Roger is working on a new eBook. Here is his introduction.

This writing is meant to cause us to reason together. It is basically my opinion on various issues in the church and in society. After 40+ years of walking with the Lord I am not looking for agreement from everyone as much as I am hoping for consideration of many issues. We must learn to have a positive impact in the church and on our society instead of withdrawing and watching our self-destruction take place. Breaking the power of religion in the church is just as important as breaking the power of demonic influence in society. We must learn to take the Kingdom of God wherever we go…not rules, do’s and don’ts and trying to dominate people with our opinions. The evidence is in. This doesn’t work!
Father has given us His most powerful weapon to defeat His enemies; that weapon is His love. First you must receive it yourself and then give it freely. Win the battle with kindness, goodness, gentleness and loving support for those around you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.