Apr 18, 2021

“An Angel Appeared at Starbucks & Handed Me Kingdom Keys!” Jerame Nelson, San Diego, California

Jesus unlocked the doors of Heaven and revealed an unsurpassed authority, power, and revelation to men, and even now He is holding out the keys to His Kingdom and inviting you to release His glory on Earth.

It is as if He is pointing to you and saying, “There’s one who’s faithful. There’s one whom I can anoint. There is one I want to release My keys to who will unlock the doors to the authority and power of Heaven. Will you accept My keys? Will you come and gather them from the deep places of intimacy with Me, and reach out for them on the high places of My Kingdom? Then turn the lock in the door and unleash a revolution that the world longs to see—a revolution of My love?”

I sought to possess these keys that would manifest God’s love to the world through signs, wonders, and miracles—and the Lord was faithful to answer. In a moment in time, He revealed three specific keys that I will tell you about in this chapter. They include the key of David (the key that releases authority), the key of revelation knowledge (that releases power), and the key of love (that releases God’s presence and launches a revolution). They are the keys that open the doors to the abundance of the anointing.

He’s looking for those who will just be radically in love with Him and obedient to the things He said and taught when He was in the earth. He is looking for those who are hungry to be like His disciples and to seek after Him, asking, “Lord, what are the keys? Lord, how can I walk in the same love, authority, and power You did as the man Jesus Christ?”

Let me tell you how they came into my possession. I happened to be in Fort Mill, South Carolina, speaking at a conference during Yom Kippur with Rick Joyner, and I remembered that Bob Jones, a well-known prophet, had prophesied to me the year before about a coming visitation. He said, “You need to wait on God on Yom Kippur, ’cause He’ll visit you and give you the word of the Lord.”

That Sunday, on Yom Kippur, at the most random time ever, in the most “unspiritual” place ever, while waiting on the Lord with a latte in hand, I had a visitation.

I am at Starbucks with a good friend of mine; we have just gotten a latte and gone out to sit in his Jeep to listen to some worship music. We’re kicking back, eyes closed, and as we’re worshiping God I suddenly feel the presence of God become really, really strong. And I’m thinking, Whoa. What’s goin’ on?

I open my eyes and see an angel standing outside of the car looking in at me. The next thing you know, the angel takes his hand and puts it through the window glass of the car. I’m sitting in the passenger seat watching his hand go through the window; in the angel’s hand is a key ring and two keys. One key distinctly reads “Matthew 16:19.” The other key bears the imprint of “Isaiah 22:22.” Then audibly the angel says, “It’s all about Matthew 16 in this season.”

Then, boom! he vanishes.

I feel kind of overwhelmed by this. After a moment, I tell my buddy, “We’ve gotta get a Bible, man. I gotta see what Matthew 16 is.”

He busts out his iPhone, looks up Matthew 16, and hands me the phone. Then I begin to read the passage in Matthew 16:13-19 where Jesus asks His disciples, “Who do men say that I am?”

And they reply, “Well, some say, ‘Elijah.’ Some say, ‘Jeremiah.’ Some say, ‘The prophets of old.'”

He asks them again, “But who do you say that I am?”

Then Peter speaks up, “Well, You’re the Christ. The Son of the living God.”

“Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father who is in Heaven,” Jesus replied. “He’s given this to you. Upon this revelation, you shall be called Peter, or Rock.” He continues, “On this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. And I will give you the keys of Heaven, and whatever you bind on Earth will be bound in Heaven, and whatever you loose on Earth will be loosed in Heaven” (see Matthew 16:17-19).

What do you do with that? I took it back to Bob. But his explanation was even more mysterious than I could have imagined. I was in Fort Mill, South Carolina, and the Lord worked it out so we could hang out with Bob and his wife Bonnie the next night. Bob, being a prophet who has had years of revelatory encounters with heavenly beings, explained the encounter to me. He said, “That wasn’t just an angel that visited you. That was the ‘Wisdom of the Ages.'” He said, “The Wisdom of the Ages visited you.”

The Wisdom of the Ages was contained in those scriptural passages passed along to me that day.

God wants to release wisdom to us in this hour so that we can begin to tap into everything God has for us and release something that was uncreated into existence—a fresh move of God’s love and power onto the earth. He’s after a people who know who they are in Christ and know who Christ is inside of them. He’s after a people who don’t just talk about their God, but know their God. And as the book of Daniel says, they do great exploits for Him (see Daniel 11:32).

