We are doing a re-launch of Roger’s new eBook The Evidence Is In.   In our first launch we had a major glitch  which resulted in taking the eBook down from the website, and correcting the problem.  Thanks for your patience!
Today the re-launch is available and we have added a Forward to the book written by our editor, Carol Bandi.  Carol has been a tremendous blessing to PITFH by providing the editing to all our eBooks.  She continues to say that she is the fortunate one because she gets the first peek at the material!  THANKS CAROL!

This collection of Evidences is a marvelous and wonderfully refreshing affirmation and restatement of Biblical principles illustrated humbly and transparently from Roger’s own life experiences. His straight-forward and no-nonsense writing style make this an enjoyable journey, even as we experience and personally connect with some of his trials and difficulties.

If we will summon the courage to look objectively at our own lives through this lens of truth and forthrightness, we will make serious progress toward divesting ourselves of the chains that bind us and receiving the tremendous download of love and life-purpose our Creator has for us in our journey on this planet.