for jealousy among petty people.
Some others who are not petty, but are godly, righteous and who have paid their dues, simply do not
understand the Sovereignty of God in raising up new people for new situations and not using those
that are already in place. There is a segment of the Sovereignty of God that we cannot explain or
Jealousy, as a demonic problem, made more sense once we understood these theological issues.
Conduits of Hatred
The question still remained, “Why would jealousy have so much power, particularly to come against
an innocent person?” We were used to seeing demonic control over an individual who sinned. The
bedrock methodology for spiritual warfare was to confess sin because we knew that unconfessed
sin gave the enemy legal ground in our lives. This situation baffled us because it appears that the
spirit of jealousy could gain legal right over an innocent person. It cut against the flow of our prior
As far as we knew, none of those people who had heart attacks were guilty of any fear of displacement.
It is one thing when somebody deliberately elbows their way into a situation to which they
were not called, thereby overtly displacing somebody else. This could be seen as individual sin that
opens the door for demonic attachment.
It is something very different when God puts you in a position of authority. You have not displaced
anybody through your actions. You are merely doing what God called you to do and yet the spirit of
jealousy attacks you, the innocent party, and does so effectively.
We kept asking the Lord, “Why is it that this emotion that drives the devil can do so much damage to
Our present understanding is that it has to do with another human being coming
into agreement with the enemy. In other words, if we are doing our job, doing what
we are supposed to do and walking in righteousness and authority, the devil ought to hate us. There
is something seriously wrong if the devil does not hate us.
I cringe a little bit when people say, “They must be effective in the kingdom, because the devil is fighting
back. ” Hopefully, we are inconveniencing the devil every single day. Hopefully, he hates all of us
with a deadly hatred.
However, the fact that the devil hates us is irrelevant and immaterial. He obviously is not free to
kill or even hurt every single person whom he hates. There has to be some basis for his penetrating
the hedge of protection we normally walk in. The question is how can he get to us through
Apparently when another individual becomes jealous of you, all of the hatred that Satan feels towards
you because of his displacement issues can flow through that individual to you with deadly force.
When someone becomes jealous of you, they have actually come into agreement with the Father of
Lies himself. The devil continually challenges your right to have the things God has willed for you to
have. If you are reaping the fruit of years of wise sowing, the devil will find some way to claim it is not
right for you to have that harvest. Or, if God sovereignly blesses you, the enemy is quick to affirm you
likewise have no “right” to those blessings that you have not earned.
He did that with Job. God said He had blessed Job because Job deserved it. Satan rejected that
truth and claimed that God has blessed Job before Job deserved it, and that Job’s righteous behavior
was simply the results of divine bribes. This is the devil’s forte: lies and accusation.
The profound truth is that you have a right to receive every single thing that Almighty God has decided
to give you. God is infinitely holy, just and wise. Every gift from Him to you has gone through those
three grids and many others. No one, absolutely no one, has ever forced God to give them anything at
all. If God has given something to you, you have an absolute legal right to have it. Period.
Thus when another person decides that you do not “deserve” what you have received either through
your activating the sowing and reaping principle or through the sovereignty of God, they are believing
a lie and they are accusing you. Whether they mean to or not, they have come into agreement
with the devil himself on those two issues. Therefore they become the conduit through which the
enemy’s latent, permanent hatred has access to you. They are the pipeline through which the toxic
hatred of hell can be pumped into your life.
Obviously, those who have any level of authority over you have the potential of being more damaging
to your life if they succumb to jealousy. If it is another Christian who is jealous of you, that is more
damaging than if a non-Christian were jealous of you. If someone in governmental authority, such
as a parent, pastor or ministry leader is jealous of you, even more damage will be unleashed.
This is because they have moved from a position of covering to a position of being a
conduit for the hatred of the enemy.
Essentially, Satan is seeking to do anything he can to deny, devalue, denigrate, diminish, defile or destroy
our anointing and our calling. That is what Satan wants to do. When another individual who is
oblivious of this dynamic seeks, just on the soul level, to deny, devalue, denigrate, diminish, defile or
destroy our anointing or calling, then that individual has come into agreement with the fierce hatred
of the enemy. It wreaks destruction in the life of the innocent person of whom they are jealous.
This explains why so many marriages of people in ministry fail. This also explains why so many wives
whose husbands are in the ministry, take such deep hits emotionally.