God is going to release keys to us as a Church to begin to walk in apostolic and governmental authority, and He’s going to allow us to see and to taste that He is beyond good—He is love.

The Key of David

Let’s take a look at these keys in Scripture and see what they can do as you step out and use them. The first key the angel revealed is the key of David written about in Isaiah 22:22.

Isaiah 22:22-23 states:

“The key of the house of David I will lay on his shoulder; so he shall open, and no one shall shut; and he shall shut, and no one shall open. I will fasten him as a peg in a secure place, and he will become a glorious throne to his father’s house.”

God wants to unlock things to us in the Spirit that no man can open.

I really believe that this is going to be the year of the open door, and that God is opening up things for us as a Church that we’ve not yet been able to enter into. We’re on the brink of seeing one of the most powerful moves of God, a revolution of His love, in the United States. But here’s the deal. I believe it’s going to come through the people of God. It’s going to come through the saints doing the work of the ministry because God is raising up an army in this season. It’s not just going to be about the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers doing everything while everybody watches. See, the Bible says that those giftings are given to equip the Church for the work of the ministry (see Ephesians 4:11-12).

Get ready, saints. Jesus is handing you the keys. And He’s asking you to begin to walk in the authority of the Kingdom of God so that when you begin to pray, prophesy, and speak the word of God, signs will confirm that word, and wonders will happen. All over the world I believe we’re seeing a shift in which more authority will be released to the remnant in the Church, the ones who are His friends, the ones who know their God and are going to do great exploits for Him.

I love how God confirms to us that He did indeed send an angel or release a visitation. Soon after almost every experience I’ve had, God does what He said He would do to or through me in a meeting, or He confirms the encounter.

One week after this visitation, when the angel gave me the keys on Yom Kippur, I was preaching in New Jersey about the keys. Afterward, I joined some others in the back room to eat dinner, and a pastor from Maine walked up to me. He said, “Hey, I’m kind of freaked that you preached on the keys of the Kingdom from Isaiah 22:22. God told me to bring this with me to the meetings, and it is one of my most prized possessions.” (Photo via Flickr)

He held out a key and explained, “It’s a key of David that Chuck Pierce gave me. Two years ago, Chuck traveled all around the United States with Dutch Sheets, declaring the message of Isaiah 22:22, and he gave one governmental key out to one specific leader in every state in America. He also gave one of the keys to President Bush. I didn’t know why I was supposed to bring this, but when I heard you speaking, the Lord spoke to me, and He said, ‘I want you to give that key to Jerame Nelson because he’s to have it for this next season.'”

Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets had gone around prophesying about the key of David, saying that it would bring breakthrough in the nation, and handed this man the key to Maine—a key that Chuck Pierce prophesied over specifically. The pastor went on to tell me that Chuck prophesied that this key would be a special key that would affect the entire nation; it would affect all 50 states, and it would even go all around the world.

I love how God confirms His word when He is speaking. One week after I had the visitation, I received the Maine key of David for the United States of America. I believe this is a token sign of where we are at in the Body of Christ right now, and I believe it’s a sign that God wants to open doors that no one can shut and close doors that no one can open.

Now I want you to understand something: there are several keys the Lord showed me He wanted to release that had to do with governmental authority. One of those keys is the key of finances; if we are going to do what God is calling us to do as a Church, we must have the finances of Heaven.

I believe that it is God’s intent to provide for His people who are focused on doing Kingdom things. Some of you have not yet stepped into your dreams; you have not yet stepped into the mission field or into things that God had promised you because you have not had the finances. You’re focused on the Kingdom but need a breakthrough in the area of finances. Breakthrough is going to happen as you walk into a kingly authority and anointing. The change that occurs in you will manifest into the “change” you need in your pocket.

The key of David enables us to walk in that kingly anointing and draw prosperity—the material things you need to build the Kingdom. Let’s take a look at this key.

Kingly Authority

The kings, or the prime ministers, who ruled during biblical days wore on their royal garments a key sewn onto their shoulder. The key signified that they were the governing authority over the entire land. What they said had to be obeyed. If the ruler would gesture “Yes” to a question or decision that needed to be made, that gesture meant that the door was open, and nobody could shut it. But when he said “No,” that meant that the door was completely closed, and nobody could open it.

