THE EVIDENCE IS IN:  Our flesh can be a dominant taskmaster if permitted.
As I speak of flesh here I am speaking of body and soul [mind, intellect and emotions].  This dynamic duo can be a powerful enemy to health and happiness.  In fact, wounded flesh can be a formidable enemy to Kingdom living.  Just think of the many ways our body and soul interact with each other.  For example, when your body isn’t feeling well, can it have a negative impact on your soul?  Likewise, if you soul is having some bad days, can it have a negative impact on your body?  The answer to both questions is obviously ‘yes’.  We’ve all had the experience, haven’t we?  Life itself has its struggles for everyone and we must learn to deal with them as they come.  However, if your trouble is consistent and recurring it should be investigated in an attempt to discover root causes.  Sometimes our pain and suffering is inflicted upon us by others.  Sometimes our troubles are caused by our sinful response to other people’s sin against us.  Sometimes our pain and suffering is self-inflicted because of our own sin.  Whatever the case discovery can open the door to our healing process that has been provided and paid for by the blood of Jesus.  Our dynamic duo can be tamed if we are willing to cooperate as the Holy Spirit leads us through repentance and forgiveness and specific healing that may be required.
As Gerri and I have discovered through our own experience with healing and deliverance, we didn’t even know we needed that healing or deliverance until the Holy Spirit brought the revelation.  Then we discovered that the people who were coming to us for ministry also didn’t know what they needed.  They just knew they were tired and fed up and wanted change.  So in each case, we attempted to give away the revelation and healing that we had received, hoping for powerful change to difficult situations.  Entering the healing process is a time when flesh can be a powerful deterrent to success.  It sometimes takes sincere determination of heart to break through the barriers that our body, soul and yes, our spirit, have erected in order to achieve the freedom we are looking for.  If we are unwilling to forgive those who have sinned against us, our bondage will remain.  If we are unwilling to repent for our sin, our bondage will remain.  If we are unwilling to change our mind, our misbelief, our unbelief, our sinful determinations of heart, our bondage will remain.  Decisions!  Decisions!  Decisions!  The right decisions are a great reward and God smiles with us.  So how is your dynamic duo?