I have written before about how a shaking is coming to America and the world, and truly it has already begun. The economy of the world is now being shaken, the world’s financial system (Babylon) is being shaken, the threats of war are shaking the hearts of many, peace on earth is being shaken, and politics and governments are being shaken. One purpose of this shaking is to separate light from darkness, good from evil. Clear lines are going to be established and there will be no one able to sit upon a fence undecided. A clear division is being brought forth and there is no middle ground. What the world wants for all it’s godless endeavors is middle ground; compromise a little, live and let live. But my Father does not compromise! Compromise is not scriptural. Compromise is satan’s method of control and deception. If you compromise with the world or with sin it will take you down to the pits of hell.

Let’s all of us get along and compromise on like the gay marriage issue that is before the Supreme Court this week. Obama’s position has ‘evolved’ and he now feels it is alright. Clinton’s position has evolved and now he regrets passing DOMA (defense of marriage act). So many people’s positions are evolving…but do you see the direction these positions are always evolving? Always morally and spiritually downward. The problem with these evolving positions are that they always seem to disagree with God’s position. God has NOT evolved! His word is absolute, applicable today as it was 2,000 years ago. What is being divided right now are those who believe God’s word is unchanging from those who believe His Word has evolved due to the modern times we now live it. This error in thinking will be costly to many. Modern times and thinking does not alter the infallible Word of God. Light separates darkness; there is no gray area in My Father.

Unity is NOT ever going to be achieved between light and darkness. It is a physical, spiritual and moral impossibility. Where are you walking? You are either walking in the light of His Kingdom, or in the darkness of the world. There is no middle ground. On every issue that comes before us as a nation, people or family, we must choose where we will walk, and you cannot walk in the middle (gray). God is bringing this division at this time for His glory. It is the fulfillment of that which was spoken by our Lord in Luke 12: 49-53. I will let you look up those verses, read them and let them infiltrate your spirit. For we shall all see their fulfillment as we move forward from this day. And this division is leading to what was spoken by our Lord, “so it will be at the end of the age; the angels shall come forth, and take out the wicked from among the righteous… Matt. 13:49. The angels will know where each of us is walking!

Baruch Haba Elohei Yishi…Blessed is the God of my salvation.