If a woman sitting in the pew who has a bad marriage is watching the pastor in the pulpit who is looking
his best on Sunday morning, she may begin to think, “I wonder what it would be like to be married
to a man like that: a man who knows the Word, loves God, has his devotions every day, who is sensitive
and caring, who understands the pain of the people in the church? I wonder what it would be like
for me to be married to him?”
When a woman begins to think those thoughts, she is actually expressing jealousy against the pastor’s
existing marriage and against his wife. It is a death wish on their marriage. It is a death wish on the
pastor’s wife.
Imagine the destruction if a dozen different women in the congregation are each thinking that silently
to themselves. They do not need to come into verbal agreement with each other because each one
of them is coming into agreement with the devil. Each one is being jealous of the husband that the
pastor’s wife has. That agreement with the devil will be devastating to her in the spiritual realm even if
she never knows about it in the natural. They are unleashing the hatred of hell itself onto the pastor’s
wife and her marriage.
Generational Elements
As stated earlier, when we first began doing deliverance on these issues, it was a perfunctory thing
that took ten to fifteen minutes as we just rejected and renounced the fruit issues wherever jealousy
manifested. Since then, we have begun to understand that there can be more complex issues. The
first question I have learned to ask is whether the problem we are dealing with is a current problem or
a generational problem. In other words, we will do a brief family history. We will look at his siblings
(adult or child), parents, aunts and uncles to see whether there has been a pattern of family members
being jealous of the secular success of other people or whether the family has been the victims of jealousy.
Where there is a generational demon, it is usually extremely evident by the time we have looked
at three generations of the extended family.
Another indication of a generational demon that attracts jealousy is when there is an early onset
of the problem. One man shared that from the time he was made a milk monitor in the
third grade, the other kids in school were consistently jealous of him. This problem followed him all
the way through Jr. high school and high school, into college and into the ministry.
We then know that there was family history of being jealous or of attracting jealousy; we deal with it
as a deliverance issue. When doing generational deliverance, we ask the Lord how many generations
back this problem came into the family line. We break the iniquity at that point, calling it what it is,
and bringing the cleansing forward to the present generation and then extending that freedom to our
seed, both physical and spiritual children, to a thousand generations.
Partnering with Other Demons
We have also found that the spirit of jealousy seems to be able to partner very effectively with other
demons. There are certain demonic entities that come in pairs or triplets. If we deal with only one
part of the unholy alliance, the problem seems to reoccur. For example, on a simplistic level, we used
to deal with a critical and judgmental spirit. There would be significant success in the deliverance, but
after a period of time, the problem would come back. We finally understood that we also had to deal
with the perfectionism in that individual. Frequently an individual that is outwardly judgmental of
others is inwardly judgmental of himself, (that is the perfectionism). It is two sides of the same critter,
and we have to deal with both sides.
Similarly, there are five primary demonic strongholds that seem to partner with or establish an
unholy alliance with jealousy. Those alliances need to be dealt with. First of all, there is a spirit of
death and infirmity. If that is a generational problem in the family line and the spirit of jealousy is
also attacking the individual, it is a dangerous mix. We also see jealousy frequently attaching to
somebody who already has a victim spirit. A third demonic stronghold is freemasonry. A fourth
one is any kind of financial curse. The fifth one is mental confusion or even mental illness in a
family line. When someone has an inability to perceive true reality or is living in denial, it suggests
the possibility of a spirit of mental confusion or mental illness in the family line .
Any one of these five by itself is a nuisance. Each one of them seems to be a magnet attracting a spirit
of jealousy from other people, with the two demonic powers forming an unholy alliance. When doing
the family survey, we try to identify whether any of these five is present, and if so, we call them
to attention and sever the alliance between them and the spirit of jealousy before taking them on
It is important to understand covenants of protection. Isaiah 28:14-15 states,
“Therefore hear the word of the Lord, you scoffers who rule this people in Jerusalem. You boast, ‘We have
entered into a covenant with death, with the grave we have made an agreement. When an overwhelming
scourge sweeps by, it cannot touch us, for we have made a lie our refuge and
falsehood our hiding place.’”
This is not just empty boasting. There are in fact covenants that provide protection for demons. If
you are trying to evict a demonic intruder who is resistant, it may be that there is a covenant providing
protection for that evil spirit. If there is an unholy alliance between jealousy and death, the victim
spirit or Freemasonry, a lot of time could be spent commanding, rejecting and renouncing without
result because their unholy alliances do indeed afford the demons some level of protection.
Isaiah 28:16-18 give us the solution to this problem.
