Through his easy, readable style, Dutch has captured something that will “mess with you, ruin you, and change your life!!  Neither of us could put this one down.  Please do yourself a great favor.  GET THIS BOOK!  Blessings, Roger and Gerri

Here is an excerpt:

Our Destiny, God’s Dream

Most Christians, unfortunately, have no true intimacy with God, spend  very little time with Him, and have a very limited knowledge of His  heart   and ways. “A casual acquaintance” would best define their  relationship with Him. We mustn’t cheapen friendship by lowering the  standard.

I want to quickly point out, however, that friendship with God is possible for every Believer and is His desire for us. After Adam’s fall,        Abrahams walk with God was the first and probably the most in-depth revelation of this type of relationship. Three times in Scripture God        called him His friend—and it’s what He desires with each one of us. This is not only a part of our destiny, it’s part of God’s dream.

In exposing our shallow understanding of friendship with God and the  fact that so few experience it, I don’t mean to impugn our intentions  and       motives. The fact is, we’re much like Abraham was at the beginning  of his journey with the Lord. Most of us begin our walk with God just as  he did—wanting the benefits He offers. We aren’t terribly interested in  His dreams; we probably aren’t even consciously aware that He has any.  But we are aware that He can help us with our dreams, the basis of our  needs,  and remind Him that He is our Father—our source.