The key was not something that needed doors; the king’s word opened or shut the door. I am not talking about possessing a physical key, but a kingly authority, a royal authority from Heaven. God wants His kings to rise up and His lords to take their place on the earth and in America. A lord is someone who owns land, an occupier of land. How many know that God wants us, as His people, to take back what the devil has stolen from us and from God? We have the keys to the Kingdom on our shoulders, and He wants us to use them.

We need an authority that goes beyond just what we say and what we pray. We need power to be demonstrated when we begin to speak the word of God. When we begin to prophesy, we want that word to come to pass.

Like Samuel, God wants to put an anointing upon us so that when we speak the words of God there is life on them, and those words don’t fall to the ground. They come to pass, and people begin to listen to the Church. This is going to be a year when God restores His voice to the Church. Some of you might say, “How does He restore His voice?” We will have a voice when God restores His supernatural power and begins to release His glory—when the goodness of the Lord is seen.

When the darkness creeps in and rears up to bring fear upon the land, that’s when we as sons and daughters of the living King begin to stand up with the authority that He’s given us. We begin to take dominion and reverse the spread of darkness and fear by first using the key of David.

Let me give you an example of using the key in your own hometown. Just recently, my wife and I moved to California. In this state, we’re seeing people lose their homes like crazy. We’re seeing businesses fail, and there is an even greater shaking that’s happening. But I believe God is allowing this shaking to happen to position the Church to begin to take dominion. May the darkest hour of the world become the Church’s finest hour. I believe as we begin to understand spiritual laws and principles found in God’s Word, we will begin to step into a place of breakthrough.

You see, it was out of a place of intimacy and obedience to God’s voice that we moved to California. When we came on the scene in San Diego, even though the economy was not doing well and many people were having a hard time, we stepped into the favor of the Lord. We received an incredible deal on our home and moved into a place that we would not have been able to afford in a normal economy. We ended up getting our home for 50 percent off of its original price. God worked an amazing miracle for us because we were operating out of the key of intimacy when we moved. He said to move there; we heard His voice and obeyed, and the Lord broke open the way for us—financially and spiritually.

The government of God should be resting upon the shoulders of kings. God wants to challenge us to know that we are kings and queens in our own hometowns. And as we step into positions of spiritual and governmental authority in our communities, God will release us to worldwide prominence and expand our territories. He will take you places that you never dreamed to unlock the heavens and release His presence and power on Earth.

Accessing the Key of David

David was a lover of God—the key that he wielded was the key of intimacy with God. Many of you have been in a place with Him in intimacy. Some of you feel hidden. This will be the year that some of you walk through the doors of destiny. While you’ve felt hidden, and nobody’s noticed or recognized you, God’s been doing a work in His fire. Now He’s going to reveal you in this season. God’s going to open doors, and He’s going to shut doors.

The key of David will loose for us what God has already loosed in Heaven on our behalf, and it will also bind the things that God has already bound in Heaven.

When we operate in that key of intimacy, breakthrough will happen. Intimacy releases breakthrough. And it’s not going to require waiting for ten years to see it happen. It’s going to be now. We’re seeing a “now” breakthrough—people getting miracles of healing more quickly than ever before, regional strongholds being broken, and nations turning to the Lord.

Jesus is the key of David. Let’s look at Isaiah 9, and you’ll see what I’m talking about:

“For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government shall be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end, upon the throne of David and over His Kingdom, to order it and establish it with judgment and justice from that time forward, even forever. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this.” (Isaiah 9:6-7)

Jesus came to the earth for a purpose: to seek and save that which was lost (see Luke 19:10). So many of us get confused because we’ve got a lot of evangelists running around saying that Jesus came to seek and save those who are lost. That’s not what the Word says. It says Jesus came to seek and save “that which was lost.” In this verse, Jesus was talking about the authority that Adam lost in the Garden when he sinned.

He’s talking about the mandate of dominion rule and reign in the earth that the devil snatched up when Adam fell in the Garden. Jesus is the one who opened all the doors that needed to be opened and shut all the doors that needed to be shut when He died and rose from the dead. On that day when He asked who men said that He was, Jesus proclaimed to Peter, “I am getting the keys back, and I’m giving them to you. I’m giving you those keys so that wherever you go, you can bind and loose whatever the Father shows you and whatever He speaks to you. Do what He says when He says to do it. If you will declare what He says, then what He says will happen” (see Matthew 16:13).

