Some of you know that we are triune beings, but maybe you don’t give it much priority.  Maybe it’s time you dig a little deeper into your spirit’s possibilities and reap the blessings Father has designed for you.  As a born-again child of the Most High God, you belong in the Spirit realm with Him.  Those that are not born again don’t have that privilege.  However, unsaved people can participate in the Spirit realm with satan if they so choose.  But that is a self-defeating decision.  Your spirit deserves and requires attention to gain leadership in your life.  When you focus on what your flesh and the world have to offer to satisfy your love hunger, you are barking up the wrong tree!  Only Father can satisfy your love hunger!  Don’t lie to yourself and say you don’t have a love hunger problem.  That is one thing all humanity has in common.

Now consider this comparison.  Look at your vehicle (car or truck).  You get in it and go where you want to go.  Your vehicle compares to your physical body!  Your vehicle is not you, as your physical body is not you.  It will perish at some point, but you will go on.  What is the soul of your vehicle?  It’s the drive train – motor and transmission, etc.  The drive train empowers your vehicle to move and carry you to your destination.  This compares to your soul which is your mind, intellect, and emotions.  Your soul empowers your body to move to take you to where you want to go.  What is the spirit of your vehicle?  It is you!  Sitting in your vehicle, you are the spirit of your vehicle!  Without you, your vehicle (body) doesn’t go anywhere, can’t go anywhere and is essentially dead!  So now, what is your spirit?  It is you!  It’s who you are!  It’s by your spirit that you can connect with God or not!  Just like your vehicle without you doesn’t move, can’t move and is essentially dead!  In fact, when your spirit (the real you) leaves your body, your body is essentially dead.  This life is over, and your eternity begins!  So, who is driving your bus?

After this comparison, don’t you think it’s important to investigate and answer that question?