Today some families will celebrate and fathers will be honored, respected and loved on.  It is a good time for all.  Some will not celebrate Father’s Day because it is a painful day.  This day is a reminder of abandonment, rejection, and/or abuse issues that never seem to go away.  Some do not know who their father is.  For some father is deceased.  For some father is just absent.  Some have substitute fathers they will honor today and that is good, but it not the real thing and falls short somehow to meeting their need for the love of their father. 

            There is a similar situation going on today in another family.  It is the family of God.  Today some of His children will celebrate their relationship with their Heavenly Father and honor Him.  They are truly grateful for the powerful impact His love has made in their lives!  However sadly, many of God’s children will not honor Him today because they do not know Him on a personal basis and have not experienced relationship with Him.  Some are even offended with Him because of their life circumstances.  The pain, difficulty and disappointment that seem to be their lot in life make them angry at God and unforgiving toward Him.  Some will not honor Him because they are afraid of Him.  Fear does not produce fertile ground for a loving, intimate relationship. 

            Another point I would make is that Father’s Day can be a painful day for many fathers.  They will struggle today with guilt and shame over their many failures with their children that have resulted in loss of relationship.  For some in this group, they will recognize that their struggle for relationship with their children is generational.  Family history repeats itself and the loss goes on.  Many fathers struggle with disappointment as they watch their children make poor life choices and know that the consequences could be very painful.  I believe our Heavenly Father has a similar struggle as He watches His children make poor life choices knowing the consequences may bring great difficulty. 

            For those of you who are truly celebrating your father today, you are very blessed.  Enjoy your privilege.  For those of you who cannot celebrate your father today for whatever reason, I want to encourage you.  Your Heavenly Father can satisfy your love hunger for a father.  No matter what your age or social status your Heavenly Father loves unconditionally and perfectly and He is waiting for you.  His love is powerful and experientially life changing.  He wants to completely satisfy your love hunger. 

            Obviously developing a relationship takes two people who desire to have that relationship.  It cannot be forced by one upon the other, so if there is division in your family pray and forgive.  Seek healing for your woundedness and offense and press into your Heavenly Father for resolution in your family relationships.

            May the power of Father’s love be upon you today and empower you to new life and wonderful, new family relationships.