Today we had the privilege of having lunch with Ron, our banker, who is a dear Brother and longtime friend and advisor. Because of busy schedules, we have little time together, so we really look forward to each opportunity we can have lunch or meet together. It’s always rewarding for us and we always come away encouraged. Needless to say, we treasure this relationship. During our conversation today, I made the statement ‘that the Gospel has changed. What we have known as the Gospel is no longer valid. Father has changed the season and the focus for the church.   This new season is not about religion or performing for God or studying about God. This new season is all about knowing God.’  In his kind and gentle way, Ron said he would take issue with my statement that the Gospel had changed. He said, “The Gospel has always been the Gospel according to God. What is changing is man’s perversion of the Gospel.” He is absolutely correct and I stand corrected.

This new season of the church is the Mercy Season and it is very different from the previous Ruler Season that we all grew up in. It is no longer acceptable (my opinion) to just know ‘about’ God. We must now take our rightful place as true Children of God and press into Him for a personal, intimate, conversational relationship. This new season is about moving from traditional religion to intimate relationship. This transition can be a struggle and very difficult at times as Father reaches out to draw us to Himself and challenge our beliefs and the traditions that interfere with our freedom to be personal and intimate with Him.

We got home from our wonderful lunch experience with Ron and I was musing and reflecting on our conversation when all of a sudden the Holy Spirit reminded me of something that He said to Gerri and I many years ago. One day He said, “Where you’re going doesn’t look anything like where you have been.” Wow! Little did we realize how big and dramatic that prophetic word was to be! It’s been 14 years since we first met Father and we are still changing, still growing and still learning. Today we live in a completely different world as a Child of the Most High God! In spite of what some would say, we are not prideful and full of ourselves. To the contrary, Father’s love has empowered us to walk more and more in humility and grace; things we didn’t know much about before we met Father and while we were still bound by religious tradition. Father has graciously encouraged us in our journey into the new life of love we are experiencing and attempting to pass on to as many others as possible. Sadly, religion fights the message and grits its teeth to maintain control over the sheep and their organizations. Thankfully, many are fed up and are searching for more, looking for answers to their questions. It’s a quest for freedom. It’s a quest for love. It’s a quest for Father, Himself. Even though they do not know the answers, they are looking, hoping for someone or something to bring satisfaction for their hunger.

Come on, Children of the Most High God. Rise up! Take your rightful place in Father’s arms. Don’t be satisfied with the message of His love for you. Don’t just believe it. You must experience Him. If you dare make the effort, you will one day realize that where you’re going doesn’t look anything like where you have been! Hallelujah and all glory be to You, Father. Thank You for loving us to life. Thank You for breaking the chains that have bound us. Thank You for setting us free. Most of all, thank You for making Yourself available to us on such a personal, intimate basis. What an unbelievable, Heavenly gift You are to us! Take us onward to our destiny. Strengthen us to believe and know by experience that life is love and love is life…so say YOU!