“So this is what the Sovereign Lord says: ‘See, I lay in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure
foundation; the one who trusts will never be dismayed. I will make justice the measuring line and righteousness
the plumbline; hail will sweep away your refuge, the lie, and water will overflow your hiding
place. Your covenant with death will be annulled; your agreement with the grave will not stand. When the
overwhelming scourge sweeps by, you will be beaten down by it.’”
A covenant that was voluntarily entered into by two parties is allowed to stand; regardless of the pain
it causes one party or the other, unless there is a law that supersedes it. For example, from time to time
we read of individuals who were brought from other countries to the United States under some form
of agreement that amounts to slavery. The fact that they voluntarily entered into a binding agreement
is immaterial. The fact that they promised to exchange a certain amount of labor in return for
passage to the United States is immaterial. The covenant they made with the businessman is instantly
annulled when immigration officials find out about it, since the law of this land supersedes whatever
agreements they entered into for slavery.
Similarly, there are ancient generational covenants that were made voluntarily at some point, and
they provide a measure of protection for the demons in an individual’s life. However, those covenants
are subject to the higher law of the universe. Any individual can appeal to the Righteous Judge of the
Universe on the basis of those covenants not being just or righteous according to the supreme law
that God has established. Then, if God agrees that those covenants stand in violation of His law, He
declares them annulled. That removes the protection the demons once had.
Once the unholy alliances and the covenants of protection have been annulled by God, we proclaim
that the individual has voluntarily entered into a blood covenant relationship with Jesus. We proclaim
that this covenant transcends and supersedes every other covenant, agreement, or protection. We
command each of the different demonic heads to stand alone at attention with those under them, not
in communication with each other and not helping each other.
At the same time, we may find it necessary to block any demonic reinforcement coming from the land
or the building. There are also particular communities and cities that have a spirit of jealousy over
them, especially gift of Giving cities. You would not want the strongman over the city sending reinforcements
to help the demons you are trying to evict.
Once all the preparatory work is done, we come to the heart of the matter and that is
severing the agreements with the devil. We proclaim the truth that this individual
has a legal right to receive everything God has given him. We may list life, health, beauty, mental acuity,
skills, talents, spiritual gifts, family, wealth, fame, ministry, open doors or whatever the focus of the
jealousy has been. We ask God to open the books and to identify every individual who has thought,
spoken or written untrue words about the things God has given us.
We then ask God to sever every agreement that was entered into between any two people or any
groups of individuals and to only allow to stand those things that are true. Then we ask God to sever
the agreements between human beings and the demonic realm where those agreements empowered
the spirit of jealousy, directly or indirectly.
As simple as that sounds, the act of verbally severing known and unknown agreements has liberated
hundreds of people from the power of Satan’s toxic emotions. Satan is always jealous of what we have
that he will no longer have, yet he cannot arbitrarily attack us with jealousy. He needs someone else to
come into agreement with his devaluation of us. We cannot change his toxicity, but we can stop the flow
by asking God to judge the thoughts and words of other people and to sever every agreement with a lie.
It works!
A Financial Attack
However, all of that is on the negative side. After working with the spirit of jealousy for a period of
time, God marvelously took us into an understanding of how to protect ourselves on a proactive basis
from being regularly defiled by jealousy coming from others.
I was working on this issue with a friend of mine who is in ministry. He had been an overseas missionary
but now had a ministry here in the States. Both jobs required him to raise his own support. For
years, he had been struggling financially. Although there were an adequate number of supporters,
the money just wasn’t coming in, resulting in his falling further and further behind economically.
I met with him. We looked at the situation. It appeared to be a Midianite curse on his finances. We
broke that off and just days later, he received his first full pay check in a long time with a big surplus
as well. Things continued on course for a few weeks. Every two weeks his full pay check was there.
Suddenly he got a pay check that was only half the normal size.
He picked up the phone, called me up and asked, “What went wrong?”
I said, “I have no idea.”
I went to the Lord, asking Him whether this was a re-occurrence of the Midianite curse or something
else, and the Lord unexpectedly said it was jealousy. That surprised me. Up to
then, we had seen jealousy both in the land and in a huge variety of physical manifestations,
but not economically.
God took me to the fact that although jealousy will go anywhere and attack anyone, home base for
the spirit of jealousy, both territorially and individually, is in the gift of Giving.
