We have known since February 2004 that the church as we have known it in the past has entered a new season.  We have followed closely one of Arthur Burk’s teachings on the Seven Seasons of the Church.  (To see this article go to https://placesinthefathersheart.org/articles/Seven%20Seasons%20of%20the%20Church.pdf). 

As we have watched the Mercy Season unfold for the past 6+ years now, we are beginning to see some amazing characteristics of this new season.  The following article by Julia Loren seems to identify those who have embraced the new season.  We can say by experience that we have seen the characteristics she is describing in  those who are reflecting the new season.  We encourage you to read her article and see if you agree.

Who Are the Ones Carrying the New Anointing?
by Julia Loren
Oct 3, 2010

As I was writing my book Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Anointing (about the emerging anointing I am seeing when I pray for individuals, and seek to identify those who are emerging), I asked the Lord recently, “Who are the ones carrying the New Anointing?”

“They Are Examples of My Mercy”

And He stood before me and replied:

“They are examples of My mercy; extensions of My grace. One who has been forgiven much, loves much, and walks in a new dimension of faith, hope and love. Because they walk, live and dwell so close to My heart they are able to impart that to others. There is no judgmentalism in them. They judge not because they know that My love suspends judgment and feel the embrace of My total acceptance – an acceptance they could never earn – a love that will never be denied or withheld.

“Their humility is the conduit of power.

“Their ability to honor others and move within a team mentality increases their authority and provides the safety I desire for them.”

“They Are Not Afraid to Share Their Testimony”

“They are not afraid to share their testimony because they are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ; for they know it is the power of God unto salvation. And the very anointing that breaks the hold of the enemy on cultures is this power of God unto salvation – released through the word of their testimony and the ever-increasing revelation of My Blood.

“They are not a remnant cowering in caves. They are leaders taking lands, tribes and nations. They are filled with a holy boldness born of being one who is My favored one, My beloved, called by My name, born to inherit nations, born specifically in this hour of history, for this hour.

“They Have Laid Down Weapons of Carnal Warfare and Traded Them in for a Revelation of Extreme Love”

“They are the new liberation theology I am turning loose on the world. Sent as reminders of grace and mercy, they have laid down weapons of carnal warfare and traded them in for a revelation of extreme love.

“And they will know My love in the days to come. Each one, personally – shockingly – stunned beyond reason, stupefied and abandoned to all but Me. Just one touch of My love transforms the most broken and orphaned into a holy, anointed child in whom is all My delight. And they will come – en masse.

“They will be the forerunners of a love revolution I am sending to wash the earth like a flood as in the days of Noah; a flood not to destroy but to heal the land.

“Because they bear the marks of Christ on their body, the scars etched across their souls, the emblems of suffering evident in their emotional scars and skin markings, some will embrace them. Others will shun them.

“And to the ones who cannot receive them, tell them this: ‘Go and learn what this means: “I desire mercy, not sacrifice. For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners”‘ (Matthew 9:13).”

Julia Loren
Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Power
Email: juliascribes@yahoo.com

Julia Loren’s passion is to bring people into deeper relationship with Jesus, discover their destiny and release His power. A dynamic, prophetic speaker, she ministers in churches and retreats around the world. She divides her time between Redding, California, and Camano Island, Washington.

She is the author of many books including, When God Says Yes: His Promise & Provision When You Need it Most, Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Power (with contributing authors Bill Johnson and Mahesh Chavda) and Shifting Shadows of Spiritual Experiences (with co-author James Goll).

Published by the Elijah List, October 3, 2010.