Not Another Movement: It is a “MOVING of God” as a Holy Ghost Invasion.

By Henry Falcone

In 2013 in the Capital Region of NY, we began to experience with the Saints of God who gathered in our meetings the Holy Ghost Invasion. The real work of God that He did in these meetings was and still is now, an “undercover” work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts that were open to receive it; a life changing work that will bring forth a New Jerusalem City.

As I look back over the last year this “moving of God in our midst “ began to bring that undercover work of the Holy Ghost in our midst. It began a divine separation of the sheep like I have never seen before. This separation is by the Lord in separating the fat sheep from the lean sheep and even the wheat from the tares as is written in the Bible.

The separation of the Lord manifested into two groups. One group are those who still are looking for “another move of God” or those who are ignoring what God had done in our midst and went back to what they wanted to do for God. The other group (much smaller) is those who received the revelation of the Holy Ghost Invasion in their hearts and are allowing Him to do the work in them now. They have stopped looking for another move of God, but see GOD MOVING WITHIN HIS PEOPLE as a Holy Ghost Invasion.

Not everyone who came experienced the “undercover” work of the Holy Spirit invasion at these meetings because they were looking for a “move” that would change the “Capital region” instead of a moving of God in them and His people (the “undercover work”) that would have changed them person by person resulting in a changed region.

Those that came and were blessed, touched only, left the meetings exactly that way, blessed and touched but not truly transformed. Some even started to allow the Lord to do the ‘undercover work” but the religious sprits over that region slowly got them to go back to “work for God” instead of becoming “transformed by the Lord’s work in them.

However in a another smaller group of people an, “unseen work began in their hearts” a “life transforming work” that has not stopped even to this day that went beyond being “blessed and touched.” This group of people was “transfigured” by the Glory of God. This group stayed in the Lord the entire time and came to almost every meeting. They changed their hours of work, changed everything to be there night after night to be in the Manifest Presence of the Lord and God manifested His life in them.

In this latter group, there was a hunger for God that went beyond being changed, beyond being blessed, beyond looking for a revival. This hunger brought them beyond the Holy Place to enter behind the veil into the Holy of Holies.

What started out as a “gathering of believer” for the Lord to repair the breach, turned into an encounter with the Manifest Presence of Love Himself. Night after night at first for 14 nights, and then a second set of meetings for 32 nights, people either got blessed and touched, or transformed and transfigured.

The difference between the two groups is that the “blessed and touched” group truly went back for the most part to business as usual. They are still seeking the “next move of God,” or what God is going to do “next.” They continue to go to place to place, meeting to meeting to be part of what God is doing.

The latter group did not do that. Instead, there began a deeper pursuit of God and His kingdom. There was in this group’s heart a desire to keep seeking the Lord that “caused them to change their entire lives and way of living. This group was able to drop “their present life, the direction they were going and change everything to receive from the Lord Himself His desires and His plans.

As Jesus said to Peter, John and James come and follow me and I will make you fishers of men, this latter group of people “dropped their nets at once to come and follow the Lord on the upward journey to the New Jerusalem City.

In this writing my only desire is to identify the “difference in those who have received the ‘undercover work of the Holy Spirit invasion and those who did not. In reality, I do think God did some of that work in the first group perhaps as seeds of the kingdom sown into the heart that may grow latter on. I sure pray so, but in the latter group there was a “miracle grow” experience where even the young “omega generation” under 30 started to grow in the “true wisdom and knowledge of the Lord” beyond their years.

The greatest difference I have seen between the two groups was the latter group was “being apprehended by LOVE HIMSELF in a new and deeper way that caused them to deny themselves pick up their cross and follow Jesus. In both groups there was a desire to be changed by the Lord and be what God desires them to be. However, the latter group found the source of change and is still pursuing it, while the first group keeps seeking in another direction for another conference, another move of God or something else.

I do trust God will adjust that in the hearts of the first group if they stay open to the Lord, but the 2nd group has begun to truly enter and begin to possess the Kingdom or better yet the Kingdom of God is possessing them.

The character of the first group is that there is still a need to “fit in” to the church age religious system.” In this group there is a great need for the life in the vine but almost equally do they desire the life in the branches as fellowship.

In the second group, their lives are “totally” drawing their life in the vine alone.” His life being manifested in them is causing them not to seek or draw the life out of the branches as a need, but a desire to love and pour into the branches as Jesus loves them.

The first group that got blessed and touched are still relating to each other as branches to “work together to do something for God.” The second group are learning to “wash each other’s feet and love one another as He has loved us.”

The true work of this “undercover Holy Ghost” work is to remove everything that is not LOVE and replace it with the 1st Corinthians 13 love that concludes with verse 8 “love never fails.” In the first group there is a mixture of “human effort love” and God’s love mixed together.

