We just received the following email from a former prayer ministry client who attended our July Webinar last Saturday.  It thrills our hearts to watch former clients move on in life after prayer ministry and do it successfully!  What a magnificent joy it is to sow into another person’s life and reap a bountiful harvest from what Father does.  His love is truly matchless!

Hello Roger and Gerri,
Just a note to tell you that I loved the Webinar on Saturday.  Thank-you!  It was so nice to actually see you both in person after all of our telephone sessions!  You looked great!  You gave so much great teaching that I took four pages of notes.  I think understanding the closed, withdrawn spirit and learning to call one’s spirit out of hiding has been one of the biggest revelations I’ve received in Prayer Ministry.  The way you present this as a choice on our part is good because it helps us to stop blaming others for the problems we have.  This was so key in my life when I deliberately turned away from intimacy when I started college.  On the other hand, I was so wounded and afraid that it was an automatic response to coping with life. 
When I heard you say again that we are to be intimate with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and then be a conduit of that love, it boosted my faith again that Father is so faithful to provide intimacy, which is the purpose for which we were created.  I just can’t tell you how Father has used the 23 ( or was it 26) sessions of Prayer Ministry we had together.  Intimacy with Father has continued and it keeps getting better and better. Just the other day, He took me back to the day I demanded that He give me a husband in 1994.  That gave Satan an inroad, and I met someone that night in a Singles Bar in another state.  What a huge mistake!!!!!  I just wept that I had sinned against love by doing that, that I had hurt Father’s heart.  It was powerful because the truth went deep into my heart that HE really does know what I need, and I don’t ever have to question that.  I felt His great love for me. 

 Thank-you so much for everything you have done for me!!!!!!!  Once I have income again, I do want to be a monthly supporter of your ministry, even if I can only give a little.  I understand what Roger said about people wanting Prayer Ministry but not the love offering part.  You are both such gems, and I love you dearly.  
Many Blessings,
K from Nebraska