Life is full of choices, isn’t it? Have you made any choices today? Were they important choices? What was at risk with your choice? From the time we open our eyes in the morning we make multitudes of choices, don’t we? In fact, life is all about choices and it can be overwhelming at times. Have you ever made a bad choice? The answer is obviously yes. We all have.Did you correct the mistake and make it right? I hope so. On what do we base our choices; fact of fiction; truth or lies; tradition or revelation; flesh or spirit; religion about God or relationship with God? The list of possibilities goes on and on, doesn’t it?

If we are born again we have the added dimension of our spiritual life with God to help us make good choices. The Holy Spirit will help us avoid poor choices if we will let Him. It should be obvious that if we choose to live for and with God our spirit yoked with Holy Spirit will help us discern evil and wickedness and thus avoid many poor choices.

From the time we were children most of us were taught good and bad, acceptable versus unacceptable behavior. Now, what other ways can we identify choices; like the choice we make between light and darkness or good and evil? How about righteousness versus unrighteousness or Godliness versus ungodliness, left versus right, love versus hate. Then look at the activities we participate in and determine where they fit. On which side of the divide do we spent what percent of our time? Many times we Christians don’t even recognize that we have crossed the line from light to darkness, or we could say we have failed to cross the line from darkness into light. Since we all began in darkness we should learn to transition into God’s light. When we renounce and reject the darkness we were born into and choose the light God has offered, we can be born again into His miraculous grace. He will teach us and strengthen us to make Godly choices.

Now some choices we face are black and white, in other words the choice is obvious – this is good and that is bad, right? But not all choices in life are that clear. We all struggle at times to do the right thing according to God. The Bible gives us a boat load of information about choices to help us in our daily lives. Sometimes the struggle comes when we choose righteously and then implement the righteous choice. We can face rejection, criticism or even persecution because of that Godly choice. In fact, the Bible warns us about this, doesn’t it? In Matthew 5:10 Jesus said we are blessed when we are persecuted for doing or living righteously and the Kingdom of Heaven is our reward. So life today comes down to this. Choose this day whom you will serve; God or satan, flesh or spirit, self or others. Each choice leads to more choices. Each answer leads to more questions. God is the answer to all of our questions. The more we put darkness and evil behind us, and the more we choose to live in the light and revelation that God offers us all, the more we will experience Heaven on earth.

Have you considered that around the world in every nation people strive to worship something or someone in some form of a god. It is built into our DNA. Father did it. He designed mankind with a need for Him. Sadly, many of us turn to false imitations of God and never emerge from our darkness into God’s light. We exalt ourselves and become a stubborn and stiff-necked people playing by our own rules and living by our own wisdom and knowledge. How could be so brain dead as to settle for so much less than God has prepared for us? Religion is a great example of self-inflicted bondage that hinders our ability to experience the fullness of God’s plan and provision for mankind.

Sometimes the choice between light and darkness is subtle and unexpected. For instance, did you notice that earlier I mentioned the choice between left and right? Did you realize that this is a choice in life? Does the Bible have anything to say about left and right? What does left? What does right represent? As an example, the Bible says that at the judgment Jesus will separate the sheep from the goats. The sheep represent God’s children and they will stand at Jesus right hand. The goats represent the ungodly and they will stand on the left. Can you see anything in society today where left and right are a designation and a choice? How about our political choices? We are divided left and right, aren’t we? Does it take a rocket scientist to see the difference between light and darkness in these two choices? Do you really think it is just a coincidence that our two major political choices line up this way?

So what do I choose? You remember Joshua said ‘as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.’ Now does making the right choice always make life easier? The answer is obviously NO. It can, at times, make life more difficult. Making the right choice can cost you loss of relationships, like family, friends, jobs, and even your church home. However, making Godly choices can also reward you with the loss of sin and sinful habits, the loss of poor, stressful and even abusive relationships and yet open the door for you to experience the fullness of Father’s provision for mankind. It is totally unnecessary for anyone to live wounded, in pain, in bondage to fear, anger, lust, jealousy, greed, hatred, and so much more negative and sinful emotions and attitudes that hinder our ability to make Godly, healthy, daily decisions.

The world, the flesh and religion can never empower us to reach our full potential in God. His plan and purpose for each of us is beyond the grasp of man’s abilities. If we want more out of life, the ultimate of life experience that God has prepared for us, it begins with our choices. Righteous choices open the door for righteous opportunities that lead to a closer more personal and intimate relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

What do I choose? If I choose God, what do I do? Where do I go? Who can help me? Where do I find God’s truth, not man’s? God always has an answer and a provision for anyone who truly seeks Him. Mental assent is a start, but not enough. Righteous choices are heart issues, so here I am Lord. Teach me. I want to know You, love You and serve You. What is Your plan for my life? What is my purpose and destiny in You? Shine Your light on my darkness and set me free. Heal me, deliver me and empower me to help others find You and Your life, love and provision for them. I desire to make the life-changing transition from living naturally like the world to living supernaturally like You desire all your kids to do. I want to please You, be a blessing to You and represent You well to my world. I choose You, Father. Have Your way with me today!

If you can pray this from your heart, you will set in motion all the provision of Heaven straight from Father’s heart of love for you. Welcome to new life, new choices and life-changing answers.