In the second group there is a profound difference. It is a more genuine and pure love of God to him and to others that refuses to be offended, refuses not to forgive one another, and a love that wants to lay down its life for their friends.

This is not easy to see by the naked eye and must be seen by the eyes of the Holy Spirit, because Human love can imitate that love pretty convincingly even for a long time, but in the end it will give up and end. Have you ever had people tell you they love you until they disagree with you, then the love stops. That is human love.

I am not sure if most Christians today living a normal church system life could tell the difference between the real and genuine love of God and human love? In the church system age there is much mixture of human and God’s love. That is a love that “tries” to love you like Jesus does, but fails. When the human love is consumed by God’s love in a person, that love can’t be missed.

God’s love in us cannot be missed because the words and actions of the Holy Spirit in us will drip with the “dew of heaven” in it. It will produce only good fruit in the life that receives it and the life that gives it and God will be glorified. The second (much smaller group) are experiencing this “life changing” work of love in them and surrendering to it. They are not complete yet but are changing from glory to glory.

I believe that just like in the time of our Lord’s first coming, the Lord’s Parousia (His Manifest Presence as being seen or made known to us) is in our midst and those who can see Him now are being changed from Glory to Glory. The second group is experiencing the very flame of Holy Love like a “refining fire” that is exposing every hidden thing in darkness in the heart and preparing the soil of their heart to be good ground for the kingdom of God to grow correctly.

Those who can’t see or didn’t receive this “hidden Holy Ghost invasion” have continued to seek the Lord as if He never came in our midst in these meetings. Many are still looking for another Toronto, or another “Holy Ghost hot spot” and God may allow that to happen where people are blessed, touched, even healed, but His deepest desire won’t be met in them because they won’t truly be known by Him as He desires to reveal Himself because of their desire to “work for him, and live “for him instead of being “with Him.”

The first group (larger group) is still going from meeting to meeting or has settled back down into “church system life” where truly you can keep your life as you have known it to be. The hearts in this group still want God to fit into their ‘hidden plans or agendas” for their life.” That is why it can’t receive the ‘hidden work” of the Holy Spirit Invasion. The working of the Holy Ghost Invasion comes juxtaposed to that heart with the “hidden agendas and plans” and brings it to light for a divine choice to be made in their heart.

Some when faced with that choice got angry with God. Some have gotten mad at the messengers God has sent to proclaim it. Some have turned back in fear from what people would think of them if they totally sold out to the Lord’s present work. Some have said, “it’s too hard to change” and went back to “church business” as usual.” Some have become religious Pharisee’s and try to find fault with the Holy Spirit Invasion even to the point of making up lies about what God did, or even the people experiencing this Holy Ghost Invasion.” Yet, this is all part of the Lord’s plan.

He is using all of these things to separate those who want a “movement or even something else” from those who want Him alone.” It will very popular to be amidst all of God’s moving and movements before men, and very unpopular before men to be with Him at home or in a small group of people who recognize His Parousia (His appearing like in Rev chapter 1), that will allow the Lord to change the “totality of their being by this Holy Flame of Love.”

This could lead the first group into gross error and deception by a present “teaching” that wants to “skip” the process of God in preparation of the Bride to declare we are already done, just believe it.” This new teaching (though not new at all) has deceived many well-meaning Christians in the past, and even taken seasoned leaders of their day out of their place.

This happened with the author who wrote the book, “Hines feet in High Places.” This book is one of the Christian Classics, but at the end of the authors life the writer believed that because of the cross everyone was already forgiven and saved by grace and there was no need to repent.” The latter years of this person’s writing are not accepted in the Body of Christ because of the error of “we are already complete, Jesus did it all for us” was taken to a wrong end.”

The division we are about to see even in the Body of Christ is starting with just a simple choice, stop at the blessings and touch and keep seeking a movement or surrender and recognize the Holy Ghost Invasion in our midst. The Lord is already here standing in His church with eyes like fire and feet like Bronze as in Revelation chapter 1.

Do we see Him burning in us as the Holy Ghost Invader calling us to true and genuine repentance and change found in Revelation Chapters 2 and 3? Will be ready to go into the new place of being seated with Him in Heavenly Places in reality found in Revelation 4:1 and Chapter 12 the place of the “man-child?” This is the fruit of the meetings we had in the Capital region. A true call to repentance was birthed, a call to forgive and love one another proclaimed, and a real and genuine intercession for each other, the church and the region was birthed.

