As I sit here thinking about all the changes in my life that have happened as a result of prayer ministry with the Taylor’s and Places in the Father’s Heart ministries, only 2 word come to mind, ABSOLUTLY AMAZING!   Eight months ago when I was reconnected with the Taylor’s after many years apart, my life was a total shamble. I was so physically sick, years of untreated diabetes had left me on extremely, super large doses of insulin. My doctor told me I was on the largest dose of any of his patients. My blood pressure was high even on medication twice a day. I could barely walk just a few steps, and was at almost stage 4 kidney failure and we won’t even go to where I was emotionally it was so bad.   I am a divorced, single mom whose husband after 28 years of marriage just walked out and did not contact his 3 kids for over 3 years. He paid no alimony or child support even though I had been a stay at home mom. When he left I turned to the only source I knew, God. As a result of ministry from the Taylor’s I first found a side of God I never knew existed. I knew about God and thought I had a good Christian life. I prayed but I knew nothing about knowing Him intimately as my Heavenly Father. I was introduced first to the Taylor’s eBook, Love Hunger, and it was like a light went on in my life. For the first time I actually felt love, unconditional love. It wasn’t because I was anybody’s daughter or little sister, but just love for me the way I was right then with all the excessive weight and baggage I had in my life. It was just His pure love for me. Next they shared Father’s Love and it was like wrapping me up in a warm, fuzzy, cuddly blanket and I was snuggled all up tight in Father’s arms. As I continued on my journey to healing they helped me to start praying the prayers that would heal my heart. I was taught the keys to really hearing Father’s voice; His true voice not the voice of my mind or the voice of a stranger or the voice of an evil source. I was taught how to tune in to the flow of the Holy Spirit and have a continuous flow from Father any time I needed it.

Gerri did counseling with me once a week and we started working through some of the sickness and diseases and removing their roots. As we continued I first saw a very quick change in the amount of insulin I needed daily. It was like every week I was having low blood sugar spells and had to start cutting back on the amount of insulin I took. In Oct. 2015 I took 100 units of Regular U-500 insulin 3 times a day with meals. As of May 2016, I take a maximum of 40 units 3 times a day and most days not even that much. I hardly ever crave anything and I also was able to stop all diet drinks and be aspartame free. My blood pressure medication has been decreased and we have to monitor it daily to make sure it does not get too low. In Sept. 2009 I was diagnosed with neuropathy in both feet and legs to the knee. I could step on a tack and not even feel it. After prayer ministry I do not have complete feeling back yet but I can tell the difference in wood floors and carpet and I can feel the wet spot the puppy made on the carpet! I can now walk around in my house without assistance. I am now even able to go to church using my wheelchair for the first time in almost 7 years. Last week I saw my kidney doctor and was told now I am almost back to minimal kidney failure the best kidney function in 5 years. My emotional health is better than it has been in years with no psychiatric medication. I have been on home and tank oxygen for years as much as 6 liters at one time. Now I am only on 2 liters and can sit for quite a while even without it. I still have to depend on it when I get up and walk but not as much as it was in the past. I know prayer ministry and prayers that heal the heart really work. I am a living testimony of it. It is my prayer that one day I will be able to help others receive their healing just like the Taylor’s have taught me. They are truly surrendered vessels of the Lord. God is not God to me anymore, He is not even Father in Heaven any more, He is just my Daddy and that’s the way He is supposed to be. My source and supply of everything and I am a daughter of the most high God. I am Daddy’s baby girl all over again and it feels AWESOME! Thanks Roger and Gerri for loving me to life!      JD, Frisco City, AL


