I never thought I’d live to see the day that treason became acceptable in the USA! Sadly, that day has arrived and we as a nation have lost our identity! American citizens are no longer required to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Those who openly reject our established way of life, our democratic republic and capitalism in particular are allowed to run for and hold public office. They even run for President. It is obvious that these socialist, Marxists, communists, Nazis, and other perverse, destructive characters are becoming more and more popular in our nation since they are being mainstreamed and elected to public office.
When treason becomes acceptable, self-destruction is inevitable. God established America on a solid, Godly foundation and He protected, blessed and prospered us to become the most powerful and most wealthy nation on the planet! Our thanks to Him? Treason! We now publically stand against everything Godly, everything holy, everything righteous and we accept and promote the opposite! Father sacrificed His Son to make it possible for mankind to return to and establish relationship with Him. Our thanks to Him? Treason! Man established religion as a substitute for a relationship with God. Father birthed Israel in the world to be His chosen people. Our thanks to Him? They turned to idols and the world! That’s treason! When they refused to repent for their sin and come back to God, He brought destruction on them! It seems man has fought God in every generation and has never learned the futility of all their efforts! It seems that the farther down this perverse path we get the more deaf, dumb and blind we become and therefore, we are unable to recover our common sense and avoid the sure destruction that is just ahead.
Treason is a strong word! Treason is a big sin! Treason deserves severe punishment! The USA may no longer punish treason, but we will suffer the consequences because Father has not changed and He does punish treason! Woe to you America! Woe to you!
Just remember this: God is love and His heart and His ears are always open to prayers of true repentance no matter the sin! He is always faithful even when we aren’t!