We access the key when we access Jesus. Knowing Jesus as a friend who is closer than a brother releases a co-laboring partnership empowered through intimacy. And that intimate relationship with Jesus releases to us the key of revelation and knowledge that will transform nations. (Photo via Flickr)

The Key of Revelation Knowledge Transforms Regions and Nations

How do we begin to step into a place of accessing Isaiah 22:22? I believe that we have got to come into a place of revelation knowledge. In Luke 11:42-52, Jesus rebuked the scribes and Pharisees for all the different things they were doing that were legalistic and religious.

Luke 11:52 tells us about a key—the key of knowledge. If we are going to operate with the key of David, which is the governmental authority of God, then we need another key, the key of revelation knowledge, to enable us to see into what God the Father is doing and hear what He is saying. That key draws us into greater intimacy with Jesus and empowers us to stand up against not just the demonic principalities and powers, but the religious spirit that still exists in Christian circles. Luke 11:52 says:

“Woe to you lawyers! For you have taken away the key of knowledge. You did not enter in yourselves, and those who were entering in you hindered.”

Jesus was bringing a rebuke to the religious leaders of His day because they opposed having true relationship with God in the Spirit. They would rather follow legalistic traditions and practices of man than have real relationship with God. They hindered people from seeing and hearing from God. Religious people are not bothered when we read the Word or say a little prayer, but the minute that power starts to show up, or we see an angel, or God gives us a dream or vision, or we begin to take ground in the spirit, that’s when religious people say, “I don’t know if this is of God.”

The religious mindset seeks to stop people from accessing the key of knowledge and the key of intimacy. If we are going to do something for God in this season and in this hour, we have to have this key.

This key is the key of John 5:19; Jesus said He did nothing but what He saw His Father doing. John 5:30 says, “I can of Myself do nothing. As I hear, I judge: and My judgment is righteous, because I do not seek My own will but the will of the Father who sent Me.” I believe that when we begin to step into this kind of anointing, we will see both the government and the power of God.

We can begin to move with the authority Elijah exhibited when he walked up to King Ahab and said, “Yeah, look. There will be no rain but by my word,” and drought happened (see 1 Kings 17:1). What is this but governmental authority in the Body of Christ? Elijah also rebuked the false prophets of his day, challenging them at Mount Carmel. He saw an entire backslidden generation come to the Lord in one day.

Is God’s arm too short to do it again? I don’t think so. What would happen if we went right up to the White House and said, “Hey, you know what? There will be no rain in this land until you overturn Roe v. Wade!” I’m telling you, they’d laugh at you at first. But if the rain stopped, they’d take you pretty serious. God has another way of dealing with things, but it’s higher than our ways, and it’s supernatural.

One day when I was in Alberta, Canada, I was waiting on the Lord, asking Him what He wanted me to do in the next meeting I was scheduled to speak in. And the Lord told me in a dream to use the key of revelation and knowledge.

First, this song came to me in a dream, and the lyrics were something like this: “I’m releasing a Spirit of Elijah, purity, and intimacy across this land.”

If the religious spirit had hindered me, I would only have preached about purity and badgered people into cleaning up their lives. But revelation and knowledge cause us to do only what we see and hear Jesus doing. So it was a no-brainer what I was to preach, right? Elijah. I stood up and preached about Elijah and the key to authority through intimacy with Christ. When I got to the end of the meeting, much to my surprise, the Lord told me, “I don’t want you to move in miracles because I want to prove to these people that I am God; I want to confirm My word.”

He then told me, “Decree the key that I gave you. Decree the release of the spirit of Elijah.”

So I decreed it at the end, and then He prompted me to sing the song I heard in my dream. Very simply, I just sang the song of the Lord over the people and region; I decreed that God was releasing the spirit of purity and Elijah.

Then the Lord said, “Now get the church to call fire down on the prophets of Baal!”

We all started singing, “Lord, release Your fire.”

After we sang about the fire coming down, they closed the meetings. Several of us went out to lunch. Within a half-hour of our declaration in the natural, we heard about a hotel in the city overtaken by drug dealers, pimps, and prostitutes that supernaturally caught on fire during the time of our declarations and singing. It burnt to the ground. No one was killed, but the stronghold of lust and perversion was destroyed that day in that city. This was a sign in the natural of something that God did in the heavenlies.

