It is sad that many Christians believe that living a Godly life, a life of righteousness, has attached to it too big a price to pay, so they choose to live a worldly, self-centered life.  They do not realize how big a price they are paying by rejecting the life that Father has made available for them.  They have settled for a CZ in place of a diamond, fool’s gold in place of real gold, counterfeits instead of what is real.  They continue to chase the all elusive happiness instead of enjoying the life giving fruit of Father’s love, the peace of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.  What a tragedy!  What a waste! 

As a result of wrong these wrong choices, many fall into the trap of substituting religion instead of relationship with Father God and as a result, they choose death instead of life.  What is missing here?  The understanding must be that salvation is not provided just so we can avoid the punishment of hell and eternal separation from the Lord.  Salvation is provided so we can be reconciled with God, become His child, develop an intimate, maturing relationship with Him which then causes us to be promoted to sons and daughters of the Most High God. The fullness of life comes to us as a result of our personal experience with Father’s love, not just the Biblical concept or belief in our heads that Father loves us, but the personal experience that Father loves ME just like I am!   The power of His love promotes trust and faith and the deepest desire to surrender our lives, our hopes and our dreams to Him.  When we want what He wants, our self centeredness melts away as His love heals us from the inside out. 

The truth is we pay a price no matter what path in life we choose, however, going our own way will cost us much, much more than choosing His way.   We will miss the treasure in God that is available to each one of us.  Really, we are all looking for the same thing.  No matter what path we choose, the drive within us that pushes us onward looking for love, satisfaction, acceptance, peace and so on is God given.  It is built in.  It came in our package of life.  It is the need for God Himself!  We can never be complete without Him.  He designed us that way.

So what is our reward for choosing our own path for life?  What is the cost? The major cost here is limiting our connection with life itself, for God is life itself.  With this choice one will restrict their own potential to experience the fullness and the power of life that God designed for us all.  We will limit ourselves to natural life when God has planned supernatural life to be our experience. 

What is our potential reward for choosing God’s path for our life?  It is complete satisfaction of all our needs, living life in the Kingdom of God rather than the kingdom of this world, living life far beyond our natural limitations into the supernatural realm of the Holy Spirit with our love hunger satisfied, and our desperate pursuit for love comes to an end.  Peace and rest, trust and faith, hope and joy become our life experience.  This is the reward for giving up our own way and choosing God’s way.  Nothing compares to the honor and privilege of having our own personal and intimate relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The question remains, what price will we pay?