This individual did not have the gift of giving, but I could easily understand how jealousy could
target finances, doing damage. We made an appointment for him to call me. I did not give him any
frame-of-reference for what I was going to do. I began by commanding every deceptive, accusing,
condemning spirit to be silent because we didn’t want any meddling from the enemy. I then asked
only the Holy Spirit to speak to his mind with truth. We do this because we really don’t want to defame
people unnecessarily. I also asked him not to give me any names at all. This was just between
him and the Lord.
Then I asked the question, “In your public ministry, the things you have been doing lately, is there
anybody at all that comes to mind who may be jealous of who you are and what you are doing?”
Instantly names began to come to his mind. He had a generational issue going back to childhood.
Everything he touched was marred with other people being jealous of him. I explained the logic and
the principle, and we prayed over the phone. We felt some release in the spiritual realm, and I told him
I thought things would be okay. The finances would begin to flow again.
Then he asked me a very interesting question, “I am in a high profile ministry. A lot of people know me.
A lot of the people that I work with are less than perfect. How often do I have to deal with this spirit of
jealousy to keep it from reattaching to me?”
I had never been asked that question before, and as soon as he asked the question, God began to
scroll some memories through my mind. I realized to my utter amazement that I had been free from
the spirit of jealousy’s pursuit for a year, at that point in time. I could look back to the previous decades
of my life, seeing where jealousy had pursued me in ministry after ministry, person after person,
situation after situation. For years I had assumed that this was just the way it had to be when you
were talented and in a high profile ministry. There would always be some small-minded people who
resented what God had done for you and was doing through you.
That was the way it had been for decades, and yet something had happened the previous year that
completely changed that. I scrolled deliberately through the events of the last year and could not find
any incidents of jealousy coming against me even though I was as high profile as ever. I was overwhelmed
with the enormity of the change that I had not noticed before. I told the fellow I would call
him back another day when I had an answer.
God’s Means of Protection
I went before the Lord and asked, “Father, what did I accidentally do right, somewhere along the
way, to cause this spirit of jealousy to stop pursuing me? Can we duplicate this? Can we
package this? I know some other people that would like to know the answer to this.”
It was two weeks before the Lord answered me. During that two-week period of time, I continued to
be amazed at the enormity of the change. In the past when I would come into a ministry situation,
people over me would usually be intimidated by my giftings. The petty ones would do what they
could to keep me from being used, released, recognized or from having ministry opportunities. It
went to ridiculous extremes. I won’t document them here, but I have had some extremely bad situations
as a result of the spirit of jealousy.
Now by contrast, during the previous year God had moved a lot of people out of my life very quietly
and casually, one at a time. There was no big rift, no big division between us; God was just moving
people away. God was replacing them with people who were not at all intimidated by my giftings.
These were people who had gifts that I did not have, and they recognized that I had gifts they did
not have. When we were together I would do whatever was possible to put them into a good light,
positioning them so they could use their gifts. They could then minister according to the call of God
in their life. They would freely and joyously reciprocate by positioning me to use my gifts. There was
recognition of excellence in each other and an overt preferring of one another, trying to position the
other person to use his gifts in the best possible way. No one was intimidated by my skill set. This was
quite opposite the way things had been for all the previous years of my life.
Over that previous year, God had brought a great many leaders of leaders into my life. They had extended
me favor, privilege and honor, so uncharacteristic of the previous twenty years in my ministry.
I looked at this change that had taken place absolutely through the finger of God without my doing
anything differently. I had not forcibly removed any of those jealous people who had left Plumbline.
I had not sought out any of these leaders who suddenly wanted to include me in their ministries. A
huge change had come about in my life, but I had no idea what triggered it.
After a couple of weeks of puzzling over this, God finally brought the picture into focus. He reminded
me of what had happened the previous year on Labor Day weekend. He had called me to the East
Coast together with nine other intercessors, all of whom had a profound burden for the Church in
America. We didn’t know exactly what we were going to do, but God told us we were to deal with
some issues relating to the Church in America.
We gathered at the Lord’s direction, with most of us not knowing each other. I don’t believe there was
anyone there who knew everybody else there. Early in the proceedings, one of the ladies, whom I had
only met briefly before, came up to me. She was able to see into the spiritual realm, and she said that
there was a shroud wrapped around me: there were grave clothes on me in the spiritual realm. It was
as though I had been dead and buried like Lazarus. She identified it very accurately as jealousy. This
was before I understood anything about the spirit of jealousy.
She asked me point blank “Has there been anybody in spiritual leadership who has been jealous of
you and the call of God on your life?”
