Rarely are we impacted by another author like we are by Jonathan Cahn.  This is by far his best work.  We highly recommend it to all those who have set their hearts to be a part of Father’s end time army.  He has masterfully brought together what is happening today with what happened in ancient times allowing us to get a glimpse of a God that has existed throughout the ages.  We highly recommend to you

• Is it possible that there exists a master blueprint that lies behind the events of the modern world?
• Is it possible that this blueprint originated in ancient times and yet reveals the events of the twenty-first century?
• Could this blueprint foretell the rise and fall of modern leaders and governments?
• Could events that took place nearly three thousand years ago now   be determining the course of our world and with it the course of our lives?
• Could this mystery reveal not only the events of the modern world but the timing of those events—revealing the year when an event is to take place and in some cases pinpointing the exact date—and in at least one case even the exact hour?
• Could a template of the ancient Middle East even foretell the outcome of a presidential election?
• Could the ancient figures within the paradigm hold the keys and mysteries behind the rulers and leaders of modern times, with each modern figure having an ancient prototype and each ancient figure having a modern antitype?
• Could it give the exact parameters of time that modern world leaders are allotted to remain on the national and world stage?
• Is it possible that we are all part of the replaying of the mystery?
• And what would happen if we were able to uncover the paradigm and open up the master blueprint?
• What would it reveal to us, or warn us of, concerning our future?
The paradigm touches not only those in power but every life on this planet and every realm of life—from politics to spirituality, economics, history, law, religion, culture, international relations, morality, even the course of nations. Though it has touched or determined the realm of politics, that fact is incidental to its ultimate concern, which is not political but something much larger. It is the revelation of where we have been and where we are and a warning as to where we are heading.
We will see ancient monarchs and modern presidents merging together, the reigns and actions of ancient kings governing the reigns and actions of modern leaders, ancient scandals lying behind modern scandals, and the events of ancient times determining the course, the direction, and the timing of the events of the modern world.
And in all this we will see our days in a new light and from an eternal vantage point.