Why did God touch so many like the 10 lepers, and only 1 leper come back to worship the Lord? Why this divine separation? Because where your treasure is, is where your heart is. God is exposing our true “motives, needs and treasures.” He is exposing the “why we do what we are doing” verses the “what we do and what we are doing?

Those looking for the next “move of God” could easily be swayed to skip this “examining of the Heart the Holy Ghost Invasion is bringing. That thinking can lead many into the “new teaching” coming forth as “we are already done just believe it. Grace paid the price, because of the “impatience” of the process of God in changing them. Truly, who wants to wait any longer?

The Bible says I’m finished. The Bible says I can do these things, so the only reason I am not is because I don’t believe it. Let’s skip the process and get to the end. That is why the “need for another movement” is so important. For in that “movement” we can go forth in “who we already are.”

Many believers are worn out after many years of trying to be changed, so a new thought comes forth. “You know what; I have tried to change all these years. My problem is that I just didn’t believe God that I am already changed. So all I have to do is believe differently and I am changed.” That is the soil for a new and counterfeit doctrine rooted in the “truth of God” but not spoken by the Holy Spirit of Truth. When that is believed we form a “new way” to God.

The new way has to become a new doctrine of light, “God has done it all for me by grace, now just believe it.” That is absolute truth, but it is incomplete truth if not viewed in the entire context of the Bible and understanding the “ways of God and revealed in us as a living reality.”

Its root is based on me believing in my belief that I am finished because the Bible tells me so verses the reality of God’s work in me that produces that life in me.

God is much slower than I would like him to be, but that slowness is a necessity in bringing forth a “quality of life” (changed from glory to glory) instead of the quantity of life (I am finished).’

The quantity of life which is rooted in the “grace” heart want so see signs, wonders and miracles now so we can “get on with business” . The quantity of “grace” life wants to be finished today, changed, let’s get up and move on. It is based on doing, going, and achieving and declares we are “all done now, just believe it because of impatience of God’s time to complete us. This is what caused Abraham to produce an Ishmael. God was to slow in bringing forth the promise, so Sarah helped God out and told him sleep with my hand maiden. What did they produce, Ismael.

The quality of “real life” found in the Holy Ghost Invasion is rooted in BURNING LOVE, burning love that exposes everything in our heart soil and changes us from Glory to Glory as we behold His face daily as in a mirror. The quality of this life is rooted in God’s ability to continually change us In this Holy Ghost Invasion as He wills and for His Glory. Those in the second group have this burning in their hearts and are truly learning God’s ways of bringing us to maturity.

The Lord spoke to me back in the early 90’s and said, “Henry, what I am MAKING you is more valuable to me than what YOU WILL EVER DO FOR ME!”  The important part of that was His verbiage to me. He didn’t say, Henry, “what I have made you is more important, but what I am making you.”

The great danger that I have witnessed so far is that those who came and experienced the “moving of God” in our meetings is that first group who got blessed and touched are still trying to reach God and find what already in our midst. They may have settled back into the “religious church life” because of the price to pay for God’s Holy Ghost Invasion to work in them.

Others are in danger because they may still be looking for the next revival or move of God to change their region. Some may be looking for “the hottest preacher and ministry” to find their place instead of the Lord being the “place.” They are looking for the “future Kingdom of God instead of the Kingdom of God at hand, now and the present work of the Holy Ghost Invasion.

The blessing found in the second group is that they are learning to enter into the 7th day rest of the Lord, the Sabbath day rest. They are “resting” because they found Him and are continuing on in “knowing the Lord as He is and they know He is right here, right now, and is ready to reveal His Glory in those who will rest.” They have stopped going from place to place and they stopped “trying to work together” to accomplish something for God.

The second group is now gathering together in the “name and power of the Lord” in reality not to “do something for God” but to “become something” a New Jerusalem City as they become more and more like Him. In this group a real and a deeper genuine heart of love is being established in them for God and one another. The first group loves God and has God’s love to, but it is still mixed because of the other desires of the heart. In the second group, It is “unconditional love.” It is a love that will go past each other faults, short comings, and failures in a real way and truly learns to esteem the other better than themselves. The best term I can use to describe it is REAL LIFE! ZOE LIFE!

We had 100’s of people come to the meetings and experience God. Some said to me that God was sending me there like Evan Roberts, but the heart cry I heard was for “another movement” like that. Even now some are still trying to study the dynamics of the past movements to produce another one in the present.

The truth is, God is already present and actively working, but it is “under the radar” hidden from the sight of the many. Remember many are called, but few are chosen. Few will pay the price to be chosen by the Lord by meeting Him on His terms.

May we continue to allow the Lord to come “under the radar” into our lives to do the deep work of transfiguration in us so we all can be changed into that New Jerusalem City from one degree of glory to another.  Amen.

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