This morning when I woke and looked out my kitchen window, I saw with my natural vision the same scene I have always seen out that window.  BUT in my spirit I heard the Lord say, “Something has changed.”  The view out my window this morning was not what I have been seeing for the past 2 years!  There was a knowing in me that, indeed, I was looking at something very new in the Spirit!  I went to my computer and found the following message published on the Elijah List for this morning.  You can view it here in its entirety:

For the purpose of this article, I will discuss only part of Garris’ vision, the part on self-promotion.  It  confirms the article we posted just 10 days ago entitled “What’s New at PITFH for 2013” regarding merchandising the anointing.

Garris says:  “I saw a boat with a punctured hull.  In the side of the hull of the boat was a large hole, just below the water line.  It was obvious this boat would not be able to float if launched.  This hole was defined as “Self-promotion.”
Self-promotion had punctured the hull of the ship where ministry was allowed to become an industry.  Industry in the natural requires promotion and advertising in order to survive in the marketplace.  I felt the grieving of the Lord over this issue, when He said to me, “If I be lifted up – not what you do in My name – I will draw all men to Myself.” 

Garris goes on to say, “I saw a box of expired methods.  On the box was written the word “Expired.”  God was letting me know that some of the methods of ministry we have used in the past would no longer be used in the future – they had expired their season of usefulness.  Methods that worked in the past had become, for some, a place where faith was no longer needed.  The methodology linked to the known methods had now replaced the vulnerability of stepping forward in faith.”

The Body of Christ is moving into a new place – a place of change.  Those who embrace this change will move further into Kingdom principles and Kingdom living.  This kind of living will be necessary in the days to come as the winds of adversity blow across our culture, our land and our lives.  To embrace these changes, we must release old ways of doing things and begin embracing a new level of faith and trust in our Father.  The phrases, “we’ve always done it like this” or ” other ministries are doing it this way” must no longer be the guidelines by which we work.  These new days and new ways are going to require a much greater level of faith and obedience.  We must learn to fix our gaze on His face and no longer just give Him a glance and then go on and do it the way it has always been done!  Old habits and traditions of men often die hard, but I say let’s have a funeral!