Have you noticed?  Are you aware that major areas of life as we have known it in America are being challenged?  It seems more and more of us are fed up with the same ole – same ole and we want change.  That fits well with our Heavenly Father because He wants change also.  In fact, He has already begun the change in the Spirit realm and is moving ahead into His new season for humanity.  We humans have choices to make.  We can choose to follow God into our destiny with Him and the unknown of this new season, or we can choose to continue down the path of what we have known and feel safe and comfortable with.  This is a serious choice.  Following after God leads to life and blessing, but following our own path or remaining in our comfort zone (our control) will eventually lead to separation from God and His provision for us. 
             I see movement in two major areas that seem parallel.  They are the political and religious arenas.  There seems to be rebellion in the house; rebellion against the status quo.  The status quo isn’t working and has become offensive to many and they are breaking out and looking for change. 
          First, let’s look at politics.  Do you see the upheaval in the political arena?  Through the years more and more people have become frustrated with status quo Republicans and Democrats and they have moved from their traditional loyalties and become independent many times to support a person not a party.  That has been going on for a couple of decades now, but not much has changed.  The two major parties have not gotten the message.  They remain in bondage to their status quo that more and more people reject.  In the last year or so, another new movement has exploded on the scene.  It is called the Tea Party Movement.  It has received a tremendous amount of criticism from those who are threatened by change but Tea Partiers seem not to be deterred in their quest for freedom from the status quo of politics.  It seems they have had enough of the arrogance, corruption and incompetence in the traditional political arena.  This new movement is growing rapidly and it is made up of Republican, Democrat and Independents all standing side by side demanding change.  They do not agree on all things political but they come together in agreement that our political leadership has gotten completely out of hand and they want change and they want it now.  Recent elections have proven that point but the political machine still doesn’t get it.  They lie, twist and spin the truth, the obvious, and ignore and put down those who would dare threaten the security of the status quo.  Every poll shows Congressional approval ratings are in the toilet, but they still don’t get it.  It seems common sense does not exist anymore.  Our leadership seems blind to the most obvious.  Our Godlessness is becoming more and more apparent.
            I see a parallel situation happening in our religious arena.  In our lifetime we have known Christianity in the form of denominations.  This is not much different than the political party concept.  For many of us there has been denominational loyalty and we have been divided because of that loyalty.  Baptist vs. Methodist vs. Assembly of God vs. Charismatic and on and on.  This is no different than Republican vs. Democrat vs. Independent.  Where does it get us?  No where and divided!  We have heard for years now different estimates of how many millions of Christians have left the organized church.  New movements have sprung up like the House Church Movement.  They are looking for and hoping for change.  The organized church system did not meet their needs.  In fact in most cases, the organized church system only added to their life struggles.  The result has been frustration, disappointment and burn out.  So millions have left the status quo, but the organized, denominational, religious church doesn’t get the message.  For the most part they continue doing what they have always done believing the problem lies with those who have left the church.  How much do our church leaders and our political leaders have in common?  It seems in both cases they continue to do the same old things over and over again expecting a different result in spite of overwhelming evidence that what they have been doing isn’t working well.      
           Recently Father God has brought a change of season to our front door.  He has moved us from the Ruler Season of the Church to the Mercy Season.  The Ruler Season was about denominations, authority and performance or works.  The Mercy Season is about becoming one as children of God walking in dominion and intimate relationship with Father and each other.  Religion must be replaced with relationship.  The result of intimate relationship with Father God is overwhelming love from Him coming to us experientially then passed on from us to others in our world.  This is what those who left the organized church were looking for even if they didn’t know it.  Those who are embracing the revelation of the Mercy Season and are encountering Father and His unconditional love for them are finding the life of love and acceptance they have been looking for.  Church for them is taking on a completely different look.  They are beginning to realize they ARE the church and wherever they are and who ever they are with, they are having church because they carry the essence of Father’s presence wherever they go.  Small group or large group or no group, we are the church and Father is present for relationship.  Life is fulfilled in knowing Father, Himself.  Our purpose for being and our destiny are found in Him and submission to intimate relationship with Him.  Those who reject the change of season, those who cling to the religious status quo are criticizing  and condemning the new movement. Sound familiar?
           Where do our loyalties lie?  Many are threatened by change but it should be obvious that change is essential if we are to become more and more like Christ.  If we refuse to change and transition with God we will be left behind to our own misery and unhappiness.  However, by faith we can choose to go with Father and experience the ultimate in life that is available to us all, Father Himself, Jesus our Savior and the Holy Spirit’s powerful presence.   Just as some of our political leaders have been exposed for their sin and corruption, many of our spiritual leaders have also been exposed for their sin and corruption.  Do those remaining learn a lesson from those being exposed?  I am sure some do, but for the most part sin and corruption continue unabated in politics and in the church.  The general lack of character abounds in humanity and it should be obvious that the further we move away from God, the worse we will become.  It seems obvious that the world is having a greater impact on the church than the church is having on the world.  The lack of honesty, integrity, humility, holiness and love is rampant everywhere, including the church.  
          From a political point of view, is our priority to be a Republican, Democrat or Independent, or should we strive to be an American and fight for the overall good and health or our nation.  Likewise, from a religious point of view is our priority to focus on being a Baptist, Methodist, or Charismatic or should it be to become the Christian we are intended to be?  If we are truly born again then we are a son or daughter of the Most High God with all the rights and privileges that Father has made available to us.  Most of us live far below our privileged position, bound by our flesh and the world rather than living the fullness of life available to us in the power of Father’s love. 
           Father has given us the privilege of choice and He has made wisdom and revelation available to us so we can make the right choices.  It is just that simple and it is just that difficult.  Choose between the kingdom of this world and the Kingdom of God.  If you choose the kingdom of this world, you are on your own.  If you choose the Kingdom of God you are His and He is yours.  The supernatural life of the Kingdom of God is yours.  Righteous, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit are your inheritance.  So choose honesty, integrity, humility, holiness and love.  Renounce self idolatry and all its trappings and the endless disappointments that road will bring you.  Haven’t you had enough of that already?