Together we can be powerful, successful carriers of the love of God to the lost, bringing
miraculous Kingdom of God experience that transforms the heart of man. But divided we fail.
Just think about division for a minute. If that is not one of satan’s tools, what is it? Divide and
conquer usually works. Now think about the attitudes that come with division. Us vs. them,
we are right, they are wrong, judgmental and critical attitudes toward those different than
you, fear of those different than you, pride and arrogance in your position, argumentative
attitude to correct people who believe differently than you, anger and competitive spirit
against other divisions. You continue the list if you will, then stop and look at what we have.
Do any of these attributes or attitudes properly reflect God and His Kingdom, or do they
reflect the devil and his kingdom! The correct answer is obvious to anyone with a heart after
God. Is it any wonder that we have so little Godly impact on our lost and dying world? In our
current condition the only thing we consistently bring to the world around us is confusion.
That confusion empowers the lies and deception that the enemy brings and thus increases the
confusion that society deals with.
All this negative reality proves that our flesh is not dead enough! We still prioritize self instead
of God. Our opinions overshadow God’s Word. Our truth becomes more important than
God’s truth. Our reality diminishes the possibility of Kingdom living. Too many of us still don’t
get the truth that Christianity is supposed to be Kingdom living and that is supernatural living.
This is far and above the natural living that the world experiences on a daily basis. God is
miraculous. That is His nature. As His family we are invited into His miraculous Kingdom.
Through our own experience in and with the supernatural Kingdom of God we are empowered
to bring His reality as a Heavenly gift to those who are bound by the limitations of flesh and
the world. Dying to self is a key ingredient to successful Kingdom living. We must have God’s
help if we are to be successful in killing this monster. As we become more willing to die to self,
He is ready, willing and able to assist us in this process on the road to complete victory. The
rewards of His love and grace are beyond my comprehension.

The Evidence Is In, Vol I