Father knows it’s harder to wait than to move, and it’s easier to run than to stand still! But the waiting part, though difficult, is just as important as the moving ahead part; perhaps even more important. Waiting for an answer that seems unnecessarily delayed, sometimes for years and perhaps for many years, delivers numerous opportunities for the Lord to provide instruction, correction and course adjustments so that one doesn’t trip and fall or get promoted too quickly. If the foundation for promotion is faulty, misery and despair become the inheritance. Delay is not denial. The delay brings with it maturity and the experience needed for successful promotion from Father, not from man. The longer the delay, the bigger the promises! Far too many men, women and ministries have suffered defeat at the hand of self-promotion. One cannot be filled with God when he is filled with self! We must be born again to die…die to self and many times that’s what our ‘waiting’ is all about!

This is all good news because His word says, “He will finish the work and cut it short in righteousness because the Lord will make a short work upon the earth.” Romans 9:28. To make a short work means to cut a thing quickly and succinctly to make it smaller. Each time we die to self, we cut away our own dead flesh and dead works and make them smaller – like the Vinedresser pruning the vine.

So, Dear Reader, relax and embrace your season of waiting. Enjoy the ride for it is the Lord Himself Who is teaching you to trust Him. Keep your eyes on Him and you will possess your promised land. He says so. “There will be a fulfillment of those things which were told you by the Lord.” Luke 1:45