In very early October, Father asked us to set aside October, November and December to focus on our healing and detox from the black mold poisoning.  At the same time, we received a prophetic word from the Lord through Doug Addison.  In part it said, “Many have been in a serious frontal attack and the enemy wants to stop what is now about to happen.  Your attack has been more severe than you may realize.  There have been specific demonic assignments and in many cases there has been opposition from powerful principalities.   Christians have spoken and prayed against other Christians.  In addition, those in witchcraft and the occult have cursed you.  It has been a ten-ton attack AND THEREFORE CORRESPONDINGLY GOD IS RELEASING A HUNDRED-TON BLESSING.

Here at the end of November, we have experienced all of the attacks described above.  The enemy has worked overtime to discourage us on all fronts, but we are still here continuing on in the fight.

Gerri experienced two weeks of intense pain, fever and chills as she entered a time where her body over reacted to the detox process.  Rog’s symptoms were not as severe but he, too, has had many days of feeling yucky.  It seems that this is all part of the process.  We are doing  just one day at a time as detoxing is different for everyone, and since we’ve not been here before, it is all a new experience! While the enemy has attacked on every front – spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially – we are encouraged that the detox is working and like Doug’s word says – “it’s been a ten ton attack but Father is promising a hundred ton blessing!”

We do need your prayers at this time.  They have always sustained us in the past and we hold that they will continue to sustain and encourage us now.  Thank you to each one who has lifted us up.  Another update will follow around the end of the year. 
Resting in the Father’s Embrace,
Roger and Gerri