Transition from 2011 (The Wilderness) to 2012 (The Promised Land)

 For many in the Body of Christ, 2011 has been a very long and difficult year.  It is important to note here that the number 11 is symbolic of transition (almost 12 which represents the government of God and the starting of a new day).  Doug Addison writes in his November 15, 2011 newsletter, “Over the past eleven years (2000-2011) we have seen a negative transition occur, which introduced dark events such as terrorism, economic downturn and global unrest.”  We believe with Doug that 2011 has been the ‘transition year’ and that as we usher in 2012, we will see a new season unfold before us.  We are currently praying, “May every hindrance to our NOW be broken and lifted off.  May we see the impossible possible in Jesus Name and through His mighty power.”

Arlene Westerhof wrote on December 8, 2011, “Advance from breakthrough into victory.  God is saying ‘shift!’  The NEW is here.  During the past 5 – 7 years the ground under our feet has shifted and we have struggled to discern the new thing that God is doing.  In 2012 the fog is going to clear.  Believers will find themselves at the edge of the wilderness looking out over the Promised Land.  It will be a time of great joy and celebration as we realize that the time of our wilderness wandering is over.”

We are SO ready to see the New Year ushered in.  How about you?

 Understanding Times of Transition

 Many years ago, while in a previous time of transition, we met with our friend, mentor and spiritual father, Al Ells, of Leaders That Last Ministries.  He gave us some wise counsel and we took copious notes during that session.  We have combined our notes and want to share them with you here.

 Transition is a passage or movement from one stage of life or circumstance or place to another.

 Life will require you to change.  There are seasons of cultural change, seasons of life changes, seasons of health changes, seasons of ministry changes, etc.

 In the Kingdom of God, transition is very important. 

Question #1:  Are you in transition?
Question #2:  Do you know WHY you are in transition?

 Eight Principles of Transition:

 1)     You cannot go directly to the place you want to go.  Ex13:17
The Hebrew children crossed theRed Seabut didn’t go directly into the promised land.
There is something in you that God wants to change.

2)     During the season of  Transition, God will provide for you, but not in the manner you are accustomed to. 
There will be just enough for the day. 
There is something about money in times of Transition.
God is teaching trust and dependence.
There will be the provision you need, but no abundance.

3)     During Transition there will be humbling and testing.  Deut. 8:23.
God gives grace to the humble.
God wants you to see what is in your heart.

4)     Transition usually takes a long time – longer than you expect.
The Hebrew children spent 40 yrs in the wilderness.
What is God doing in you during Transition?
Some things in your life require God’s intervention to change you. 
God has to do it because you can’t totally change yourself.

5)     In Transition you will want to grumble and complain and become impatient.
Don’t do it.  Numbers14:27
The number one way to stay in Transition is blaming others for your circumstances.
Remember this is all about how you need to change.  Take full responsibility for your heart issues.

6)     You will have a hard time trusting and believing during Transition.
The Hebrew children did not enter the promised land because of their unbelief.
Difference between understanding and trust:
           Understanding is knowing who God is.
           Trust is learning to hold on when God has you out on a limb – it’s a learned practice.  

 7)  Work on the belief that all things He has spoken to you will come to pass.

 8)   Be strong and very courageous to complete the passage of Transition.  Josh 1:7 and 9
God knows how weak and fearful we are.
Courageous means doing what needs to be done in the face of fear.
Do what is right.
When testing comes, the enemy comes after you.
The enemy knows that the ONLY way to steal your destiny is to get you to give up.
God is ALWAYS faithful to perform that which He has promised.
Do not give up.

 The Wilderness – Going and Coming!

 The following was sent to us recently from one of our ministry intercessors.  It is an article written by Kriston Couchey.  You can find more of his writings on the web by typing his name in a search.

 Coming Up From The Wilderness
by Kriston Couchey

You go down thinking you came to get equipped
            You come up knowing you just got stripped
You go down awed at those who claim to know God but just don’t get it
           You come up awed at how you claimed to know God but just didn’t get it
You go down thinking you are the least of the apostles
            You come up knowing you are the chief of sinners
You go down confident you are God’s man for the job
            You come up with no confidence at all in yourself
You go down saying “I am different, it won’t take me long”
            You come up saying ” I thought it would never end!”
You go down angry with those who rejected you and the gift on your life
            You come up offering up your life so that those same people are not destroyed
You go down thinking you are searching for God
            You come up knowing He was seeking you
You go down preoccupied with the purity of doctrine
            You come up preoccupied with the purity of holiness
You go down relishing the day you will prophesy like Elijah
            You come up like Moses, convinced you are not qualified for the task
You go down fantasizing about the great wonders you will do among the multitudes
            You come up preferring solitude with peace and quietness
You go down a praying man who knows what words to pray
            You come up having lost the meaning of words since you learned to be silent before Him
You go down concerned about matters of life and ministry
            You come up knowing nothing matters but Him
You go down speaking, proclaiming and calling forth your destiny
            You come up grateful if you get to be a doorkeeper in the outer court
You go down always having the last word for those who oppose you
            You come up unable to say anything except what you hear your Father saying
You go down looking for the promised land of rest
            You come up knowing you finally found it in Him
You go down seeking miracles, power and ministry
            You come up lost in love, leaning on your Beloved        

As we leave 2011 behind, and we embrace 2012, we wish you all a most blessed holiday season.  We hope that these words will edify and encourage you as they have us.  You will be in our thoughts and our prayers as we celebrate.

Waiting Expectantly in the Father’s Embrace,
Roger and Gerri