On March 8, 2013 we posted an article answering the question of how do you die to your vision.  Since that time we have found ourselves in a very new place with the vision and the land Father has promised us for the retreat and restoration ministry.  We came across a picture of the property that carried a huge anointing from the Spirit and nearly simultaneously, He gave us a description for the vision that imparted His heart’s desire for this retreat in a very new way.   Once those two things were in place, Father spoke to me early one morning and told me it was time to publish this picture and His description.
As a result, we have literally been blasted into a new place in our journey to see the vision come to pass!  Suddenly we’ve begun getting  calls from people all across the U. S. who are now sensing that Father is calling THEM to work with us to see the vision come to fruition.   As of this writing,  we have 12 people who are seriously praying for God’s perfect will and direction in this matter.  They are from all over the US, from all walks of life, with different expertise and experience to bring.  For some, their heart’s desire is to actually serve as a team member on the land; for others they know that their part will be to network with those who will assist in the financing of this vision; and for others they are called to pray; and for others they will bring their professional expertise to the table, i.e. a realtor, a land attorney, a banker and a CPA…all Christian brothers and sisters.
In the 33 years since the vision for the retreat ministry was given, we have never seen this kind of movement and  encouragement coming forth.  It is as if we have transitioned to a new plateau in the Spirit realm, but it was only after we literally died in December 2012 to ever seeing the vision come to pass.  Now He is re-birthing it in our spirits, but only after it was dead in our flesh!
Stay tuned…we are one day closer!