As many of you know from prior posts regarding our health, we have been in a very long and intense battle with health issues since we discovered we had Black Mold Poisoning.  After entering an intense time of detox in September of 2011,  in March of this year, we finally had to stop taking Prayer Ministry applications and focus entirely on getting well.    We have made some great strides and while we are not completely free of the mold issue in our bodies, we are about 85-90% better!  Many of our symptoms are now gone and while some remain, they are improved.  Father has been so faithful to us during this time and we have learned a ton.  Jesus continues to be our healer as He promised He would be.  At this time, we sense that we are well enough to begin taking Prayer Ministry Applications again as we attempt to help others move on in their healing journeys. 
During this Sabbatical time, we have attempted to walk very close with our Abba Father.  He has continued to help us see areas where we need to grow.  He is always faithful to point out those areas and strongholds that are not completely surrendered to Him.  As we have said so often, healing is a journey and a process and it deals with the entire man, spirit, soul and body.  It never quits evolving in us until we go home to be with Him in eternity!  As a result, we have experienced some new and much-needed revelation during this time that we believe will significantly improve our abilities as prayer ministers.  We are not teachers by theory.  We are teachers by our own personal experiences, and experience takes time to evolve!   We have chosen to never stop growing in our own personal journey of  healing, and by His grace, He continues to give us new experiences that lead to new revelation and those we just simply pass on to others who are hungry.
We want to thank the many of you who have been so patient with us during this time, and we would like to ask all of you to pray for us as we  begin to step out again to help others gain their freedom.   If you or someone you know would like to make application for Prayer Ministry, please go first to the Prayer Ministry link on our website at  Please review the information and instructions there and follow the links to the Application process.  Again, our sincere thanks for your patience, your understanding and your support. 

We bless you in the Father’s matchless love,
Roger and Gerri