I believe that this is the way the Church must operate if we are going to see breakthrough in this nation. We must get strategic keys and decrees from God the Father; and as we begin to decree them, breakthrough will happen. When we went to lunch that day, we weren’t aware of what had happened. It’s not so much about knowing the results as it is about obeying what we hear and releasing the heart of God. As we begin to tap into the heart of God, I’m telling you, that’s when breakthrough happens.

Intimacy with Jesus develops in us the ability to trust that we are hearing Him correctly. Our relationship with Him invites us to move into His ways and demonstrate the power of the keys— locally and globally.

Demonstrating the Power of the Keys

My wife Miranda and I have a ministry to Indonesia and are seeing Muslims saved on a regular basis. We are going into the darkest places where nobody wants to go. One of the hotels I stayed at two years ago just got blown up. We know God is with us, and if God is with us, who can be against us? We know the risk, but we go.

Recently, we were in a city called Manado where we stepped into a series of experiences where we could see the power of the keys released through our lives in greater measure than ever before. We had no idea what to expect but just stepped out in faith when God told us to go and work with a certain man we had met in a meeting in Indonesia. When we met, the Holy Spirit said to my spirit, “Work with this guy; he’s a really good guy. Go with him.” And so we went with Pastor Frans and watched God open doors that no man could shut.

I’m telling you, if you just listen to the voice of God, you’ll prosper.

When we got to Manado, we were shocked! I was expecting to do a church service for maybe 500 people. When I showed up, I discovered that a $450,000 crusade was paid for—a stage, lights, cameras, and a crowd of 6,000 to 7,000 Muslims waiting for God. I thought, Wow, this isn’t what I thought I was coming for.

But this is what they told me, “Jerame, we are hoping that you guys can make a difference here because you are a healing ministry. Here’s the deal: we put on these crusades, and we’ve tried to do this stuff, but we have not had much breakthrough, especially with the young people. No young people ever get saved, and we’ve got all these street kids coming ’cause we feed them. They said they are here to listen to the music and stuff, and we are hoping that maybe you guys can reach them.”

You know what I did? I went home right before this meeting, and I said, “God, I need a strategic key. How are we going to bring a breakthrough for this meeting?” I’m not afraid of a challenge. We shouldn’t be. So I said, “OK, Lord. What are we going to do?”

The Lord began to show me how to release the strategic key of knowledge. I was already using the key of David—authority and intimacy. I now needed to release the key of revelation knowledge that would release power.

You see, God wants us to position ourselves to begin to receive this key of revelation knowledge. You position yourself by saying, “Lord, what are You doing? God, what do You want me to do? How do You want me to pray for that person at work? Lord, who do You want me to buy lunch for this week?” I’m sitting there in Indonesia, and I ask, “Lord, what do You want me to do about this?” (Photo via Pixabay)

The Lord replied, “Jerame, the Muslims will listen to you if you demonstrate My power.” He said, “I want you to guarantee that the first five deaf people who come onto the platform will be instantly healed—or I am not God.”

That’s what He told me to tell them.

I said, “OK, God. Fine. I’ll do it.” I’ve developed that absolute trust in Him because I’ve heard His voice so many times. You have to get to the place where you can honestly say, “God, I’ll look like a fool for You.” I had already flown all the way over there. Might as well.

I got up on the platform during the crusade and said, “I’m not going to preach at you guys. The first five deaf people who come on the platform will be healed. I guarantee it, or my God’s not really real.”

You know what happened? Exactly five deaf people came out of the crowd of six thousand, and they lined them up in front of me. One by one, we began to pray. One ear opened. Two ears opened. Three ears opened. Four ears opened. And then I got to the fifth one, a little girl about seven years old who had never heard a sound in her right ear in her entire life. She was deaf because she had no ear canal, no middle or inner ear. Only a flap of skin on the side of her face resembled an outer ear. I said under my breath, “All right, God, You’d better show up.” I prayed for her. When I took my hand off that little ear flap, I saw she had received a brand-new ear canal and, likely, the inner mechanics of a brand-new ear because she could now hear.

When that happened, do you want to know what it did to this place? It came unglued. Miracles started to break out. People in a wheelchair section who had been crippled for years began to jump out of their wheelchairs and run. People who had tumors, deaf ears, and blind eyes started getting healed—without anyone even praying for them.