I replied, “Yes, as a matter of fact, there definitely has been.” Many people came to
my mind. She understood much more than I did how damaging this was, so they
temporarily redirected prayer from the national church issues to my situation. She and her husband
stripped away the restrictions that the grave clothes represented. These restrictions were preventing
me from moving freely in the giftings God had given me. They renounced, rejected and commanded
jealousy to release me permanently.
Then they did something new and different. Each of the nine gathered there stood in front of me, one
at a time, and they spoke to me of what they saw in me, in terms of the call of God on my life. They
pointed out the godly character that I had developed, the gifts that God had given me, the anointings
that He had given me and the fruit of my ministry. One at a time, each of those nine people stood in
front of me, proclaiming what they knew about me. These were not blessings, nor looking to the future
but rather the current reality they had already seen and known.
In essence they were saying, “This is what God has done and we say it is good.”
At the end of each one’s statements, they each asked me whether those things were true and whether
I agreed with their declarations. I answered, “I do.”
I did not understand the significance of what went on, but in that hour and a half, as those nine people
stood in front of me, affirming the call of God on my life, God placed a shield of honor around me. It
was like a “TeflonTM coating,” if you will, that kept the spirit of jealousy away. It was a year later before I
even recognized that this was the event that turned the spirit of jealousy away. It was longer than that
before I was able to connect the dots and understand what happened, but there was a huge shift in
the heavenlies on that day regardless of whether I understood the theology behind it or not.
The Lie of Pride
Once I understood that the affirmations made in Florida were the cause of that watershed in my life,
I began to seek the Lord for clarity. I wanted to know the power, the Biblical basis and the theology
behind what happened there. I was confident that there were still jealous people in the world. I was
the same person as before. What Biblical law caused a private event to have such enduring effect in
the spirit realm when I was not even aware of God’s intent? I just went along with whatever other
people said needed to be done.
In answering me, God brought to my mind an illustration that I have used for many other areas: a lane in
a bowling alley. A bowling alley lane has a gutter on both the right side and the left. A gutter ball on the
right is as worthless as a gutter ball on the left. They do the same thing for the game, which is nothing.
God explained that in terms of who we are, there are two gutters that we need to be aware of.
On the one hand is the gutter of pride that we hear a lot about. When an individual begins to gain
his identity through what he has and does, instead of through his relationship to God, it
is dangerous.
When the seventy-two came back from their missionary journey, they were all excited about their
competence. They came to Christ and exclaimed, in Luke 10:17, “Lord, even the demons
submit to us in your name.”
Christ agreed, replying, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. I have given you authority to trample
on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.”
He agreed with them that what they did was very good. He agreed with them that they had authority.
He conceded that they had been effective and that they had more authority than they knew.
In the same breath He added, “However do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that
your names are written in heaven” (Luke 10:20). In other words, don’t take pride in your authority.
Don’t be proud of your giftings. Don’t brag about the fruit of your ministry. Don’t find your identity
in your anointing.
Rejoice in your relationship with the Father because who we are – our identity – is supposed to come
from our relationship with God the Father. If who we are is rooted in our relationship with God the
Father, then everything that we do, all the anointings that we have, are secondary and remain in perspective.
An individual who is wounded by not having a proper relationship with his earthly parents
or earthly authorities or with Almighty God, seeks to grasp a secondary authority, validity, significance,
and/or an identity through what he does. This moves into pride and it is devastating. Scripture
is full of passages that warn us to beware of pride.
The Lie of False Humility
However on the other side of the bowling lane, the gutter that is largely overlooked is the gutter of
false humility. We are actually entering into agreement with the father of lies when we downplay,
devalue, deny and diminish our giftings and who we are. It is devastating.
Think of this in terms of Christ. We have a splendid tension, a paradox in Christ’s life. As we know
from Philippians 2:11 and following verses, He laid aside His glory. He set aside all of those things that
would attract honor. He became a man. He became a servant all the way to the point of the cross. Yet
in becoming a servant, willing to die that death, He still did not enter into false humility.
First of all, He did not embrace anything that even remotely looked like a victim spirit. He said, “No
one takes my life from me. I lay it down. I take it up again.” In other words, He was choosing when,
where and how He would walk as a servant. He walked as a servant losing sleep, being hungry, being
tired and being weary. All these things He tolerated, with the exceptions of His last week and one
incident in Samaria. You do not find Christ yielding to dishonor. He did not meekly tolerate it when
anyone maligned, devalued, denied, denigrated, diminished, defiled or tried to destroy His anointing
or calling as the Son of God. He would choose to suffer hardship in order to minister to people, but
He refused to enter into anything remotely like false humility. He refused to come into agreement
with the enemy about who He was. He was the Son of God, and He would not yield anything to
anyone in terms of His anointing.
