One aspect of believing expectantly is keeping your focus on the promise, not the circumstance, which is sometimes easier said than done. We see an awesome example of faith in the life of Abraham, the father of our faith. Abraham was promised a son and he was also promised that he would be the father of nations. Yet, year after year went by and he remained without a son and without nations.

What did Abraham do? Scripture tells us he went from faith to faith, meaning he accelerated in his faith and he went from glory to glory.

How do we accelerate our faith? Romans 4:20 says we are strengthened by giving glory. The Amplified Version of scripture says, “He was strengthened in faith as he gave glory to God.” Abraham got the promise that he was going to have a son and that he would be the father of nations. Yet, year after year went by without the promise being fulfilled. So, year after year, Abraham said, “I need to give more glory.” In each level of waiting, he increased his expression of glory. He went from glory to glory and his faith grew stronger and stronger, until we read in Hebrews 6:15(NKJV) “And so after he had patiently endured, he obtained His promise.”

What happens when you believe? The God of hope fills you with joy and He fills you with peace. You may still be waiting for your circumstance to change, for a relationship to be mended, for healing in your or a loved one’s body. Or you may be waiting for a breakthrough in finances or a job situation.

I am continuing to believe for BIG miracles and it’s so easy for doubt to creep in and for human reasoning to get in the way. But God says, “Believe.” Speak God’s truth to whatever situation you may be facing. I love that I serve a God who not only encourages me to believe, but to believe mountain-sized big!