For most of my life I was a nervous wreck just waiting for the next explosion of panic to attack.  My life was not a happy one.  My earthly father was basically absent.  His body was there, but the only father I knew was the one who hurt me, physically and emotionally over and over again.  He was never there when I needed him and love from him was not to be found.  My mom did the best she could to fill the role of both parents and my oldest sister even filled the dad role a lot too.  They loved me and showed it the best way they knew how and really sheltered me from a lot of pain.  My one true constant source of love was my animals.  I would talk to them and tell them all my hurts and dreams and they would always show me unconditional love, the kind God meant for me to have.  In Feb 2012 my Dad walked off and left me, mom, my oldest sister and little brother;  not for another woman he was just tired of the responsibility of being a husband and dad. He had always sort of done his thing anyway and only wanted a family to brag about but he didn’t want to put any effort in to it.  He did not contact us for over three years.  We were left with only my sister’s income to support a family of 4.  My mom had always stayed at home and cared for us.  She gave up her career when she was pregnant with my oldest sister 30 years ago.  She was an amazing mom but for years she had diabetes and had no insurance or money to go to the doctor and get help.  She always made sure that her husband and children were cared for and had whatever they needed and most of the time even wanted.  She put us before herself all the time.  Mom was very sad on the inside but did not let it show much.  In Oct of 2015 mom was connected with Places in the Father’s Heart ministries and the Taylor’s.  As she read their e-books and talked with them she changed.  She became happy again and found such a peace and joy we could not understand what was happening.  Mom started sharing with us and it started a change the rest of us too.

When I was 4 years old and in preschool I used my left hand and by the end of the school year I could color in the lines and even write my abc’s, numbers, lots of words and even my full name, address, and phone number.  Everyone was so proud of me and I was even proud of myself.  When I started to public school kindergarten my teacher would not let me use my left hand.  Every time I would go to use it she would fuss and make me change to my right hand.  Confusion came into my life and really changed me.  It took over my life.  I was sad all the time.  I felt like anything that happened in the family that was not right was somehow my fault and I had done it.  I constantly said ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry’ and blamed myself for everything even things I had no part in.  Fear gripped and controlled my life.  When mom realized what had happened, the school said it was too late and I was not left handed according to their guide lines.  Then all the anxiety, depression, and violent outbursts started.  I was even diagnosed as severely dyslexic.  Mom then started home schooling me and my siblings and that helped but I still struggled.  Phonics never clicked for me. I just could not understand it.  I struggled to read and writing was very hard and spelling was basically nonexistent.  I could not spell much at all.

In January of 2004 my Dad had a bi-polar mania episode and the part I saw was so traumatic that I developed PTSD along with the depression and anxiety I already had and then came the full blown panic attacks almost daily.  I got treatment at mental health but that was basically just pills and counseling.  That continued for many years and life was miserable.  As mom shared what she learned from the Taylor’s and their website something started to be different.  She had me read the eBooks Love Hunger and Father’s Love for myself and it was like all of a sudden I understood where all the problems were coming from.  It opened my eyes to a whole new world.  I started prayer ministry for myself with the Taylor’s the end of 2015.

I finally understood the love that I was created to receive and because I did not get it from the right source I had opened doors for all the problems in my life.  They taught me about Father’s love, not just God’s love but Him as my true Father in everything.  As the ministry continued the healing came and it has been amazing!  I am happy for the first time in so long.  I can smile a true smile.  My dyslexia has been healed.  I can read anything I want any time I want.  I was returned to the way Father God created me being left handed and all within a week of turning my spirit around and telling it come out of hiding I could color and write with my left hand better than using my right hand which I’d done for 15 years.  My depression is gone.  My anxiety is a lot better.  It still appears from time to time but now I know how to make it go and not control me.  I don’t have full blown panic attacks and even when I feel the anger starting, I now have the tools to use to control it before it gets out of control.  I have even been able to forgive my dad and start praying for him to also receive Father’s love.  My life is now so different.  I am happy.  I have dreams for the future and I enjoy sharing the Father’s love the Taylor’s have shared with me so others can have it too.  I hope this has touched someone who is struggling to know that Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly and that is what the Taylor’s and Places in the Fathers Heart Ministry has done for me and my family.  Life with Father is truly AMAZING!  Thanks Taylor’s for loving me to life!  All glory goes to Father and Jesus and Holy Spirit!  With those three on our side who can be against us?  JS  Frisco City, AL