Furthermore, He demanded the same thing of His apostles. False humility was not an option for them.
He told them that they were to go into a city looking like poor people. They were to go in without
extra clothes, a suitcase or reservations at the local Hilton Hotel. They were to go in as itinerant, impoverished
ministers but also as ambassadors of the Most High God. They were to seek out the home
of a “worthy” man.
The word “worthy” meant “a heavy weight, somebody who was wealthy, well to do, established, and
secure in the town.” They were to stay at that man’s home, eating his food, letting that family do their
laundry in exchange for the ministry of the Word of God, with healing and miracles. That was Plan A.
They were to receive hospitality from one of the upscale homes in town, in exchange for some of the
best personal ministry available in the nation. A good deal.
Notice however, how they were to respond to dishonor if it happened. Christ gave clear directions on
this point. He did not give them an option. He commanded them that if while in any community or
in any man’s house someone would not recognize their anointing, they were to remove their peace
from that place, shaking the dust off their feet and move on. They were not permitted to tolerate a
devaluing of their anointing.
Jesus Christ, when He sent them out, insisted that their anointing, calling and unique position as apostles
and ambassadors of the Most High God be recognized over and above their Galilean background.
Their position in Him had precedence over their poverty and lack of a change of clothes. Whenever
someone would not recognize their credentials as ambassadors, that person was to be rejected and
repudiated by the act of their shaking the dust off their feet.
Going back to the paradox of Philippians 2, notice that when God honored Him with a name above
every name, He accepted the honor and did not turn it away. He came into agreement with what the
Father thought about Him.
Proverbs is very clear that we are never, ever to seek our own honor. It is wrong to seek our own honor;
for when we seek to position ourselves for good, it is dangerous at best, and overtly sinful most of the
time. That truth is balanced by the equally clear teaching in Scripture that God does choose to lift
people up. He does choose to honor some. On more than one occasion, the Bible talks about the man
who in humbling himself is honored by God and lifted up. Both Proverbs 29:23 and Matthew 23:12
have very clear teachings on the fact that honor does come, and it is from the hand of God. God will
release that honor in His time.
It is wrong to seek your own honor. It is equally wrong to reject honor God is trying to give you. That
is the other gutter.
Putting it in the context of a parable, Luke 14:9-11 talks about a theoretical wedding feast. Jesus
said, in essence, “When you go to the wedding feast don’t take the best seat because you
might be demoted.” That is the pride side of the bowling lane. Then He added,
“Take a lower seat, humble yourself, but if your host comes and takes you to a
higher place, go with him.” They were told to accept the higher seat of honor if and when others
voluntarily offered it.
That is what happened to me there on the East Coast when that group of nine people stood in front of
me. Each one of them proclaimed the truth of who I was. When I entered into agreement with them,
answering at the end, “Yes, these things that you have spoken are true,” we established a cord of three
strands of truth between that individual, Almighty God, and me. We were coming into agreement with
God about who I am, rather than coming into agreement with the enemy about who he wishes me to be.
Shield of Honor
Although I did not understand at the time, they put a shield of honor around me through speaking the
truth about my character, gifts, anointing and the fruit of my ministry and my coming into agreement
with that truth. That agreement has saved me an immense amount of grief. I do not know where all
the jealous people have gone. I do not know what God did with them. I do not know where He put
them, but I know they disappeared from my life. They do not materialize, nor do they pursue me. They
are not part of my organization. I do not have to deal with them. I have not had to engage the spirit
of jealousy personally to protect myself in well over a year now, because this shield of honor has been
so potent and so powerful.
I walk very tightly down the middle of the bowling lane. I do not seek honor for myself. I can go from
a position of being highly honored to a position of being ignored. I do not seek honor, but on the
other hand, when honor is extended from the hand of God through God’s people in an appropriate
and tasteful fashion, I say “Thank you.” I come into agreement with it very quietly and simply. I do not
downplay who I am. I do not deny who I am; neither do I flaunt it. Staying in that middle passage,
between the two gutters, and receiving the shield of honor has been liberating for me.
