Without God humanity is to be most pitted because without Him our ability to live life at the supernatural level He designed is impossible!  We are thus relegated to war with flesh, the devil, and human depravity for as long as we live!  Father’s design and His heart’s desire for us is a much brighter picture than the one we create for ourselves!  Idolatry runs rampant in all its various forms driving, driving, driving without satisfaction. He created us to need Him and only Him.  Substitutes need not apply!

I was awake in the night last night and I started to think about how God created us.  We have needs in order to survive and flourish. We need oxygen, water, food and love!  That is, we need clean air, pure water, healthy food, and pure love in order to prosper and live in health and happiness.  What is the air you breathe is polluted?  What if the water your drink is contaminated?  What if the food you eat is spoiled?  What would happen to your health and happiness?  What is the love you receive is tainted or isn’t love at all, but only a perversion of the real thing?  Our life experience is diminished by the lack of purity in our basic needs being met or unmet if you will.  When we live in lack in any area, we suffer.  When we live in lack, fear can become a constant and tormenting companion.  Life without God is darkness upfront and personal!

If you are on our mailing list, you are probably mature enough in the Lord that you don’t need this article.  But there are multitudes of people all around you that do!  Perhaps you can consider this another tool for your ministry toolbox to be available when an opportunity presents itself.  You don’t have to write it, just print it off and hand it out.  That is true of all our articles, newsletters, and eBooks.  They are free to be downloaded and printed off and given as gifts of love at any and every opportunity.  If you want to be a giver in this way just pray and Holy Spirit will provide the opportunities.  You don’t have to debate people or prove anything.  Just simply give with love in mind and let Holy Spirit be responsible for the results.

Even if we have walked with God for many moons, there may still be areas in our lives that are without God!  Obviously, we should want these areas corrected, don’t you think?  Hopefully you’ve not become complacent in your relationship with Him.  Hopefully you’re not comfortable with the status quo and resigned and/or retired in your current place in life!  There is so much more available to us in God’s supernatural realm that I believe we can’t live long enough to get it all!  If necessary, ask God to renew your hunger, your passion, your determination to be a valuable asset to His Kingdom.  As His kids we are responsible to represent Him well!  We must continually pursue our relationship with Him and make ourselves available to Him to complete our assignments while we are here!  I just remembered a saying I heard many years ago as a young Christian that I’ve never forgotten.  It goes something like this.  “What’s the point of being so Heavenly minded that you are of no earthly good!”  A true, intimate and personal relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit will put to rest any and all passivity we might embrace and empower us to fulfill the purpose and destiny Father has designed for each of us!  Onward Christian Soldiers!

I am including some one liners that came to mind before I wrote this article.  I’m sure you can add some of your own thoughts to the list.  This may help people who have not really thought about life without God and what it means!


P. S.  Remember, one of the ways Father expresses His love to us is to reveal darkness in all its various forms.  It’s one of His love gifts that can empower us to make necessary changes and bring new life experience.

Without God flesh has nowhere to go but into confusion. With God the spirit of man knows his way.
Without God society sinks into depravity. With God righteousness and holiness fight the battle.
Without God right is wrong and wrong is right. With God right is right and wrong is wrong.
Without God darkness overtakes the light. With God light overtakes the dark.
Without God satan’s kingdom rules and reigns. With God satan is defeated and God’s Kingdom reigns.
Without God truth is hard to find. With God truth is life-changing and easy to find.
Without God human sacrifice is celebrated. With God human life is precious.
Without God neighbor turns against neighbor. With God man loves his neighbor as commanded.
Without God families disintegrate. With God families heal.
Without God children become rebellious. With God children obey and honor their parents and their elders.
Without God sin is master of the universe. With God righteousness prevails.
Without God self-destruction is inevitable. With God self-preservation is maintained.
Without God life is helpless, hopeless and over. With God life has purpose and destiny.
Without God man invents evolution. With God man knows his Creator.
Without God the earth is flat. With God satan’s lies are exposed.
Without God man needs substitutes to take His place. With God He is all we need.
Without God addictions explode. With God man’s love hunger is resolved.
Without God common sense evaporates. With God man has the mind of Christ.
Without God law and order vanish. With God law and order are honored and celebrated.
Without God bullies dominate society. With God there are no victims.
Without God lie, cheat and steal become the norm. With God honesty and integrity are the norm.
Without God perversion becomes socially accepted. With God perversion is exposed as self-destructive sin.
Without God society loses its freedom to the elites. With God His children are the elites.
Without God the church divides and separates losing effectiveness. With God the church becomes one and powerful.
Without God man’s opinions reign supreme. With God man’s experience with God overrules his opinions.
Without God fear gains a major foothold. With God man can discover the peace Jesus left us.
Without God man develops the big bang theory. With God man knows the truth about creation.
Without God wickedness is empowered. With God law and order is empowered.
Without God the world that many depend on becomes unsafe. With God our world becomes a place of safety, peace and rest.
Without God there is no eternity in the minds of men. With God men know about eternal life and how to get it.
Without God sickness and disease run rampant. With God man becomes healthy in body, soul and spirit.
Without God man establishes religion. With God man establishes relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Without God war of all kinds and at all levels is inevitable. With God men live at peace among themselves.
Without God idolatry becomes a way of life. With God worship of Father, Son and Holy Spirit becomes a way of life.
Without God our nation and our world self-destruct. With God our nation and our world live together in peace and rest.
Without God His love is denied access to man’s heart. With God His love can find a way into men’s hearts.