In our first book Glory Stories we published a story in Chapter 22 titled The HotelWe now have a new glory story regarding the hotel where we currently have a one bedroom apartment.

With Father’s instructions not to sign another lease agreement when we left our last home in August 2020, little did we know that Father was taking us on another ‘hotel journey!’  He’s spoken clearly to us over all the years of ministry that each place He’s taken us was an assignment from Him.  So, remembering that word, when we landed in our current place, we asked Him, “Father, what is the assignment you have for us here at Towneplace by Marriott.”  His answer to that question was that we were to begin praying for the management and the staff here at the hotel.  We began that task by praying very general prayers.  After all, we didn’t know anyone personally here on staff, but we did know that there were three very special people He’d put in our lives since we’d checked in.

The first is Lacy (all names changed for anonymity).  Lacy is our personal maid who comes faithfully each week to clean our apartment from head to toe. She is amazingly thorough, and she is teaching me to be humble and graciously accept her gift of service to me.  I still struggle each week to ‘clean’ before the maid comes, but I’m working on it!!

The second lady who has changed our lives is Vickie.  She is the Sales Manager here at the hotel and is the one responsible for blessing us when we came to check out the place.  Vickie has become a good friend and makes it a point to come to our room each week and bring us a copy of our bill.  She sits down with us here and just spends time with us.  She is very attentive to our needs, even to the extent of going out on special shopping excursions outside the hotel to get us anything we need.  She shares with us about her family and occasionally will text us with a personal prayer need.

The third lady is Autumn.  Autumn is the General Manager of the hotel.  Like Vickie, she has been so ready and willing to meet any need we have.  She came and sat with me during the Christmas holidays when I had fallen and was on a walker and Roger needed to go out and get groceries.  She quizzed me about our apartment and wanted to know every single thing we might need and then asked what we might ‘want’!  Spending time in a hotel over the holiday season is not a time that is fun, but these three ladies made sure that we were not alone!

They even brought us a card and told us that we’d become their ‘grandparents.’  How little they did know of the importance of that card to us especially this past Christmas.

Finally, there is Dana, the maid from the previous hotel we were in.  She came here to Towneplace right before Christmas and brought us a beautiful white orchid plant in full bloom that served as our Christmas tree.  We were not as alone as we thought we were!

Now let’s journey back to the specifics of our current assignment here at Towneplace by Marriott.  The three ladies who have become like adopted spiritual children to us here have become our prayer targets. We pray daily for their jobs here at the hotel to be blessed by the Lord.  Each week Vickie comes and shares specific prayer needs they have here at the hotel.  For example, when we moved in this past August, the hotel was at about 75% occupancy for each night.  We asked Vickie if we could pray for 100% plus occupancy for each night so that this hotel would be completely sold out each night and have a list of those she could refer to other area hotels as a blessing passed forward.  Her response was absolutely ‘yes!’  With her approval, we began asking Father for 100%+ occupancy.  By Christmas that goal was reached, and they had a waiting list of those wishing to check in here.  Glory to You, Father!

In early March, Vickie shared with us that the hotel had been sold and new owners would take over March 15th.  She asked us to pray specifically for the new owners and that the transfer of ownership would go smoothly.  On March 17th Lacy came to clean the room.  She shared with us that in the staff meeting with the new owners one owner said, “We want you to put God first, family second, and your jobs here at the hotel third.”  In addition, these new owners have given staff raises, insurance, a benefit package, and an option for profit sharing! That’s over the top, Lord.  THANK YOU!  Father has, indeed, answered our prayers bringing in new owners to the hotel who are asking employees to put God first in their lives and blessing them with their first visit!!  What an amazing victory and answer to specific prayers.

Thank You, Lord, for giving us this special assignment and allowing us to write this new Hotel Glory Story.  We are so grateful for this opportunity, and we are excited to see what might be next.  Until He tells us to move on, we remain checked in here at Towneplace by Marriott!