Thursday, July 15, 2021

God recently reminded me of 3 prophetic words He has given me over the course of several seasons. I sense that each of these prophetic words are timely for the hour we are in and I hope you will be encouraged by these prophetic insights.

The first prophetic word the Lord brought back to me was that we cannot try to figure out how God is going to do something with our natural minds. Anything and everything that God does will never make sense to us in the natural. The sooner we can truly walk by faith and not by sight we will step into the fullness of what God has for us. Your natural senses will lie to you and tell you that what God has said or what God has promised to do will never work out. However, we must remind ourselves that the truth is everything God does is impossible without Him! That’s why when He gives us a promise, we must rely on Him and stay close to Him in order to see it come to pass.

Many times, looking in the natural at our circumstances can lead us into discouragement and confusion. You will never be able to accomplish anything for God if you get stuck in the disappointment or disillusionment that comes from natural thinking. In this season, God is calling us to think higher, to see things from His heavenly perspective and to trust that if He said it, He will do it!

The second prophetic word the Lord spoke to me was that in this season we should have our expectations high for what God wants to do. Many trusted and established prophetic voices have been prophesying for several months that the latter half of 2021 will be more powerful than all of the trouble we encountered in 2020 and in the first half of this year. What God is about to do on the earth in the next 6 months will truly be remarkable. It is our responsibility as the body of Christ to raise our expectations, stand in faith and contend for the moving of the Holy Spirit God wants to pour out in the earth in the coming months.

I truly believe that what we are about to see God do and how He will move will be historic. We are entering into a season where we will not just contend for revival and awakening but we will see it sweep over this nation and the nations of the world. The declarations and intercession of many generals in the faith for 1 billion souls to be swept into the Kingdom of God is about to happen before our eyes! I believe we are on the verge of the most powerful move of God and harvest of souls the world has ever seen before! Make sure you are properly aligned with the Lord and found seeking Him and His heart to be a part of this great move!

The third prophetic word God spoke to me was a word He has spoken to me many times in past seasons. The Lord said, “I am doing more behind the scenes than you could ever imagine.” As the Lord spoke this to me again, I knew it was a word for right now more than ever before! Again, we cannot look in the natural and expect to see what God is doing. No matter what it may look like in the natural, God is always moving, working and His Kingdom is always being advanced and reigning above it all!

I recently had a vision where I could see the massive opposition of the enemy in front of me. But, in the vision I could also see what was on the other side of the opposition. The favor, blessing, increase, breakthrough and outpouring of the Lord was just on the other side of this opposition. The Lord spoke to me and said, “Right before your greatest victories you will fight your greatest battles. Just stay in the fight.”

Stay in the fight, my friends! Whatever opposition you may be facing, know that if you keep fighting you will see breakthrough! We are about to enter into one of the most powerful and significant seasons that the body of Christ has ever known. Stay encouraged, stay consistent in the place or prayer and lean in to hear what the Lord is saying. God is at work and will soon pull back the curtain on what He is doing and will do. Don’t miss it!

Joe Joe Dawson Ministries