FH000004_editedOn Good Friday evening and early this Easter morning while soaking and journaling with Father, we received two separate entries into our journals. As you read, please note that Father refers to Gerri as “Dear One” and to Roger as “son”. We share them with you here as Father’s Easter message to us and to the church.

Sunday Morning from Gerri’s journal:

Gerri: We celebrate the risen Savior, Jesus our Lord this morning. How could we ever thank You enough, Father, for sending Your Son to die for us? How could we ever thank You enough, Jesus, for making the ultimate sacrifice so we could have a way to Father? And Daddy, thank You for the wonderful Comforter and Guide You left us in Your Holy Spirit. We celebrate all Three of You today – the Three in One.

Father: Dear One, you are so welcome. Many will go to church services today and say they celebrate. Many will attend so-called celebrations which include glitz, glamor and theatrics, but I won’t be there. I am not at all interested in thundering theatrics or the cleverest of presentations. I am interested in clean hearts coming to Me listening and longing for My still small voice, bowed knees and raised hands that signify surrender – those who worship Me in Spirit and in Truth; those who have hidden My word in their hearts and have become doers of My word and not hearers only; those who have sought healing for wounds and hurts; those who have been eager to break all strongholds, sin and idolatry in their lives; those who are totally willing to surrender their lives and take up My cross and follow Me regardless of what they must leave behind.

I won’t find many in the celebration services today who fall into this category, but there is a remnant; a small band of the faithful who DO fit in this category. It is with these that you will find Me celebrating My Son’s resurrection. The others who are the majority of those who gather this morning, will celebrate in a counterfeit gathering. My full attention will be with My remnant. I will dance and sing with them. I will break bread and fellowship with and we will have all thing in common. This, Dear One, is the true celebration of hearts joined together as one.

I’m really quite annoyed with those who show up in service after service with counterfeit affections, and with a religious spirit and I am ready to let judgment begin at the house of the Lord. It has been said that 2016 will be a year of promotions and also a year of demotions. This is so, Dear One and I declare this day “let the judgment begin” and let it begin in My house.

~ Father

From Roger’s journal on Good Friday night:

Father: Day and night mimic the difference between My ways and man’s ways. Man would be more successful at holding back the tide than holding Me back when I have decided a thing. Cooperate with Me and prosper. Fight Me and fail. It is really quite simple. Simple choices can sometimes make huge changes in a life. A society’s godless choices adequately reflect its self-centered rebellion and its pathway to self-destruction. How many ways can I warn man of his self-inflected danger and he still not listen? Why are you willful, stiff-necked, stubborn and deaf to My warnings to destruction at your door? You pronounce your own judgment and ignore My offer of life and love. The utter chaos in the world reveals the utter wickedness of man’s heart when he is without God. I must try and rescue My creation by whatever means necessary. Son, together we will save many, but sadly most will perish in their debauchery. The awful sin of rejecting Me is a terrible price to pay when so much has been offered and paid for in salvation.

Blessings My son. Walk and live in the glory I have provided.

~ Daddy