That night revival broke out. There were over six hundred young Muslim kids on the ground at the front of the altar weeping and writhing like snakes and being delivered from demons. It was the biggest harvest that they had ever seen in this city. The key of revelation knowledge opened the doors to those miracles and unleashed the government—the rule and reign—of God.

When the Kingdom shows up, it attracts attention. Those miracles also opened the doors to the government on Earth. When I woke up the next morning, I received a phone call from a man who said that the governor of the entire province had heard about the miracles and wanted to know if I would come and preach the Gospel to him. I asked, “God, what do You want me to do?”

The Lord said, “I want you to preach the Gospel to them. I want you to preach Isaiah 60.”

When you ask God what to say, when to say it, and how to say it, when you position yourself not to do things out of your own flesh, but out of the leading of the Holy Ghost—you’re accessing the key of revelation knowledge. When you do what He says, that governmental, kingly anointing comes to bring it to pass—that’s kingly anointing.

When I got up there, I opened up the Bible to Isaiah 60. I declared that the glory of the Lord was going to be seen in this land even though it was very dark. I prophesied that God was going to draw people from all around the world. They would come to that place because of the natural glory that was there. Then I began to prophesy Isaiah 60:5-6 where it says that the wealth of the Gentiles will come to you. When I looked at the governor, I could see that the Word was touching him; praise God.

At the end of it, the governor came up to me, and he was visibly shaking. Through the translator, he said, “Thank you.”

After the governor left, his right-hand guy came to me and said that I had really freaked him out. He explained, “He knows that your God’s real because you prophesied everything that’s happening here in a few month’s time, even though we know that you don’t know that; that’s what really hit him.”

Apparently, the governor was only planning on being there to shake my hand, but his aide said to me that there was this strange presence that arrested him; he could not leave. The governor interpreted the word according to what they had been building in the natural. Two months after I gave this word, they were going to have what’s called The World’s Ocean Conference; for two years they had been building new highways and hotels. They were expecting millions and millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of people from around the world to come at that time, and it did happen. The wealth of the Gentiles came to the natural glory that was there—for the best scuba diving in the world and for the conference.

When I prophesied that, the governor was open to hear the rest of the word. At the end of that prophecy, I began to declare all kinds of different things about government; I told them that they needed a government founded on the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. Since then, the governor has been filled with the Holy Ghost, and he’s saved.

It was wonderful to release the keys of authority, power, and revelation knowledge during my time in Indonesia. But there is one more, all-important key to access and release. This key ensures that what you say and do remains in the hearts of those who are touched by your ministry. You can have all power, but if you have not love, it is meaningless. Love tears down strongholds not only in a person’s mind—but over whole regions.

The Key of Love

The most important key in this hour is the key of love.

God is about to release a love revolution to the Body of Christ. I want to define what it is to have a revolution because I believe that God wants to bring real language to the Body of Christ so that we understand what He’s doing in this hour. I believe we’re about to enter into a heartfelt revelation of love that is greater than God’s power and greater than His gifts.

A revolution is not reformation. A revolution is a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving that will affect cultures. A revolution is also defined as the overthrow of a government by those who are governed.

It is time for you to step through the doors of the Kingdom into the revolution of God’s love for you. It is time for you to grab hold of the keys that will change your way of thinking and unlock the doors to intimacy, revelation, and power. Do you want to be part of the new revolution? God is calling you.

The Key

The key of David speaks about developing a relationship with Jesus that opens the door to Heaven’s revelation. The key is intimacy. Intimacy with Jesus develops in us the ability to trust that we are hearing Him correctly. Out of our relationship with Him we hear Him inviting us to move into His ways and demonstrate the power of the keys—locally and globally.

Opening the Door

Lord Jesus, come and release to me a greater ability to draw closer to You, to really know You, and to hear only Your voice directing me during this day. Teach me to hear Your voice. Attune my ear to hear the words that You are personally speaking to me every morning. And as I go through my day, come with me. Make me mindful of Your presence. Talk to me about Your love for me and for others. Enable me to love You with my whole heart, mind, and soul, and reveal Your heart of love through me to others…even today.

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Jerame and Miranda Nelson are founders of Elisha Revolution, a ministry based in San Diego, California. Elisha Revolution birthed a revival in January of 2016 called “Fire & Glory Outpouring,” which has been receiving worldwide recognition and bringing in visitors to the city from all around the world. Jerame is an author, as well as a well-known international conference speaker and revivalist to the nations.