We eventually found this concept illustrated in Psalm 84:11 where it talks about God placing a shield of
honor around us. From the time we understood that, we began to put it into practice. I have dealt with
both individuals in the ministry and individuals in secular realms. I have dealt with people on Capitol Hill,
staffers and those in congressional offices and have seen the power of God break the spirit of jealousy. I
have also seen the power of that shield of honor in establishing some protection.
We have done it once for an entire congregation that was in a city ravaged by a spirit of jealousy. We
taught on this for a couple of weeks, then brought the pastor and two elders up on a Sunday night.
Five different people in the congregation went to each one of those three men. These congregational
members proclaimed the truth of who they were, spoke to the fruit of their ministry and validated the
character of each one. That evening of people from the congregation coming into agreement with
their leaders about the gifts of God significantly decreased the rampant movement of jealousy
throughout that congregation.
That evening of people from the congregation coming into agreement with their leaders about the
gifts of God significantly decreased the rampant movement of jealousy throughout that congregation.
The Lie of Displacement
Coming back to the core issue of displacement, we realized that in a wholesome community of faith
there should be no fear of displacement. Each one of us should be completely secure in our relationship
with God the Father. We should know that if we lose all of our ministry, recognition or anything
else, we will still have relationship with God the Father, that is the central thing.
We should also each be very secure in our gifts. The issue is not how many giftings we have. The issue
is that God uniquely provides the giftings that we need for each situation.
Ephesians 4:15-16 states, “Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into Him who is
the Head, that is, Christ. From Him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament,
grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.”
We have a western idea of excellence and authority, which is linear. We place each person at a “grade
level.” One person is at fifth grade, with another at eighth grade, while another is at twelfth grade
level. We believe the twelfth grade is better than the fifth grade. That really doesn’t work in the arena
of spiritual maturity. The reality is that we are specialists. Someone who is a top-notch pitcher, if we
can use this analogy, is no better or worse than someone who is a top-notch quarterback. The only
difference is that you deploy a pitcher into a baseball game and a quarterback into a football game.
I was in Washington D.C. one year. As we were moving through a particular public building, we came
to an area that had never been opened before to the prayer team. We immediately moved into that
area and were able to do some spiritual cleansing. Why? Because the three of us on that team had
a unique combination of authority in our own individual little pockets of giftings that no other team
had had before. Because we were who we were, God opened a way that day for us to do that.
Two hours later, the same team, the same three of us, were walking back to the car. We walked by another
building and the other two felt the prompting of the Lord to do some specific action there. God
would not let me join them. God literally had me step off the sidewalk, go to the curb as far away from
the building as I could, turn around with my back to them and look across the street while they did their
warfare. For whatever reason (reasons I don’t understand), I did not have authority over that building.
I was not inferior to them at that moment. It was just that my giftings were not suited to that task. I
certainly did not feel inferior at that time. I was secure in my giftings, not jealous of theirs. This was
their battle to fight, not mine.
We need to be secure in our giftings. We don’t have to consistently seek more and
more giftings, because our giftings are special when they are applied to the right
The Spirit of Jealousy • © 2002 by Arthur Burk • Sapphire Leadership Group, LLC • • 23 •
task. We can walk in boldness and security knowing that we have a critical role to play, even though
one role may be more high-profile and another less so.
Finally, we should be secure in God’s timeline for our fruitfulness.
Psalm 1:3 states that the man who is blessed will be “like a tree planted by streams of water which yields
its fruit in season.” A number of years ago when I studied this passage I asked the Lord, “What is the
fruit-bearing season of the tree?”
The Lord responded, “Which tree?”
Every tree has a different fruit-bearing season. A papaya tree will bear fruit in less than a year. A citrus
tree will bear fruit in two or three years, while an apple tree bears in five or more years. A Brazil nut
tree sometimes doesn’t bear fruit for fifty to seventy-five years.
There are people like Jeremiah the prophet who anticipated starting his ministry when he was thirty
years old, because that is when priests begin to minister. God said, “Surprise! You are not going to be
a priest; you are going to be a prophet. And you are going to start your ministry before you are thirty.”
Jeremiah was an early fruit-bearer. There are others like Moses who did not enter their season of bearing
fruit until they were eighty. Of course we have Abraham and many other stories that illustrate
different fruit-bearing times for each person.
Each individual can be secure that time is not wasted if he is walking with God. God has a timeline for
our fruitfulness. In the fullness of time, all of the anointing and giftings will come together in the right
place at the right time, if we are being obedient. Therefore, there is no basis for displacement, the fear
of displacement or for jealousy within the Body of Christ. We should be secure in our relationship with
God, in our giftedness and in God’s timeline for our fruitfulness.
