When this title popped into my head, I quickly remembered an experience I had a many years back.  Gerri and I were visiting with my aunt and uncle in Mississippi.  We went with them to their Wednesday night church service.  Their pastor asked the group a question that went something like this:  “How would you feel if the Lord took your thoughts and wrote them on this wall right now?”  I thought, “Wow!  I like this guy!”  I also knew that there were times that I wouldn’t like my thoughts on that wall in front of others.  In those days, I didn’t yet realize how important it can be to critically consider what I think and why I think it!  Have you ever stopped to consider the same?  You may ask, “Why should I?  What’s the point?”  Everybody has thoughts they shouldn’t have, don’t they?  I would agree with that.  We all have areas of weakness in our personality, so shouldn’t we just live with it and forget about it?  Well, that is an individual choice.  Each of us must decide what we are going to do with our lives.  If you are comfortable with yourself as you are, no problem.  Do your own thing!  But if you want to be more like Jesus and a better representative of the Father while you are here on earth, then perhaps digging into your thought life can produce good fruit and even some treasure for you as a child of the Most High God!

Now if you want to go on and dig in here, you may wonder where do I start?  On the other hand you may already know where your major thought problems are.  In either case it is very important to pray and invite Holy Spirit to come and be your Comforter and your Teacher and bring the revelation you need to see clearly where your problems are and how to deal with them.  We all need His help and His informational power to make necessary changes from our life in the flesh to our new life in the Spirit!

So as a basis to move on, let me say I believe we all have one area in common that produces negative fruit in our lives and that is love hunger!  I recently saw statistics from new studies that estimate that over 75% of children in America grow up in homes with some form of dysfunction!  This is evidence that love hunger is a major problem in America.  This problem is compounded by the fact that the vast majority of people do not know and have not personally experienced the love of Father God on an intimate basis!  His love is a requirement for all humanity if we are to reach our potential here on earth.  My statement includes the Body of Christ, the born again community!  Even though we’ve met Jesus, love Jesus and serve Jesus we’ve yet to move on to engage and move into a love relationship with Father Himself.  This is a failure of epic proportions!

Now as you are reading this I pray that Holy Spirit is working and bringing revelation and even conviction over your own thoughts.  After all, you are the most important catalyst for change in your life.  Your decisions and commitments will make all the difference in your success or failure in your process for change.

Gerri and I have discovered after many years that when we meet with someone for prayer ministry and we hear the person’s problems the trail almost always leads back to love hunger!  Therefore, we have come to believe that love hunger is the root of all evil!  It is so wide spread and so all encompassing, it adversely affects everyone in some form or fashion!  I hope you can begin to see it and how powerful it is to shape a person’s life, our community life, our nation’s life overall.  I believe wickedness and evil in all its forms are rooted in love hunger!  Now some of you may want to quote me the scripture that says, “The love of money is the root of all evil,” and you would be right as far as it goes.  But I believe we must look deeper and ask the question, “Why would a person love money?”  Money cannot love back!  Only God and other people can do that!  Money is neither good nor bad.  It is completely neutral.  It is the people who have it and the people that don’t have it that are the problem with money!

Now in the question, “What am I thinking?” it’s not about those things that come up occasionally that are the problem.  It is those thoughts and attitudes that are a constant part of our daily living that we should pay attention to.  This is where Holy Spirit can be of great importance to us; our great and essential Helper! We are usually quite aware of our major problem areas because they are usually tormenting to some degree, but there can be areas that are not so obvious that Holy Spirit can reveal that can bring wonderful change if we embrace it.

So are you willing to be completely honest with yourself and with others about your thought life?  Are you addicted or compulsive in any area? Does lust of any kind for anything torment you?  If so, your love hunger is showing and you probably have demonic presence to help you remain in bondage!  Is it time to break out, to get free and experience new life?  If so, freedom has a price!   It takes work, commitment and sacrifice on our part to access the freedom Jesus bought for us with His blood!  He’s available to each of us, but are we available to Him or are we hiding and withdrawn?  Is shame a major player holding us back?  That’s the devil’s work!  In Jesus we are greater than that!  Does fear have dominion in our decision making?  Do we have a critical and judgmental spirit?  Are we prideful and arrogant looking down on others?  Do we gossip and backbite?  Are we illegally sexually active in our minds?  Do we lust after people, possessions or position?  Are we striving anything this world has to offer?  If so, our love hunger is very evident and satan loves it because he has an open door to work in us, on us and through us to keep us from becoming the powerful, life changing children of God that we have the potential to be.

So what do you think and why do you think it?  Do you need change?  Are you ready for change?   Are you ready to see, confront and change the lies that you live by?  Are you ready to renew your mind and erase the mistranslations and the misinterpretations of life that hold you back?  Are you ready for the truth that will set you free?   I hope so.

If we can be of any help to you in your quest for freedom and new life, we are available!