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Here is Evidence #2:

THE EVIDENCE IS IN: Victimization diminishes a person’s potential and quality in life.

Have you ever stopped to think about how many different ways a person can be victimized?  I’m especially thinking about wounding events.  Contrary to popular belief, which is secular, wounding or victimization doesn’t just go away.  The ignorant and simple minded will say things like, “time will heal it, just get over it, buck up, be strong, put it behind you; it’s time to forget it and get on with your life, or think about something else.”  REALLY!

One of the negative impacts of victimization that is common in most of these situations is fear.  In some cases it goes beyond fear to terror and has a more devastating impact on the person’s life.  At any rate, it is mind boggling how fear and/or terror can negatively impact how a person lives life.  When fear is active it can, and usually does, negatively influence a person’s decision making ability about anything and everything.  People who are victims and fearful usually have internal walls up.  Those walls were erected for self-protection.  Keep the bad things out! The sad part for these people is that their walls also keep the good things out.  True love and caring cannot make their potential, positive impact on a person’s heart, mind and spirit unless and until those walls come down.  For most victims their walls are their security blanket, so the greater influence that fear has, the more difficult it is for the victim to trust God, or anyone else, and be willing to pull down the walls they depend on.

Other contents of a victim’s stronghold box can include such items as anger, resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness, vows and judgments, lies to live by and other adverse determinations of heart; and, lest we forget, there is the reality of demonic activity.  Do you know the two things that empower our demons the most?  First is continued sin; and the second, they are usually hidden and unidentified!  They work under cover, so to speak. Adding fuel to the fire is the lie that a Christian cannot have a demon!  That lie protects the demons that are at work in us!   Although this is just a partial list, is it any wonder that victims might struggle in life and with relationships?  Victimization is wide spread!

Keep in mind that we can be victimized by individuals, groups, animals, and events.  We can even feel victimized by God!   A victim’s quality of life will always suffer unless they go to God and get healing.  Our woundedness is not just emotional, it is also spiritual; thus God must get involved if there is to be true success.  Worldly counseling with behavior modification can be helpful for some, but it cannot get to root causes and bring God’s healing touch!

Also keep in mind that deception can produce victims.  For example, consider that the world, the flesh and the devil can deceive us into believing lies and distortions about life, happiness, God, and each other.  Without God we become a victim of our society.  We chase substitutes looking for happiness, security, love, and satisfaction.  They may provide temporary relief at times, but humanity’s drive for fulfillment in life will never be satisfied by anything other than God Himself because that is part of His creation.  He designed us to need Him.  Nothing else will satisfy!

Are you a victim?  Do you know a victim?  Please don’t remain a victim!  Newness of life awaits you in Father’s arms.  Be bold.  Be strong.  Be determined and reach out to Him!  His love belongs to you no matter who you are or where you are or what you’ve done or haven’t done. He is love and forgiveness personified!