Giving Honor
As a basic protection in a ministry, giving honor to each other needs to be a core value. I thank God
that He brought this issue to the front several years ago in Plumbline Ministries. I have taught and
built it into my people. We have learned to weed out of our language a thousand little things that are
dishonoring comments. We don’t mean them to be dishonoring since those comments are a part of
our American culture. America is a culture rife with dishonor. We make it an art form. Our talk shows
are very degrading and dishonoring most of the time. Our public media celebrates dishonor and dishonorable
things. Consequently, we have had to come in the opposite spirit in the extreme to learn
how to weed those words out of our vocabulary.
Even further than that, we have learned how to express honor. We have learned how
to recognize the hand of God in other individuals.
In what used to be routine conversations, we now recognize the presence of God, His purposes, His
hand in circumstances and His blessings on an individual’s life.
We no longer accept false humility. A person who is given an honest affirmation or honest word of
praise, regarding what they have done with the giftings that God has given them, learns to receive
that recognition in a quiet, wholesome way. Sadly, this issue of recognizing the hand of God in others
and then receiving that recognition when it is given should not be special. It should be normative for
all of us. That should be the basic function of the Body.
The Body of Christ is compared to many things, one of them being the bride/bridegroom relationship.
In that intimate relationship, there should be much competition between the husband and the wife as
they attempt to extend honor to the other. Basic, natural Christianity ought to be making an art form
out of giving honor. It ought to prefer one another, rather than putting oneself forward. It ought to
be receiving the honor that God gives us in an appropriate way.
If only we would walk diligently, finding someone else in the Body to extend honor toward. If the
whole church were practicing this, we wouldn’t need a teaching on the spirit of jealousy.
A Root of Fear
The problem is not really the spirit of jealousy. The problem is the fear of displacement within the
church and the lack of the shield of honor. Our strategy against the spirit of jealousy should be about
five percent deliverance and ninety-five percent placing the shield of honor where it belongs. The
shield of honor is not flattery, nor is it the building up of people where there is no substance. It is walking
in truth, honestly pointing out the righteous truth about others. We should point out the things
they have done well, the fruit of their ministry and the gifts of God on their life, with no exaggeration
and no demeaning. We need to walk in simple honesty, then when that is said, receive it likewise with
quiet humility.
If we can do those two things, we will be establishing an ever-increasing, ever-thicker and ever-allencompassing
shield of honor around each other. It won’t matter if there is somebody out there on
the sidelines who has unconsciously and inadvertently entered into agreement with the Father of Lies
because they have a fear of displacement.
Proclaim the Name
Having said all that, let me give you a name of God that we use when dealing with a spirit of jealousy.
Understand that Satan attempts to imitate God, competing with God in just about every category
except one.
He does this even in the coming Tribulation, portraying himself as someone who can raise others from
the dead, portraying himself as an angel of light, portraying himself as the answer to all mankind’s
needs. All of this is direct competition with God.
But in all that I’ve heard in spiritual warfare and all of the encounters I’ve had with people in the occult,
plus all the reading I have done, I have not seen that Satan has even dared to pretend that he is eternal.
The fact that he is a created being is a harsh reality. We have found that when we are doing overt,
direct, in-your-face warfare, trying to push back a spirit of jealousy, we should proclaim the name of
The Ancient of Days.
The Ancient of Days, the Eternal One, is the one who transcends the time-limited, created nature of
Satan and his jealousy. We proclaim the all-sufficiency of the Ancient of Days and of His plan. We
receive from His hand everything that He wants to give us, knowing that every good and perfect gift
comes from above, from the Father of Heavenly Lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.
Whatever good gifts He desires to give us, we gratefully receive. We receive as stewards. We use them
for Kingdom purposes.
We walk in humility, and we humbly receive the honors that God chooses to give us. We do this in the
same way that Jesus Christ did when He was twelve years old in the temple. Without arrogance but
with a quiet confidence, He was willing to debate with the chief leaders, because He knew who He
was. He had no false humility and no pride, so therefore, He walked in vast authority in a milieu that
was rife with jealousy.
We can do all of this also. As we give honor to each other, we walk not only in authority but also in
freedom from the devastating, devouring and killing power of the spirit of jealousy.
Study at the feet of The Ancient of Days. Learn the art of giving honor. It is powerfully life giving, insulating
our brothers and sisters from the power of Satan’s jealousy.

Arthur Burk
October 2002

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