A Note from Roger and Gerri:  We found this article from Clay Sikes to be YES AND AMEN FROM US!  This article strikes a chord with us when he says, “Those who are flowing into this ‘converging flow’  [moving from the Church Age to the Kingdom Age] do so without prejudice, reconceived notions, or stout traditions – just love!  … Those most in danger of missing this move are those most bound to their personal spiritual traditions.”

We all are drawn to the government or country that most serves our needs. We want safety and security, and a government that will align itself with our way of thinking. In these volatile times there is no government or country that can provide that. God has offered us a country (called heaven), and a government (called the Kingdom), where our safety and protection is assured, our needs are taken care of, and another benefit no government on earth can offer – peace, righteousness, and joy.

The Kingdom is our bridge over troubled waters – God’s government on earth (as it is in heaven); a divine government designed for divine citizenship. When we turn into ‘seekers of the Kingdom,’ our citizenship will be made known to us as we conform to Kingdom government in our personal lives. As this occurs, an enabling takes place that allows us to represent the Kingdom as heavenly ambassadors “on earth as it is in heaven.”

Man’s government doesn’t work, nor do his systems (the world’s system). Only the Kingdom is designed to survive the chaos of this ‘appointed hour.’ No longer will religion get us by, nor many of our so-called Christian doctrines – Jesus was not sent to earth to preach Christianity, but “The Kingdom!” His whole mission on earth was to get the Kingdom of Heaven into us on earth “as it is in heaven.” When the Kingdom is fully established on earth (in us), we will subdue it; and we will reign with Christ “on earth as it is in heaven.” The government of the Kingdom will replace the systems of men, and once again our God will rule the earth with a people who walk and talk with Him as friend.

God is now searching the earth for volunteers; those who recognize that a powerless church is an ineffective church – those who know there is a better plan than what many in church leadership teach. Will you say “Here I am, take me Lord?” If so, commit yourself fully, with full focus on seeking the Kingdom and His righteousness, ‘and then’ watch what happens in your life. Once your heart is set on the Kingdom (in you), “on earth as it is in heaven,” extraordinary things will begin to happen – I don’t speak from theory; I speak from testimony (Revelation 12:11).

If you seek, you will surely find! The only thing you will lose are stout traditions, mind sets, and preconceived religious notions. My people perish for lack of (Kingdom) knowledge” – Hosea 4:6. When we are free of the traditions that make the word of God to no effect, we are ready for a Kingdom journey (on earth) beyond anything we can imagine or think! Life and power are in the structure; as Kingdom structure produces Kingdom order, which releases Kingdom power. Historically, we haven’t had the structure right – we have falsely focused on Christianity when our true focus should be the Kingdom!

The message of Jesus was the Kingdom, not Christianity that focused us more on the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and less on the Tree of Life (where our spiritual vitality comes from). Fruit from the wrong tree is deadly, as we’re often trapped by our interpretation of “good fruit.” Works outside the leadership of God’s spirit is a departure from fruit from the Tree of Life – the tree that entitles us to communion and communication with our Father. A true Kingdom man ceases from his own labor, enters into God’s rest and only does what he sees the Father doing. If your vision is cloudy and hearing muffled, perhaps you have engaged the wrong system.

We are now in the appointed time, as the Church Age has transitioned into the Kingdom Age. Never has heaven been so ripe to bring its fruit to earth. When lovers of Christ connect the dots to the Kingdom, power and authority will come to the church. We will become the head and not the tail, as our overcoming testimony will speak for itself – we don’t serve a weak God! We serve the one who judges justly in the affairs of men – a God who blesses and cares for His own. Our part in enjoying this great government and Kingdom citizenship is “Seek first the Kingdom and His righteousness”….AND THEN….

Spiritual Eras have changed; first felt by a first fruits company, now evidenced by much of the Body. To those aligned with Kingdom government the era produces fresh air, as those out of line sense discomfort and disjointedness. A unique compelling calls us into alignment, as the ways of men weaken to the ways of God. Kingdom alignment is being birthed as God’s light directs our path to the ways of God. This unique change is subtle and almost unnoticed until natural things (blessing and favor) come flowing like water from a broken dam.

The traditions of men weaken during this era, as men recognize ‘the legless podium’ behind which they stand – the light of the Kingdom exposing weakness based upon man dependence, while pointing us to God dependence (the highest Kingdom principle). This is the time to “Seek first the Kingdom,” as all who do will see unparalleled signs and evidence of God’s protection and favor. Never has the Father been so willing to receive His sons and daughters, as He welcomes us with open arms; contrasting light from darkness.

We have entered a time of supernatural occurrences – a time of noticeable favor (Daniel 7:27). In the words of an old friend, “Begin to get excited!” The times of the Kingdom are here, and God has chosen us to be part of an incredibly significant period in spiritual history (Acts 17:26). Watch now as old traditions die within, awakening us to newness of life, comforted by peace and unmeasurable love. Flow with the ‘River of Life’ now flowing from heaven into earth – flow with it, not against it! The traditions of men will be costly to those who will not release them, as they will surely be “kicking against the goads.” Let go and let God has never meant so much – to die is to live!

Join the corporate move of God, a uniting Body, flowing in purpose, unity, and destiny. Spiritual spontaneity, once thought reckless, is initiating moves of God throughout the earth; freeing God to use us as He will. This chorus of blended harmony in the Body is moving men and women to attend to the Father’s business (without a second thought). The power and authority of God is being seen throughout the earth as His seated Body takes its rightful position. Arise Corporate Body of Christ; your appointed time has come!

