Close your eyes and imagine:
You’re on a battlefield; part of a small army facing a huge army of the enemy.  You’re out-numbered and out-gunned.  You’re going to die.  With the forces against you, there’s no way you can live unless you run away.  But you’re a Warrior ~ you’re not going to run.  Instead, you determine to fight well; to take as many of the enemy out with you as possible.
you set your face like a flint.  Feel the resolve on the inside of you right now.  Banish fear from your thinking, from your heart, from your perception.   Instead, look out across the enemy and pick the biggest warrior that is against you because you are determined to take him out first.  Look into his face.  He’s looking at you with contempt.  He’s thinking “there’s only a few of them, this will be easy”.  He’s looking at you as though you are nothing.
Now, fix your eyes 18″ above his head and suddenly, there he is ~ Jesus ~ smiling, eyes twinkling, waving at you.  He grins at you and you see him mouth the words  “hi,  how ya doin?  The enemy doesn’t know I’m here!” and he gives you the thumbs up sign and a long, slow wink!
The enemy has no idea the Lord is present;  you can feel the exultation on the inside of you building up.  Now remember, you can’t say anything aloud, but everything is different now.  Jesus is here!  The King is present!  This is going to be a good fight!
Keeping your mouth closed, let the inner man of your spirit begin to shout praises towards Jesus.  Begin to magnify the Lord;  begin to exult in who He is .  The KING is present ~ He’s laughing at his enemies!  you’re on the right side, you get to live!  you get to win!
Let the thought, that exultation rise up in your spirit and begin to shout out loud in your spirit.  Begin to proclaim to Jesus His Kingship – He IS the Lord, He IS the Ruler, the King!  He IS the Lord of Lords and the King of ALL kings.  He’s a Warrior and He’s yours!  Begin to exalt His name!
Look at the enemy in front of you ;  point your finger at him and begin to declare to him “you are toast!  We’re gonna give you a radical haircut beginning at the neck!  You are dead;   it sucks to be you right now.!”
Let that spirit rise up on the inside of you;  begin to declare to the enemy that he can’t win, that he’s facing impossible odds because the King is here!  Keep declaring, keep exalting to the enemy about Who God is for you.  He’s your King, your Lord, your savior and He’s with you.  And if He’s with you, nobody can stand against you.  No weapon fashioned against you can prosper because Jesus is here on the inside of you declaring His name The Lord OF Hosts!

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