Have you ever asked yourself this question? Who am I? How do I describe myself? How do I feel about myself…honestly? What am I? Where am I? Who cares anyway! Am I fearful, angry, self-centered, stubborn and stiff-necked, withdrawn, discouraged, depressed, doubtful, frustrated, lustful, powerless?

Do any of these negatives belong to a son or daughter of the Most High God? If not, does Father have a solution or correction? Absolutely! He has made every provision to bring us out of a normal, human existence into the supernatural experience He has planned for every one of us. So, who am I? How do I describe myself? Am I a Baptist, a Catholic, a Protestant, a Charismatic, a pastor, minister, businessman, first responder, doctor, lawyer, or mountain climber? Who am I? Who do I hang out with? Who do I ask for advice or opinions? What do I want to know, if anything? Am I satisfied or dissatisfied with myself? Do I care what others think about me? Do I care about what God thinks about me? When and where do I get my strokes (encouragement)? What does my opinion about myself say about my potential, my future? Who am I? Am I just a sinner saved by grace or am I a son or daughter of the Most High God with the privilege of having a place in Father’s heart just for me; a place of privilege bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ if He has become my Savior and Lord?

Above I began with some negative questions, but are they really negative? Do we not need darkness to show light? If I can be honest with myself and recognize and admit to negative attitudes and attributes in my life, then there is hope for change because Father has made provision for His kids that include all the revelation and power necessary to transition out of sin and flesh into righteousness and Holy Spirit living.

If we are willing to be honest and ask the right questions, Father is available to give us the right answers and make the right provisions. So what are the right questions? In my opinion, there are no wrong questions. If you are asking Father any question you are communicating with Him, then if you will be quiet and wait, He will answer you. This is called developing a relationship. You ask. He answers! Of course He may not always answer when we want an answer, nor will He always tells us what we want to hear, but His answers are always truthful, on time, and life giving no matter what we think. Developing a personal, intimate relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit is the pathway Father has provided to bring us out of a human existence that is flesh, negative and destructive and into a supernatural life that is positive, powerful and spiritual with Him. This is the privilege of being a son or daughter of the Most High God. So…who am I?

How many different ways can I answer the question, “Who am I?” If I use words like fearful, angry, lustful or depressed, I am describing emotions, not character. Am I honest, trustworthy, dependable, faithful, loving and kind or am I the opposite of these? If I say I am a minister, a policeman, or a lawyer, I am describing what I do, but that’s not who I am. If I say I am a Baptist, a Charismatic, a Pentecostal, or a Catholic, I am describing my religious preference, but that’s still not who I am.

If we are not born again as Jesus said we must be, it doesn’t matter what I call myself. It means nothing and I am headed for destruction. A person calling them self a Christian when they are not born again is like standing in a garage and calling yourself a Mercedes. Neither statement nor belief is true. Living my life in deception not only cheats me, but also my family and the world around me that Father intended me to bless. And what about Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Are they not cheated because I am not there to fulfill my purpose and destiny in them? We like to make up our own rules, don’t we? We conveniently make up excuses to dismiss what God says in order that we stay in control of our lives. What foolishness! Self-destruction is foolishness and painful and there is no way out except the provision Father has made in Jesus…like it or not!

Who am I? Am I religious? Am I faithful to my church’s teachings? Is my hope in religion? In too many cases, religion is man-made and an idolatrous abomination before God! Religion demands performance. God offers relationship. Religion says we’re not good enough to approach God; only a select few can do that.  But God says, “Come unto Me when you are burdened and weighed down and I will give you rest.” That means any of us, all of us, anytime, anywhere, any day and under any circumstances! Is God only available in our hard times? No! He loves us. He wants to rejoice with us when we rejoice! He wants to heal us when we hurt! He wants to give Himself to us so we have that treasure to give to others. Who am I?

The other day I was thinking about all the different world religions, so I did a web search. I think the info said there are 12 major world religions and many, many sub-sects and minor religions worldwide. Then I thought how many people worldwide follow a religion? All religions represent some form of a god to worship. Then I thought what about Christian denominations? Well, there are too many to waste time counting. Overall, what percent of the world population believe in a god? Maybe they even worship a god. Then I realized, WOW! This is a duh! Father built into humanity to have relationship with Him! No person is complete without Him being directly involved in their life, thus the continual searching and striving to be satisfied in our inner man (our spirit) which is the God hole that He put in each of us that only He can fill. No substitute will satisfy. World religions are evidence of man’s attempts to find peace with God, to fill that empty place and be at rest. Our attempts are futile and can be deadly if we do not make the necessary course corrections. Christian denominations are just as guilty of misguiding people to dependence on the organized church and their particular brand of teaching rather than leading people into the Holy of Holies by the blood of Jesus to find the glory in our inheritance as a child of the Most High God. But then they cannot lead us where they have not been. Father has truly planned and prepared for every one of us a rags-to-riches testimony. Are you ready for your inheritance? Then honestly answer the question, WHO AM I?