We have undertaken a very agressive detoxification protocol for the black mold poisoning.  We are about a month into the process and we knew going in that it would be a slow, gradual journey to detox completely.  Gerri is about a month ahead of Roger and is showing good signs of generally feeling better which greatly encourages him.  We have done some major diet modifications, we are walking a mile each day, and we are taking brown seaweed extract for detoxification at the cellular level.  A partner with the ministry in Michigan researched this product and found it for us wholesale which was a huge financial blessing!  In addition, a friend stepped up and helped us get four ionic foot bath full body detox sessions.  We have each taken two treatments and are very excited about the results so far.  The salon and spa owned by Christians where we take these treatments offered them at a 50% discount.  They told us they were ‘passing the blessing forward’ to us!   Our chiropractors, Josh and Brooke Pond at Discover Wellness Chiropractic have been a great help and wonderful encouragers in the Lord to us.  They, too, have passed many financial blessings forward to us.

While we could not understand just why Father chose to take us on this particular journey, today we are so grateful to Him and to the others who are working with us.  Everyone has been more than generous with their love and their gifts. 

Father has spoken clearly that we are to spend the months of October, November and December focusing on our health and healing.   He has modified our prayer ministry schedule so that we are able to accomplish the task He has set before us.  We are learning a great deal about what we can do towards living a healthy life style and using natural supplements in hopes that we will be able to give all these blessings away to others as we walk them out ourselves.

Thanks for your prayers.  We appreciate every single one of them!


Roger and Gerri