Today all throughout the world we are hearing that revival is coming as a result  of the pandemic.  But what is true revival?  Bill Johnson says it something like this:  “True revival is not another set of meetings.  True revival is when the hearts of the people are touched by the heart of Almighty God and the evidence is signs and wonders and His power demonstrated…it is the ministry of Jesus.
I say that if we are continuing to look for revival from the same perspective as we have seen it come in the past, we may certainly miss it!  Revival begins with me.  It begins within the heart of God’s people.  It begins by singing the old Vineyard favorite, ‘Change my heart O God.  Make it ever true.  Change my heart, O God.  May I be like You.’
We, the Body of Christ, must stop focusing on all the chaos and destruction that the pandemic has brought us and begin to focus on what Father wants to do as a result of the chaos and destruction.  We must recognize that judgment has begun for America.  He began to reveal the signs of His judgment at 911.  Nineteen years later, Covid 19 arrived.  Another sign of His judgment.
“We have been ruined as a nation by our faithlessness and idolatry for the shameful thing has consumed all for which our fathers toiled from our youth. let us lie prostrate in our shame, and let our dishonor and confusion cover us; for we have sinned against the Lord our God, we and our fathers; from our youth even to this day we have not obeyed the voice of the Lord our God.”  Jer. 3:24-25 Amp.
“And if the people of that nation concerning which I have spoken turn from their evil, I will relent and reverse My decision concerning the evil that I thought to do to them.  At another time I will suddenly speak concerning a nation of kingdom, that I will build up and plant it; and if they do evil in My sight, obeying not My voice, then I will regret and reverse My decision concerning the good with which I said I would benefit them.” Jer. 18:8-10 Amp.”
It is now time to focus on what He wants to bring in the midst of His judgment.  What is HIS heart?  What does He want to do? He desires for us to repent both individually and as a nation.  HIS desire is to bring blessing.  HIS desire is that we turn our focus – placing our eyes on the King and His Kingdom – to allow true revival to come into each of our hearts.  It’s time to choose to change the very atmosphere we walk in.  It’s time to RESET…to take a moment to S T O P and invite the Presence of the Holy Spirit to invade us and rest upon us so that the atmosphere around us does change because we carry that Presence with us. It’s time to cry out, ‘MORE OF YOU, LORD. MORE OF YOU!’    

Prayer of Impartation by Randy Clark

Father, in Jesus name, I bless everyone who is reading this.  I pray that You would create a hunger, a sense in each of us that makes us say, ‘I want to feel the atmosphere that is pregnant with a faith that doesn’t know what You are going to do next. I want to feel Your heat, Your power, Your glory on my body.  I want to have my faith encouraged.  I want to be used by God for His glory and for serving other people with the power of God.
I pray that the mercy and grace of God would become tangible realities to you because you have been touched by God.  I pray ‘Come Holy Spirit.  Anoint the people.’  May they feel Your love, Your heat, Your tingling, Your electricity, Your power, Your compassion.  Visit them in Jesus name.  More, Lord.  More of Your anointing.  By faith I believe that people are going to be touched while reading this, so I bless what I believe by faith that You are doing in them, and I say, ‘More God.  Increase it.  MORE.’  In Jesus name raise up another generation to lead true revival in this land and in the world.  In Jesus name, Amen.