I have been saying for several years now that I was going to write a book on growing old gracefully. I’ve never seen anything written on the subject, but that is not to say I’m the first to tackle the subject!

Recently I turned 74 years old. I can honestly say it was THE best birthday I have ever had! I was shown love, honor and respect from so many people in my life. A few years back Rog and I made the decision to buy each other a birthday gift on OUR own birthdays! It has been such magnificent fun. I started out by getting him a lawn blower! Seemed tools were something he could always use. But this year was different. I was able to arrange for him to take a ride in a small private plane and on MY birthday! As the plane did a quick flyover here where we are staying, I heard it coming and went outside to watch it as it flew very low over me tipping its wings so I knew they saw me. At that precious moment, I experienced a huge swell of joy in my spirit and I wept uncontrollably as I exclaimed, “Thank You, Father. He is having the time of his life up there!” It was a rush I will never, ever forget…joy unspeakable and full of glory and the half has never yet been told! All this, because I chose to do something for him on my birthday that was over the top. I had lots of help pulling it off, but it was an experience of a life time – for him AND for me! It is a pure example of growing old gracefully!

There are other things I’d like to share with you that have become a part of my life experiences in growing old.

  • I need more help these days doing simple chores that earlier in life I would never think twice about…like preparing a table fit for a king and serving up all the trimmings!
  • I struggle with my balance on some days making it feel like I’m 174 instead of 74!
  • Putting on my shoes is more difficult and never mind trying to paint my toe nails! As Mark Lowry says, “Do you want to cut your toe nails or do you want to breathe?” So true!
  • I don’t like to drive at night anymore. Recently we did drive after dark and both of us were amazed at the lights in the cockpit of our little car. They are actually quite impressive!
  • I hate taking a shower these days. It seems to have become such a chore!
  • We awaken each morning asking each other how well we slept! Stay awake times during the night are more like frequent friends now! I use the time to pray for my family.
  • I notice more and more how busy my family and friends are. I struggle sometimes just wanting to get a quick phone call so I can hear their voice.
  • Going out just to have some fun has alluded us for several years now. The things we enjoy most are watching the Lord heal a broken heart or wounded spirit as we pray for them.

Growing old isn’t fun, but we can make a determination in our hearts to do it gracefully. Knowing Father, Son and Holy Spirit on a personal and intimate basis makes this process much more bearable. I choose to try and not complain about my incomplete list above, but rather make a quality decision to be a blessing to someone the Lord brings across my path each day.

Finally, I am eternally grateful that Father has chosen to allow Rog and I to have an incredibly wonderful relationship. It is truly a miracle especially since we live and work 24/7 and 365 together!  We have learned how to love, honor and respect each other on a level I believe few ever experience all because of Father’s love. We are growing old gracefully TOGETHER continuing to keep our sense of humor sharpened every day and laughing at each other when we realize just how old we are getting. Know why? ‘Cause Father said our best years are yet ahead.’

One last thing…Rog is already sweating bullets trying to figure out how on his birthday in September that he is going to top an airplane ride! I’m still laughing about that one!