Many bound to institutional religion are sensing a restlessness never before felt. They recognize something is wrong, but automatically blame themselves. Initially thinking “I’ll work harder at church, volunteer for more programs and service;” but after a while, even this leads to more emptiness. Soon the focus shifts, maybe it is the pastor, the programs, the music……and then, all too soon, the realization hits – it is the system, the systems of men! They begin an earnest search for the City of God, the New Jerusalem, the Kingdom; nothing of man can satisfy. This hunger is what shapes the new wineskin, as man seeks the face of God rather than His hand. In the Second Day it was about God meeting our need; in the Third Day it is about us meeting God’s need.

This seeking (Matthew 6:33) results in finding; a oneness, as man and his God, his Father, become one. In the ‘Church Age’ it was man and God; in the Kingdom Age it is just God as man and God become one…”it is no longer I who live, but Christ in me, the hope of glory.” This oneness produces a life never before lived, as death has no sting, fear non-existent, and purpose becomes the central focus of each hour on earth. It is here that the ‘great exchange’ has taken place, our life for His. The River of Life flowing from heaven into earth, changing the dynamic of those who live here. We are seeing great evidence of God’s Presence Upon The Earth, as men abandon the ‘ways of men’ in search of the ‘ways of God’ – the Kingdom. The old ways no longer work: Church as we have known it is over. Kingdom ‘justice’ is flowing as “the river of life” is transitioning the ways of men to the ways of God. (Spiritual) Ignorance often comes disguised as tradition, yet the river of life awakens us to the form and substance of the new wineskin. Let the river take us where it may, as ‘church tradition’ is washed from our very souls.

Convergence! A Kingdom Evidence

Yes indeed, an invisible Kingdom is arising in His own; as the divisive kingdoms of men take note of the hour. Hell is breaking loose, but so is the Kingdom! An eruption is happening, the likes of which the world has never seen. Soon, and very soon, these points of Kingdom light will ‘converge’ making the light brighter – the true Body joining and …connecting, such that function and purpose are released in the earth. The Body, connected to the Head, functioning as the Bride – evidence of the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. The Lord is birthing a ‘convergence,’ pulling together His people, as all types – young, old, mature, immature, all five folds of ministry, all denominations, cultures, races, and nationalities are joining and connecting. The boundaries of denominationalism, walls of separation within the Body are falling, as ‘truth’ invades the hearts of God’s people.

Those who are flowing into this “converging flow” do so without prejudice, preconceived notions, or stout traditions – just love! God is amassing the most awesome assembly in the history of the world, as the Body is taking shape right before our very eyes! Those who resist the tug in their heart, based upon ‘limiting conditions’ such as associating ONLY with those who look, act, and think like them, will find the cloud has moved and ‘they didn’t!’ How sad, but very true today. The traditions of men often make God’s spoken word to no effect. Bias (tradition) is the grandest form of deception, as the lie has great food to feed the hunger (preconceived notions). Those most in danger of missing this move are those most bound to their personal spiritual traditions.

Awaken to the converging – the bringing together of individual parts ‘called’ to be connected. They are there; just look for them. Those who realize ‘connection’ is a precondition to God-appointed purpose are searching the horizon and listening to the call (to connect). Those in the initial flow of this pattern of ‘convergence’ are those whose primary life-purpose, at the expense of all else, is serving the Father. Their love overshadows any differences with others, as they look for something to agree upon rather than disagree (as is so common in Christian circles). Watch, as God’s Love draws us into the greatest move of God ever – The Kingdom!

Heaven’s Government on Earth (as it is in heaven)

The Kingdom is at hand; therefore accessing it from earth is by Kingdom design. Being and bringing the “Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven,” is the responsibility of those who have ears to hear. We are not of this world – we are foreigners and strangers here. We are spirits who happen to be housed in a temporary body on a planet called earth. We are here on assignment, yet must break humanity’s hold to venture beyond the ‘known’ realm. What is seen (with natural eyes) is temporary; what is unseen (with natural eyes) is eternal. Getting beyond natural understanding is to enter the heavenly realm where our earthly assignments are given.

To enter this realm is to develop friendship with the Father – a place of trust and true intimate relationship. Legislative authority can only come from the government of God – the Kingdom is His desired Government “on earth as it is in heaven.” Are you an appointed legislator to bring heaven’s government to earth? Don’t let any man or religion talk you out of it! I have taken this journey, and have a testimony of its existence. My life will never ever be the same, as my assignment is to share with others who have similar designed destinies. This current hour is igniting a lighted path to the portals of His presence – into the heavenlies. For those who have ears to hear, let them enter the Kingdom of heaven that their earthly destiny begin.

The “River of Life” is flowing from heaven into earth, as God’s own sense His presence as never before. The living water is flowing, bringing change to all it touches. The ‘change agents’ who’ve been in the river’s flow are now ‘becoming’ the river. They flow, carving and cutting new territory for the presence of God. Revelation and impartation is available to any who have ears to hear – those with an insatiable hunger for God! Eat His flesh and drink His blood – communion with God is to become one with Him. He lives through His own – Jesus with skin.

The river has become ‘those with understanding’ – an understanding that says, “It is not I who lives, but Christ in me, the hope of glory.” “Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world.” Those who have ‘connected’ to the “greater one within them” have reached new levels of “the Kingdom coming upon earth AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.” They are seeing heaven manifest upon the earth within the spheres of their Kingdom influence; grounded by His boundless love, exuding intimacy that only (being in) His presence can produce.

Watch out! The river is flowing, changing all it touches and beyond – building to an eventual flood that will change the kingdoms of men into the Kingdoms of God!

Clay Sikes