Some time back we heard Father speak to us, “Stop merchandising the anointing.”  At first we were a bit uncertain about what He meant, so we asked for clarity.  He asked us if everything we owned was His.  We answered, “Yes, Father, it is.”  He said, “Then I want you to stop selling your products and trust Me for your provision.  Make them free downloads or simply offer them on a love offering basis.”  No more selling in a store setting for Places In The Father’s Heart.  Depend completely on Me to provide for you.”

 In obedience to this instruction, we are removing the store from our website.  All books, CD’s  and other materials will no longer be for sale.  Everything on the site will now be offered either as a free download or on a love offering basis.  This includes prayer ministry and coaching/mentoring times as well.  We realize that this may not be the pathway that other ministries are directed to follow, but for us, it is.  This is taking us to a new level of faith and trust in Father’s provision.  We will no longer be in the business of merchandising any materials He has given to us.  In the natural, it seems a strange thing for Father to ask given that so many within the Body of Christ operate in an entitlement mentality, but we will be trusting Him to speak to the hearts of His people to support P I T F H as He directs with a spirit of generosity.  As we begin the New Year, we hope that you will prayerfully consider a monthly partnership with us as we attempt to continue taking the message of Father’s love to our world.