The greatest blessing we receive from prayer ministry is watching a wounded, broken person enter into prayer ministry and watch them return to their world healed and serving the Lord.

Several years back we were contacted by a lady from Maryland who came to us through a referral from one of her friends.  Her friend had come to us through yet another referral of a friend!  The referrals alone in this situation are amazing, but wait!  The testimony get better! The lady from Maryland had a life story that transcended many we have heard over the years.  We had the pleasure of ministering to her for many months, and we watched with awe at the great transformation that took place in her life.  She graduated from prayer ministry, entered college and received her BS Degree and Master’s Degree in counseling and social work.  She is now in the workplace, has purchased a car and a home and has just begun her Doctorate Studies at Regent’s University.

Many years ago she felt the Lord speak to her about writing a book.  She worked on it for many years and when she came to us for ministry, she had tabled it by the Lord’s instructions waiting for the last chapters to be written.  After she finished her time in prayer ministry, Father spoke to her and said, “Now you can write the last chapters of your book.”

You will want to read  I Will Turn Your Captivity, the story of Mara (names have been changed), describing a life filled with rejection, abandonment and abuse and the miracle of how God led her to Places In The Father’s Heart where He indeed turned her captivity into a productive, love-filled life.

There is absolutely no greater blessing for us than to see a life changed like this one has been changed!  Order your copy of I Will Turn Your Captivity here.